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Best Truly Wireless Earbuds in India

After completing our previous posts on wireless earphones under various budget categories, we thought why don’t we step up the game a bit further and do an article on the best wireless earbuds in India irrespective of any budget. That is how this post was born.

Even though we said no budget, we had to keep a lid to the things as we know that Indians won’t be happy without a number.

This post has 14 best wireless earbuds in the market priced under Rs.20,000 which in itself is a premium segment where you can get some best in class wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

If you are looking for any particular budget range please check out our articles on Best Truly Wireless Earphones under different price ranges here.

So, without wasting any more words and time, let’s dive deep into the article.

Best Truly Wireless Earbuds in India

1. Jabra Elite Active 75t Overall Best Pick
2. Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Runner-Up Pick
3. Bose Soundsport Best Branded Earbuds
4. Amazfit Power Buds Fitness Oriented TWS Earbuds
5. Mi TWS 2 Best Build Quality
6. Oppo W11 Value for Money Earbuds
7. OnePlus Buds Best Battery Life
8. boAt Airdopes 441 Budget TWS for Outdoor Use
9. Apple Airpods Pro Best Earbuds for Apple Products
10. Soundcore Life Note Budget TWS Earbud with AptX Support
11. Oppo Enco W31 Comfort-Fit Earphone
12. Realme Buds Air Best Earbuds for Gaming
13. Truke Fit 1 Cheapest TWS Earbuds
14. Redmi Earbuds S Honourable Mention

Note: The price shown are the once when we reviewed the products. However, as the promotional offers changes on the given E-commerce sites, the price may vary. AverageIndian is supported by it’s readers. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Overall Best Pick

Jabra is a Denmark based wired as well as a wireless headset and earphone manufacturer that has recently released some of its top of the line products in the Indian market.

The Jabra Elite 75t is a wireless Bluetooth earphone that is truly wireless and targeted at users following an active lifestyle.

Design and Build Quality

The Jabra Elite 75t is a kind of wireless earphone that is more of a substance over style. The earpieces are sufficiently bulky but not so much so that it’s a dealbreaker.

The earbuds secure comfortably inside the ear canals without any problem. You can confidently wear these earphones while performing exercises or while working out at the gym.

The in-ear stability that these earphones provide is undoubtedly one of the best in class.

Sound Quality

The Jabra Elite 75t active delivers on the sound quality with a positive note. The final output is loud and distortion-free even at maximum volume levels.

The bass is without any artificiality and blends well with the treble while playing songs that are rich in instrumental music.

We felt that the only gripe with this product is the sound quality from the voice calls. It felt a bit distorted but apart from that, the listening experience is pleasing.

One-Touch Control

Jabra Elite 75t comes with one-touch access to voice assistants like Google Assistant, Siri and Amazon Alexa.

You can make searches and ask them questions or even let them play your favourite tracks without even touching anything.

With more and more functionality being added to these AI assistants, the Jabra Elite 75t will be able to do much more in the future for sure.

Activity tracking

These truly wireless earphones come loaded with a peculiar feature that can’t be seen on any other earphones – a step counter.

Yes, this device can track your steps and inform you about the distance you’ve covered via the app.

It’s really of great use to people who do jogging and doesn’t own a fitness band.


To control these wireless earbuds, Jabra has an excellent app called Jabra Sound Plus on both the Play store and the iOS store.

You can tweak the settings of this earphone according to your preference effortlessly by navigating through the intuitive UI.

There’s even an equalizer option where you can fine-tune the treble and bass levels according to your taste.

Battery Life

The Jabra Elite 75t wireless earphone lasted for about 8 hours during our testing of this product.

With the supplied charging case, you can charge the earpods up to two times which makes the overall battery life hovering around an impressive 28 hours.


If you’re a fitness enthusiast and want a truly wireless earphone that can be used outside, the Jabra Elite 75t checks the right boxes. Being IPX5 certified, you won’t have any trouble using this device on light rains and amidst water splashes.


Bluetooth Version v5.0
Water Resistance IP55
Battery 7.5 Hours
Warranty 1 Year

Runner-Up Pick

Samsung is one of the primary competitors of Apple in the consumer electronics market. But then, the company didn’t have an answer to the massively popular Apple airpods until now.

The all-new Galaxy Buds+ is about to change that. Priced under Rs.15,000, this is one of the best truly wireless earbuds for Android available in the Indian market right now.

Design and Build Quality

The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ earbuds come in an elongated egg-shaped hard plastic case with a polished glossy finish.

There are indicator LEDs both inside and outside the case to let you know the status of battery or charging.

The earbuds are very small and have a pearl finish colour scheme which looks very attractive.

Earbuds come with ear support hooks and extra silicon tips to further enhance the wearing comfort.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Galaxy Buds+ features a small tweeter and a woofer inside each earbud. This ensures the bass notes don’t get mixed up with the vocals and treble.

The stage separation is excellent and the overall sound is very good.

Tuned by AKG, the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is one of the best sounding earbuds in the market priced under Rs.15,000.

Talking about the voice call quality, the microphones pick up voice and relays quite efficiently.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds app is very comprehensive and features many options to minutely tune the Buds+ earbuds the way you like it to.

Samsung has also added an ambient mode in the app that will amplify the background sounds to listen to the surroundings better.

Battery Life

Battery Life is one of the major strongholds of the Galaxy Buds+ earbuds. It can last up to 11 hours on a single charge and the charging case doubles the total up to 22 hours.

The Galaxy Buds+ comes with wireless charging and can be changed effortlessly with reverse wireless charging supported smartphones or the conventional wireless charging pads.


If you own an Android phone and are looking forward to an Apple airpod replacement, the Galaxy Buds+ is one of the robust choices in the market at present.


Bluetooth Version v5.0
Water Resistance IPX2
Battery UP to 11 Hours
Warranty 1 Year

Best Branded Earbuds

Bose audio products are revered for the exceptional sound quality among audiophiles around the globe.

The Bose Soundsport is an in-the-ear style wireless earpod that rivals the likes of Apple earpods.

Design and Build Quality

The Bose Soundsport is designed to be an active lifestyle earphone that will endure all the rough usage with ease.

The Soundsport earbuds are made of high-quality plastic and silicone eartips.

There is winged support for keeping this earbud in place while performing physically intensive manoeuvres.

The buttons for the volume/playback controls and the attend/pause buttons are conveniently located on each earpods with excellent tactile feedback.

These buttons are slightly raised from the body and can be located quite easily without much work.

The carrying case itself acts as a charging station and can be juiced up in advance before going out on a trip or so.

Speakers and Sound Quality

Bose Soundsport has a 10mm driver speaker that delivers natural bass compensated by clear mids and clean highs.

The perfect tonal balance between the notes provides a very pleasant music listening experience.

The famed Bose clean sound promise is very well maintained with this product as well.

Since the earbuds fit snug inside the ear canal, the listening experience becomes more immersive.


This wireless Bluetooth earphone features Bluetooth v4.1 with support for low energy mode.

This will save a lot of battery while being connected with the smartphone continuously.

This wireless earphone also features NFC for one-tap pairing with your NFC powered devices.

The Dual array mics in this earphone will enable you to make crystal clear phone calls even when surrounded by noise from the outdoors.

Battery Life

The Bose Soundsport delivers a decent 6-hours charge with these earbuds when used continuously at moderate volume levels.

With the case being a charging station, you can charge the case while going out on a trip and get an effective 12 hours playback time.


The Bose Soundsport is an excellent wireless earphone for audiophiles who want to listen to the music, the way its creators meant to be.

Despite being expensive, owning a Bose product is not just a purchase but an experience as a whole.


Bluetooth Version v4.1
Water Resistance Sweatproof
Battery Up to 6 Hours
Warranty 1 Year

Fitness Oriented TWS Earbuds

The Amazfit Power buds was one of the major TWS earbuds announced during the CES 2020 event.

Packed to the brim with features, the Amazfit buds is one of value for money TWS earbuds available under the price bracket of Rs.10,000.

Design and Build Quality

The Amazfit power buds have a unique design which makes it look very distinct from other TWS earbuds available in the market.

This in-ear style earbuds offer excellent comfort fit inside the ears. The company includes two ear hooks inside the charging case which can be attached magnetically on the earbud for added grip and secure fit.

These earbuds support tap-based gestures for media controls which can be easily mastered over time.

The charging case is made from tough polycarbonate plastic and is easily pocketable.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Amazfit power buds deliver excellent tonally balanced sound output with equal importance given for bass, vocals and treble notes.

The stage separation on this TWS earbud is very much on point and the distinct instrument sounds are audible, even at higher volume levels.

There are dedicated sound modes suitable for different use cases which enhances the overall usability of these earbuds.

Miscellaneous Features

The Amazfit Powerbuds features an inbuilt PPG heart rate monitor which measures the heartbeat rate and if found over the advisable limit notifies the user through the app.

This is a very useful feature for fitness freaks who work out a lot.

With certified IP55 dust and water resistance, the Amazfit power bus can be used indoors and outdoors alike without getting bothered too much about the elements.

Battery Life

The Amazfit Powerbuds will last for up to eight hours on a single charge. This is perhaps the best battery life of any TWS earbuds in the sub Rs.10,000 price segment.

The charging case itself can charge these earbuds twice completely taking the total battery life up to an impressive 24 hours.


Bluetooth Version v5.0
Water Resistance IP55
Battery Up to 8 Hours
Warranty 1 Year

Best Build Quality

Mi is now a ubiquitous brand name that most of us already know about. Perhaps you are reading this article on a Xiaomi/Redmi device.

The Mi TWS 2 is a truly wireless earbud from Xiaomi released recently in the Indian market to counter the likes of Realme buds and Motorola Verve series.

Design and Build Quality

The Mi TWS 2 comes with a rounded rectangular charging case made from high-quality plastics.

The fit and finish of the construction, as we expected from Xiaomi is top-notch.

There is a single LED in front of the case to denote the charging status. There is a button on the side to initiate the pairing process.

The USB Type C charging port is located on the bottom of the case.

The earbuds look exactly the same as the second generation airpods from Apple. But the stem here is slightly thicker and oval in shape.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Mi TWS 2 earbuds come with a large 14.2mm neodymium drivers to deliver the best possible sound output.

The sound profile is very much pleased with rich natural bass compensated by clean and crisp vocals and treble notes.

With support for AAC and other modern audio streaming codecs, the Mi TWS 2 sounds on par with any other truly wireless earbuds in its price segment.


The Mi TWS 2 comes with infrared sensors on each earbud. This will allow the music to pause automatically when you take the earbuds out of your ears.

It also detects the earbuds being inserted back and returns the playback.

Xiaomi has implemented the environmental noise reduction technology with the Mi TWS 2 for crystal clear voice calls.

Battery Life

Each of the earbuds comes with a 30mAh battery inside which will last for 3-3.5 hours of music playback on a single charge.

The charging case has a 250mAh battery for charging the earbuds when not in use. This case can charge the earbuds twice from zero to hundred.


The Mi TWS 2 is one of the well built truly wireless earbuds available in the market priced under Rs.3,500.

Pleasant audio output quality and additional features such as digital noise reduction make this product one of the best in its price segment.


Bluetooth Version v5.0
Water Resistance Sweatproof
Battery 3-4 Hours
Warranty 1 Year

Value for Money Earbuds

Oppo has been currently testing the waters with its audio products such as the Oppo Enco W31 and the Enco M31 and has yielded very positive results from the customers here in India.

The Oppo W11 is the recent introduction in that regard, aiming to take on the likes of Redmi earbuds S from Xiaomi and the buds Q from Realme.

Design and Build Quality

The Oppo Enco W11 has a clamshell design similar to that of its contemporary products from Xiaomi and Realme.

This hard plastic case is well built and has a premium glossy finish on top.

While this looks attractive in hand, a matte finish shell would have prevented fingerprint smudges and scratches much better.

The earpieces themselves are very comfortable and offer a tight fit inside the ear canal.

There is a single LED on the charging case to indicate the battery/charging status in a glance.

One main advantage of this charging case is that it comes with a modern type C port for charging.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Oppo Enco W11 features a relatively smaller 8mm speaker driver which is decently loud and has a natural bass response.

The vocals and the higher end treble notes are crisp and without any issues.

But out of the box, these earbuds sound a bit flat when compared with other products in the category.

Once you tweak the sound settings of your phone/media player from within the equalizer settings, the Oppo Enco W11 sounds significantly better.

The bass notes become much more pronounced and the midrange and treble notes offer good stage separation as well.

The inline mic quality is quite okay for the price. It did sound well both indoors and outdoors, without any major distortions on both sides.


The Oppo Enco W11 comes with IP55 water and dust resistance. You can take these earbuds outdoors in rains without bothering about them getting damaged.

The touch-sensitive gestures are easy to master. These gestures work well with excellent touch response.

Oppo offers a one year warranty on this product.

Battery Life

The individual earbuds are powered by 40mAh batteries each, which will last you around five hours on a single charge.

The 400mAh battery on the charging case will let you charge these earbuds completely up to four times, taking the total battery life somewhere in the ballpark of 20 hours in total.

It takes somewhere close to two hours to charge the case with the earbuds in it, from zero to a hundred.


The Oppo Enco W11 is an all-round value for money product with the modern USB Type – C charging port, pleasing sound output and excellent battery life for a budget just shy of Rs.2,500.


Bluetooth Version v5.0
Water Resistance IP55
Battery Up to 5 Hours
Warranty 1 Year

Best Battery Life

OnePlus has recently launched the OnePlus buds along with the Nord smartphone launch in the country.

The OnePlus buds is a budget TWS earbud priced under Rs.5,000 competing with the likes of Mi TWS 2 and the Oppo Enco W31 earphones.

Design and Build Quality

The OnePlus Buds has the same tried and tested TWS earphone with a protruding stem design.

Made from hard plastic materials, the build quality and the fit and finish of these earbuds are very good for the price.

The semi in-ear design of the earpiece helps these earbuds to fit snug inside the ears but honestly, we don’t feel them as secure as with the Oppo Enco W31 in-ear style buds.

The earbuds come with three microphones including the one for electronic noise cancellation during voice calls.

The case is a flattened egg-shaped pouch with metallic hinges and magnetic charging dots.

There is a single LED indicator outside the case to notify you of the battery status.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The OnePlus buds feature a larger 13.4mm speaker driver similar to that of the Mi TWS 2.

These drivers are tuned to have a bass-heavy sound signature with decent emphasis on vocals and higher-end trouble notes.

With the AAC support onboard, the OnePlus buds sound very decent with all kinds of music genre.

If you are using this earbud with an OnePlus device, you will get more fine-tuning options and the Dolby atmos functionality.


The media controls are done through tap-based gestures.

You can customise these gestures if you are using this earbud with an OnePlus smartphone but otherwise, you will be stuck with the default ones.

The OnePlus Fnatic low latency gaming mode is also an OnePlus exclusive feature.

The pairing process is very simple, fast and straightforward.

The voice call quality is one of the best in the segment with the OnePlus nord – thanks to the special noise-cancelling microphone.

Battery Life

This is one area where the OnePlus buds beat its competitors with a punch. These earbuds will last you up to 6-7 hours on a single charge.

The charging case can almost charge the earbuds twice completely taking the total battery life up to an impressive 30 hours.

The charging case supports fast charging. It will give you up to 10 hours of music playback on just 10 minutes of charge.


The OnePlus buds is a well-built budget TWS earbuds priced under Rs.5,000 with impressive battery life.

If you are a fan of bass-heavy music, these earbuds will serve you right without fail.


Bluetooth Version v5.0
Water Resistance IPX4
Battery UP to 7 Hours
Warranty 1 Year

Budget TWS for Outdoor Use

The boAt is a brand which needs no introduction when it comes to discussions about earphones and headphones.

The company has numerous models in the Indian market at almost all price ranges selling like hotcakes.

The boAt airdopes 441 is a truly wireless earbud priced very competently around Rs.2,500 which gives a run for their money competition to the much pricier counterparts in terms of sound quality.

Design and Build Quality

The boAt airdopes 441 is entirely made of plastic materials. This is obvious considering the price tag it retails for.

However, the matte black finish of the charging case and the earbuds themselves feels quite okay in hand.

The charging case comes with a single LED charging indicator outside which will give you the charge status in a glance.

The earbud design is almost similar to other TWS earbuds we have seen in the budget price segment. The earpiece comes with rubber padded earhook support for a better fit inside the ear canals.

The multi-function touch-sensitive buttons on the earbuds feel very tactile and offer responsive feedback as well.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The boAt airdopes 441 features a 6mm speaker driver compared to the 8mm and 0mm drivers found on other earbuds.

However, don’t get fooled by the numbers. This 6mm smaller driver sounds as good as any of the products reviewed in this list.

These drivers deliver punchy bass which we feel is one of the best in the segment.

The vocals and treble notes are equally loud and clear, resulting in overall immersive sound output.

There is surprisingly good stage separation between the tones and the instruments are distinctly audible, even at maximum volume levels.


The boAt airdopes 441 comes with IPX6 water resistance. This means you can take these earbuds outdoors without any second thoughts.

The multi-function touch-sensitive earbuds support voice assistant triggers which can be used to control smartphone actions remotely within the 10m range.

This budget TWS earbud features IWP ( Instant Wake and Pair). Once you have paired the earbuds with your device, it will quickly connect as soon as you open the lid.

This is not a radical feature anymore, but the IWP works so well with the boAt airdopes 441 that the connection is near-instantaneous.

The voice call quality from the inline microphone is decent indoors but leaves a lot to be desired outdoors.

Battery Life

The 35mAh battery on these TWS earbuds lasts for up to four hours on a single charge with moderate volume levels.

The 500mAh charging case can be used to juice up these earbuds completely up to four times more.

The boAt airdopes 441, unlike its predecessors, comes with a type C charging port, which is very convenient.


If bass-heavy music is your thing, don’t look any further.

The boAt airdopes 441 delivers punchy bass notes, better than most other truly wireless earbuds in its price segment.


Bluetooth Version v5.0
Water Resistance IPX6
Battery Up to 5 Hours
Warranty 1 Year

9. Apple Airpods Pro

Apple Airpods Pro

Best Earbuds for Apple Products

The Airpods Pro comes as a significant upgrade to the existing Airpods second generation both in terms of features as well as design.

Design and Build Quality

Right from the packaging to the build quality, Apple has kept its charm intact.

Inside the box is a pebble-shaped charging case and inside the case (forgive the inception style description!) is a pair of gorgeous white airpods.

The earpiece of the newer Apple airpod Pro is different from the Apple Airpod second generation.

This time the Airpods comes with an extended stem with ear tips for better fit and noise isolation.

When you insert these into the case, they automatically click in place without any effort.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The sound quality is impressive from the tiny airpods from Apple. The bass levels are very well balanced with the mid and highs.

The vocals are pronounced and well distinct from the instrument sounds.

The Apple Airpods pro is one of the few earphones available in the market that will satisfy all types of music lovers – be it EDMs, hip hop or even pure vocals equally.


Since this is an Apple product, it blends seamlessly with the ecosystem.

The Airpods sync via your iCloud account meaning you can use this product with any of your Apple devices without having to pair manually each time.

Apple claims that you can use a single earpod on eight Apple devices at once. This is of great use when you are highly invested in the Apple ecosystem.


The Airpods look minimal from the outside but they aren’t so inside.

It packs in an accelerometer for the double-tap gesture that invokes either the smart assistant Siri or to play/pause the track option.

Additionally, the infrared sensors detect whether the airpods are inside the ear. If you pull out the pods from your ear, the music will automatically pause.

Battery Life

The Airpods Pro has batteries separately on each earpiece. This will last for about five hours of music playback.

Additionally, the case in which the airpods are stored features a battery that will automatically charge the pods when they are kept inside.

Altogether, you will get about 24 hours worth of playback time from the earpods and with the included charging case.


If you wish to be in line with the latest technology that delivers excellent audio quality and at the same time is packed to the brim with features, the Apple Airpods pro is not only a great choice but also doubles up as a luxury statement.


Bluetooth Version v5.0
Water Resistance IPX4
Battery Up to 5 Hours
Warranty 1 Year

10. Soundcore Life Note

Soundcore Life Note

Budget TWS Earbud with AptX Support

Soundcore is one of the popular audio product series from the brand Anker, which is known for its portable power bricks and cable accessories.

The Soundcore Life Note is an in-ear style TWS earbud with an extended stem design, similar to the second-generation Apple airpods.

Design and Build Quality

Even though the Souncore Life note strikes some similarity with the yesteryear Apple airpods, it does still have a unique design that looks refreshing.

The angled earpiece with comfortable silicone ear tips helps in an excellent snug fit and decent passive noise cancellation.

Inside the box, there are four different sized ear tips excluding the one pre-applied, so you will get one that fits your ear for sure.

The matte plastic case feels decent enough in hand and offers a good grip while holding it.

The single charge indicator LED is placed in the front which notifies you when to charge the case.

This budget TWS earbud has physical control buttons instead of touch-sensitive buttons, that does everything except volume control.

Overall for a budget under Rs.3,000, the Soundcore Life note has a robust build quality well worth its asking price.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Soundcore Life note features a 6mm graphene speaker driver which excels in bass reproduction.

If you are a basshead, you will love this TWS earbud for sure. The mid-range and the treble notes sound decent enough to let you enjoy almost all genres of music without any issues whatsoever.

This is an aptX enabled TWS earbud. This means you will get to enjoy superior quality wireless audio streaming quality when paired with aptX supported smartphones.

It is quite rare to find aptX codec support in this budget, so if you’re one looking for that – this is it.

The inline microphone works well during voice calls, without much distortions in audio quality on both sides.


Soundcore provides 18 months of warranty on this one. This is much more than what other brands give you in this price bracket.

The charging case of this device has a USB type C port. This will let you charge the case with the same cable that you use with your smartphone.

Battery Life

The Soundcore Life note earbuds last considerably longer than other products we’ve listed in this article – about 7 hours on a single charge.

The charging case with its built-in 920mAh battery pack can charge the earbuds four times over, taking the total battery life up to 30 hours.


The Souncore Life note is an aptX supported in-ear style wireless earbud which comes with a sound signature that emphasizes bass.

This earphone with its long-lasting battery life and robust build quality is one of the products worth checking out for a budget under Rs.3,000.


Bluetooth Version v5.0
Water Resistance IPX5
Battery Up to 7 Hours
Warranty 1 Year

Budget Allround Performer

Oppo is a renowned smartphone manufacturer based in the Chinese mainland.

The Oppo Enco W31 is the company’s latest offering to the budget truly wireless earbud-style earphones that compete with the likes of Realme Buds Air 2 priced competitively under Rs.4,000.

Design and Build Quality

The construction of this truly wireless earbud from Oppo is of high-quality plastic. It doesn’t feel cheap but as a boon makes the device lightweight and comfortable.

The earbuds come in a polycarbonate circular-shaped casing which stands out from the rest of the rounded rectangular case found with most other truly wireless earbuds.

The earbuds share almost the same design of the newer Apple Airpods pro and can be mistaken for airpods from a distance.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Oppo Enco W31 sound drivers are custom tuned from the factory to ensure perfectly balanced sound output.

The bass levels are on point and vocals as well the treble notes supplements it beautifully.

The voice calls sound perfectly fine and the person on the other end has no troubles or voice breaks during calls.


The Oppo Enco W31 wireless earbuds come with Bluetooth v5.0 for a stable and power-efficient wireless connectivity.

The left and right earbuds pair separately, meaning there is an option to use these in a single or double device configuration.

The controls of this earbuds are touch gesture-based, just like the Apple airpods.
Gestures such as double-tap to accept calls and swipe down to reduce volume works well as advertised.

This device comes with premium features such as in-ear detection with the help of optical sensors. This will let the music pause by itself when the earpiece is taken out of your ears.

The Oppo Enco W31 has IP54 dust and water resistance for fearless outdoor usage. You can take these earbuds around with no fear of damage from the elements.

Battery Life

This truly wireless earbud lasts for about 4 hours on a single charge. The case which holds the earbuds can be used to charge the earbuds when not in use.

The total battery power of the earbuds along with the charging case comes to about 15 hours.


Oppo Enco W31 wireless earbuds is a perfect bass-rich in-ear style earphones battery life and excellent wireless connectivity on board for a price under Rs.4,000.


Bluetooth Version v5.0
Water Resistance IP54
Battery Up to 4 Hours
Warranty 1 Year

Best Earbuds for Gaming

If you’re in love with the Apple Airpods but doesn’t have that sort of money in the wallet, we’d suggest the Realme buds Air which is priced under Rs.4000.

This truly wireless budget Bluetooth earphones deliver the Airpod experience at a fraction of its price.

Design and Build Quality

Even though it’s priced way too lower than all the competitors here on this list, Realme buds air hasn’t done any compromises on the build quality of this Bluetooth earphone.

The plastic used for the construction doesn’t feel too cheap and the design resembles a luxury product.

The stable, ergonomic design ensures that these wireless earbuds stay in place even while you’re engaged in strenuous activities.

Speakers and Sound Quality

Powered by the Bluetooth v5.0 and customized R1 chip inside, the sound output coming out of the speakers is on par with other models priced similarly.

With the support for aptX technology, this earphone delivers rich bass and crystal clear mids and highs that make your music listening to an enjoyable experience.

The voice call clarity is another important aspect to talk about this earphone. The call quality was decent and the mic seemed to be sufficiently sensitive enough to pick up the voice.

The special gaming mode helps this truly wireless earbud to have minimal latency among its competition.

Features galore on a budget

With the Realme buds air earpods, you’re going to get almost all the features of a premium-priced Apple Airpod.

The magnetic charging case and the noise cancellation technology are present with this product as well.

This Bluetooth earphone is compatible with almost all Bluetooth enabled devices including Apple, Android and Windows products.

Fast charging feature that’s present with this wireless earphone lets you have a quick 15 minutes juice up of the battery and use it for an hour and a half.

Battery Life

The Realme buds air Bluetooth earbuds lasted for a respectable 7 hours before its battery completely drained out.

However, with the carrying case featuring a 400 mAh battery, you can use this product for about 17 hours on a single charge.


If you’re in dire need of a truly wireless Apple airpod style Bluetooth earphone, this one might be the right pick for you. Its battery life is also quite impressive.

But if you’re inclined more towards the quality of sound than the price of earphones, then you may have to look elsewhere.


Bluetooth Version v5.0
Water Resistance IP68
Battery Up to 7 Hours
Warranty 6 months

Cheapest TWS Earbuds

Truke Fit 1 is a budget in-ear style TWS earbud with a bass-heavy sound signature.

Priced under Rs.1,000 in the Indian market, the Truke Fit looks and feels slightly premium than many other earbuds we have tested in this segment.

Design and Build Quality

First things first, the Truke Fit 1 is made from hard plastic materials which don’t feel cheap.

The use of plastic material helps in making these earbuds very lightweight and comfortable to wear for longer periods at a stretch.

The earbuds themselves look bulky from the distance but fits very well inside the ear canal.

Even if you use these earbuds while doing physical exercises, it won’t fall or come out of the ears.

The charging case has a matte finish which feels nice in hand. There are four LED light indicators to notify you of the battery levels.

The micro USB charging port is situated on the backside of this charging case.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Truke Fit 1 is advertised by the company to have bass-boosted sound output.

This in-ear style wireless earbud delivers rich and deep bass which doesn’t unnecessarily overpower the vocals or the high-end notes.

The vocals sound clean and without any lag while listening to music or when watching movies.

These TWS earbuds are not meant for gaming. There is a significant lag while gaming, so we’d advise you to use a wired earphone for gaming purposes.

The inline mic on this TWS earbud works reasonably well and doesn’t distort the sound much.


The Truke Fit 1 has microphones on either of the two earbuds. This helps it to be used as a monopod if you’d prefer that.

The physical buttons on the Truke fit one support multi-press gestures for media controls and summoning the Google voice assistant.

Battery Life

The 50mAh battery inside the Truke fit earbuds will last up to 3.5 hours on a single charge.

Using the 900mAh battery pack inside the charging case, you can charge these earbuds three times over, taking the total battery life count to 12 hours.


The Truke Fit 1 is an affordable TWS earbud with emphasis on bass – making it a perfect choice for bass heads with budget constraints.

Decent build quality along with good wearing comfort makes this earbud a compelling choice for a budget under Rs.1,000.


Bluetooth Version v5.0
Water Resistance Sweat/splash proof
Battery 3.5 Hours
Warranty 1 Year

Honourable Mention

Redmi is the budget-oriented sub-brand from the mighty Xiaomi which made a wave in the smartphone market worldwide, especially in Asia.

The Earbuds S from Redmi is an ultra-cheap truly wireless earbud competing with no-name Chinese brands priced at just Rs.1,799.

Design and Build Quality

The Redmi Earbuds S comes in a small plastic case which feels flimsy and plasticky.

The matte textures case might slip from your hands if not handled carefully so take note of this.

The earbuds are small and compact, each weighing around 4.2g. The angled earpiece fits well inside the ears and offers a snug fit.

Overall, the build quality is nothing much to praise about but okay for the dirt-cheap price tag at which this gadget retails for.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Redmi Earbuds S features 7.3 mm, speaker drivers, with decent sound output quality.

The bass is okay for the price and the vocals and the high notes exhibit better stage separation.

The Realtek audio chip inside this earbuds along with the ergonomic design offers good passive noise cancellation.

The sound loudness on maximum volume is a bit on the lower side but there is zero noise distortion whatsoever.


The Redmi Earbuds S features clickable physical buttons on the earpiece to control the music playback.

These buttons are programmed to skip tracks, accept/reject calls and a dedicated triple-click mode for lower latency audio streaming.

Lower latency means the audio delay between the phone and the earbuds is less, resulting in the better in-game audio experience.

This truly wireless earbud comes with IPX4 water resistance for better outdoor usability.

Battery Life

The Redmi Earbuds S offers up to 4 hours of battery life in a single charge.

The charging case can further top up the battery twice from zero to empty, thereby delivering a total of 12 hours of battery life.


The Redmi earbuds S is a branded truly wireless earbud from the renowned Xiaomi brand priced under Rs.2,000.

With decent sound output quality and the strict quality assurance from the brand makes this truly earbuds a perfect choice for budget-conscious buyers.


Bluetooth Version v5.0
Water Resistance IPX4
Battery Up to 4 Hours
Warranty 1 Year

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