Best Stabilizer for Air Conditioner in India

Voltage fluctuation is still a major problem in the majority of regions. Such fluctuation can not only render your air conditioners useless but can also damage them severely. 

One way to avoid damage from voltage fluctuations is using voltage stabilizers. These stabilizers regulate the voltage before sending it to the air conditioners thus preventing them from damage. However, choosing which stabilizer to buy is still a problem in itself. 

However, we are here to help you out with this list of best stabilizers for ac in India.

Top 10 Stabilizer for Air Conditioner in India - At a Glance

1. V-Guard VG 400 Check Price
2. V-Guard iD4 Ace 5540 Check Price
3. V-Guard New VIG 400 Check Price
4. Candles Crystal 4kVA Check Price
5. Everest EWD 400-D Check Price
6. AULTEN 4KVA 3200W Check Price
7. Microtek EM4090 Check Price
8. Everest EW 4KVA Check Price
10. V-Guard ARI-ZOR 4150 Check Price

10 Best Stabilizer for Air Conditioner in India - Review

V-Guard stabilizer is built for ACs of up to 1.5 tons. It is all white and now comes with a new logo. It has an LED indicator for input and output to show the charge and mode of operation.

It comes with a built-in thermal protection and thermal sensor function that stabilizes up to 400 volts. It takes control of the overload due to component damage or internal short circuit.

It has a smart initial time-delay system or ITDS to ensure the complete safety of your compressor and AC. The advanced IC technology design prevents even the slightest fluctuations from harming any of the items present inside the stabilizer, like the display panel.

It corrects Low, and high voltage cut-off and handles all the technical issues so that not only your appliance but anything from inside does not get harmed. It prevents fluctuations of any kind, low or high.

This V-Guard stabilizer can be easily mounted onto the wall.



V-Guard iD4 Ace 5540 is a stabilizer for inverter air conditioners for up to 1.5 tons. It has a digital display with color-changing rings.

It has a wide Working range of input of the Inverter AC around 140-280 Volts. It strictly disallows the output voltage to let it function safely. With this feature, you can use your air conditioner with zero worries and uninterrupted chill time.

There are a total of Seven Segments Digital Display with Smart LED Ring which has a Micro controlled operation. It very Smartly corrects the output voltage and the Wide input range.

The built-in thermal overload protection consumes excessive current that occurs due to component damage or internal short circuit. The PCB or the Wiring can also lead to overheating. The Thermal Sensor can sense the excessive current consumption and disconnect the power load, which prevents your appliances from burning out.



V-GUARD New VIG is specially designed for an Inverter AC which is up to 1.5 tons of weightage. It takes the voltage starting from 170 volts up to 270 volts.

It comes with a warranty period of 3 years and a guarantee of 1 year. This white metal body is lightweight and can be easily mounted onto the wall. It has a 1 meter cable length that comes along with the unit in the box.

Not only this, it can be used with non-inverter ACs as well. It has an Initial Time Delay System or ITDS that ensures a proper safety net for your AC’s compressor by providing adequate balancing time to the ac compressor during frequent restarts.



Candes crystal 4kVA is a stabilizer best suited for Air Conditioners up to 1.5 Ton. Any type of ACs like Inverter AC, Window AC, or even Split AC.

It has a compact design with a Wide Operating Voltage range starting from 90 Volts up to 290 Volts. The stabilizer will automatically cut off the Air Conditioner outside this voltage range. It is highly cost-effective Suitable for AC with a voltage of 1.5 Ton, 1 Ton, 0.75 Ton, 0.5 Ton.

It comes with built-in thermal overload protection, which protects the AC from burning out or preventing it from any damage. It cuts excessive current, which occurs due to internal defects.

The Initial time-delay system protects and secures ACs compressors during frequent fluctuations and balances in the meantime. Moreover, the Low and High voltage cut-off and guard protection come inbuilt with a printed circuit board or PCB.

The voltage stabilizer has been specially designed for Air Conditioners and can be easily mounted onto the wall to make sure that it isn’t a hassle.

The Candes automatic voltage stabilizer has been built using the latest IC technology for the safety of your air conditioner. It is an advanced device that also comes with an intelligent time delay system that adds to the protection of your machine by cutting it off.



Everest EWD is a double booster classic Digi voltage stabilizer which is a space-saver with an ultra-slim design. It delivers quality performance with optimum utilization of solid-state circuitry technology.  

The Working Range starts from 130 Volts and goes up to 300 Volts. It has a power input of 140 volts and 270 V and power output ranging from 200 V up to 270 V. It provides complete advanced safety with the help of the latest German technology Toroidal Transformers.

It saves up to 40% power and is completely Noise-free with Instant start and ITDS or intelligent time delay provisions. It comes with a warranty of 5 Years duration and 1 Years unit warranty, and a 4 Years of Service warranty.



Austen 4KVA is specially designed for all your precious and highly sensitive home appliances and their voltage needs which enables them to give high performance and better reliability.

It uses up to wattage of 3200 Watts with a capacity of 4 KVA. It handles an input working range of 150 V up to 280 V, and the output working range starts from 200 V to 240 V. The unit has a dimension of 20×10×21 centimeters.

The feature that makes it a special stabilizer is its Multifunctional Digital Display with Automatic Low & High Cut Off so that the fluctuations do not damage the AC or the compressor. The Initial Time Delay pauses the stabilizer and Auto Starts it on its own.

The Cutting Edge Technology provides full protection, and this white lightweight ergonomic wall-mounted and Compact Design gives a sober look.

It comes with a warranty of 1 year with replacement. The box includes the unit and the accessories.



Microtek EM4090 is made especially for it. It is ideal for the protection of Air Conditioners with up to 1.5 tons of weightage against voltage fluctuations.

It is highly energy efficient with Save Power Technology as Microtek stabilizer provides high performance with saving the power consumption. The auto-start feature normally steps up and Down for Output Voltage according to the input voltage.

The Low & High Cut Off automatically cuts the supply during power cuts and frequent fluctuations to avoid any damage and burnouts.

The Digital Display is an advanced Seven Segment Digital Display that indicates the Input and Output Voltage with LED display. It can be easily wall mounted with its ergonomic wall design and easy installation.



Everest EW is a deluxe voltage stabilizer with a digital display and compact design which is ergonomic and sleek for wall mounting. It can be easily installed and gives an elegant look.

Moreover, the stabilizer comes in thermal overload protection that protects the AC and the compressor from burning out or preventing it from any internal damage. It also cuts out the excessive current which occurs due to internal defects or heats up.

The Initial time-delay system makes safety for the ACs and their compressor during frequent fluctuations and balances it in the meantime. Moreover, the Low and High voltage cut-off and guard protection come inbuilt with a printed circuit board or PCB.

Digital Display continuously displays input and output voltage giving you accurate voltage readings of your mainline stabilizer.



This stabilizer with a high low cut timer feature is a nice fit for your air conditioner. It is even perfectly comfortable with an inverter AC, so it is a plus for you. Provided you with 100% copper binding type and could easily be mounted on the wall with available screw nuts.

This stabilizer comes with three years of warranty, and provides you 4 kilo watt light energy production. It can increase the voltage to 220 volts from less than 160 V. This will make your AC work properly and the copper bindings are enough to provide the best experience. It is long lasting and would not affect your AC in any way.

If you want a nice stabilizer that does its job nicely, then go for it. It is affordable and is not heavy, which makes it easier to mount on the wall. This has high power functioning and is made specially for appliances like Air Conditioners. As compared to other brands, this product is reliable and would keep up with you in the long run.



V-Guard’s ARIZOR 4150 is a reliable, extraordinary and amazing voltage stabilizer for 1.5 ton inverter AC which is manufactured to provide excellent protection to your air-conditioner. This stabilizer also helps increase the performance of the Air Conditioner. It is not just designed like a basic AC stabilizer as this stabilizer has a nice shape and design model that complements your AC, and which stunningly fits the feel of the room. V-Guard’s ARIZOR 4150 has all the features and specifications to be your AC’s better half.

The stabilizer is equipped with a lot of features that make it one of a kind and will probably convince you to choose. The features include smart voltage correction, a digital display system, micro-controlled operation, etc. All these features ensure that the functioning of your air-conditioner is smooth and its performance is seamless. Besides this, the stabilizer also increases the lifetime of your Air Conditioner as its basic build down to its core is robust and secure which completes with an ABS cabinet and a capacity of 12 Ampere.

This stabilizer is an excellent product to consider, but a point to be noted is that this comes with an aluminum core transformer, which is enough for a 1.5 ton AC. But if you have plans for heavier loads, you must consider the copper core transformer.



Buying Guide to a Stabilizer

1. Mounting

Wall mounting an electric based appliance is probably the best thing to do. Placing them on a table or the ground could be risky and endangering. These are often placed on a higher level, and preferably they are wall-mounted to protect from getting electric shock.

2. Indicator

Indicators work to inform about how much electricity supply is required. These indicate the stabilizer, which often cuts the supply off in order to save the appliance when frequent fluctuations occur. 


During power cuts, we often see fluctuations and high low voltage, which may lead to internal and severe damage to the compressor and the appliance. ITDS or initial time-delay system helps by enabling a time-lapse during which it gives time to the compressor gets required supply and is balanced 

4. Overload protection

The stabilizer has built-in protection with which it turns itself off by cutting the power supply. 

In case of short circuit or burnout, due to overload leads to internal damage and harm to the appliance as well.

Stabilizers for ACs come with a warranty of 5 years of period. This allows you to enjoy a more extended period of time with AC and compressor performance and cooling. It is recommended to choose an AC stabilizer that is crafted particularly for your home air conditioner. There are a variety of stabilizers available, and remember to select the one for AC.

Stabilizers have a variety of load capabilities, and it varies as per the fluctuations, power supply, and weightage of your Air conditioner.


1. Is a stabilizer essential for the Air conditioner?

Air conditioners and similar appliances need a stabilizer, especially when there are frequent fluctuations, as these high and low fluctuations can damage the internal system. The stabilizer helps by consuming excessive power.

2. What is the cost of the stabilizer for the air conditioner?

A good stabilizer for an air conditioner starts from 1300 and can go high depending on the brand, quality, features, and functions it offers

3. Can an air conditioner work without a stabilizer?

Normally, you would need a stabilizer since there are fluctuations often. But if your area has a stable power supply, you can then easily use your AC without any stabilizer. 

4. Is a stabilizer necessary for inverter ACs?

Inverter air conditioners do not need a stabilizer as these ACs come with a built-in stabilizer. Such stabilizers cut off the power supply whenever it finds frequent fluctuations.

Final Word

Like we all need something or usually have it that stables us physically and mentally. Similarly, there is a stabilizer for ACs whenever it has its ups and downs. This guide includes about every single detail you would need for a stabilizer. Its types, features, functions, weight and dimensions, working, and others. The products selected are some of the best stabilizers that can be used for ACs up to1.5 tons. The buying guide following it will help you know more and select a better stabilizer for your AC.

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