Best Smartwatches Under ₹3,000

More people are starting to embrace smartwatches these days and as a result, the demand has surged sharply. There are hundreds of cheap Chinese brands pushing out smartwatches in the market. This has saturated the market up to a point where people are confused to make their pick.

Fret not, we bring you the list of best five smartwatches priced under Rs.3,000, on which you can safely bet your money. Most of the models listed here might belong to companies you will be unfamiliar with, but trust us they are well worth the deal for their price. Let’s get started!

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Best Smartwatch Under Rs.3,000

1. Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Overall Best Pick
2. Realme Smartwatch Runner-Up Pick
3. Huami Amazfit Neo Smart Digital Watch
4. Gionee smart life Best Budget Smartwatch
5. Aqfit W10 Honourable Mention

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1. Noise Colorfit Pro 2

Noise ColorFit Pro 2

Overall Best Pick

The Noise Colorfit 2 Pro comes as a worthy upgrade to the original Colorfit smartwatch that we already reviewed in the Best smartwatches under Rs.3000 article on our website.

This latest edition of the Color fit Pro 2 smartwatch priced just under Rs.3,000 features a full-sized touch screen instead of the capacitive button controlled display of the first edition Colorfit smartwatch.

Build Quality & Design

The Noise Colorfit 2 Pro has a square dial made from plastic materials, the quality of which seems decent to say the least.

The use of plastic has made this smartwatch very lightweight and easy to wear without any wrist fatigue.

The straps are made of TPU and can be easily removed and swapped for a compatible third-party one.

There is a clickable wheel button on the side of the square dial for effortless UI navigation.

The heart rate sensor and the charging pads are located on the backside of the dial.

The Noise Colorfit 2 Pro is IP68 dust and waterproof, making it an ideal budget outdoor smartwatch.


The Noise Colorfit 2 Pro features a 1.3-inch colour display with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels.

This is, as we mentioned earlier a full touch screen display with good touch responsiveness.

The colours appear vivid and the brightness levels are on point with this display. You might face some issues with screen legibility under direct sunlight though.

The UI is very easy and intuitive to use and navigate with a single finger.


The Noise Colorfit 2 Pro comes with all the usual bells and whistles found on budget smartwatches such as heart rate monitoring, sports and sleep tracking, sedentary reminders etc.

The managing app available on the play store helps in getting an intuitive data interface about your workout sessions for easy understandability.

Battery Life

The Noise Colorfit 2 Pro is powered by a 210mAh Li-ion battery which is rated to last for up to 10 days on a single charge.

Based on our real-life testing, we managed to get around 7 days of battery life on a medium usage pattern.

The charging dock is a magnetic clip which comes with a USB connector on the other end for easy and effortless charging from anywhere.


The Noise Colorfit 2 Pro is a capable budget smartwatch with a decent display and battery life.

Packed with fitness tracking features including a heart rate sensor, this smartwatch doubles up as a fitness band as well.


Bluetooth v5.0
Dial Shape Square
Display 1.3 inch LCD
Strap Material Silicone
Battery Up to 7 Days
Warranty 1 Year

2. Realme Smartwatch

Realme Classic Watch

Runner-Up Pick

Realme is a sub-brand of Oppo dealing with budget smartphones and other accessories, specifically marketed for countries like India and Indonesia.

The Realme smartwatch as the name suggests is a budget feature-rich smartwatch priced under Rs.3,000 where there is a lack of branded players as of now.

Build Quality & Design

The Realme smartwatch has a square-shaped dial with rounded edges resembling the Apple watch from a distance.

However, there is a significant chin under the display which will be visible when the screen lights up.

The single button on the right side serves multiple purposes such as turn on/off the display, select an action, or to go back to the main screen from where in the UI.

The strap is made of silicone and feels solid and comfortable. The strap can be easily detached. Realme plans to bring straps with different designs later on.

The overall fit and finish of this smartwatch are on par with its competitors in the same price segment.


This smartwatch comes with a relatively large 1.4-inch touchscreen LCD boasting a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels.

The clarity and brightness of this display are decent and UI feels crisp and vivid.

This is a full capacitive touch screen display and the sensitivity is excellent. The watch registers touch very effortlessly and the UI interaction feels fluid as well.


The Realme smartwatch is a fitness-centric wearable device. It comes with a full-time heart rate monitor and a blood oxygen level sensor.

With support up to 14 sports modes for active tracking, this is the smartwatch for those who follow an active workout lifestyle.

Rated with IP68 certification, you can wear this watch outdoors under drizzles with no fear of damaging it.


The Realme link app ( available for Android as of now) connects the smartwatch to your phone via Bluetooth v5.0.

The app is pretty straightforward to use and displays statistics in an understandable, easy to read layout.

There are seven watch faces at present on this smartwatch. Realme is in the process of adding more for allowing users to customize the watch according to their personal preference.

Battery Life

Realme promises around 8-10 days of usage on a single charge with this device.

The Realme smartwatch comes with a cradle type charger which is a really easy and convenient method to charge the watch.


Realme smartwatch is a feature-packed device perfect for those who want a smart wearable with fitness tracking options.

The expected software support for this smartwatch makes it a value for money purchase under Rs.3,000.


Bluetooth v5.0
Dial Shape Square
Display 1.4 inch LCD
Strap Material Silicone
Battery Up to 9 Days
Warranty 1 Year

3. Huami Amazfit Neo

Huami Amazfit Neo Smartwatch

Smart Digital Watch

Huami has been releasing a shit load of smartwatches in the budget-conscious Indian market off late and to be fair, they were all awesome and worth every penny.

The Amazfit Neo is a unique retro style digital watch with some smart as well as fitness features baked to it.

Build Quality & Design

The Amazfit Neo has a square-shaped dial made from plastic with a layer of thick rubber coating on top.

The TPU strap is thick enough to be durable but feels extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear as well.

There are four physical buttons on the side of the square dial to navigate between the available options.

The strap can be removed and replaced but the lack of quick release mechanism makes it a bit harder.

This smart digital watch is water-resistant up to 5atm, so using it outdoors won’t be an issue whatsoever.

Overall, this smart digital watch from Huami has a robust build quality with a comfortable fit and finish.


As we said earlier, this is in essence a digital watch. The 1.2-inch LCD is similar to most other Casio digital watches we are familiar with.

This display is always on and won’t turn off. There is blue backlit illumination for checking the time at night or under dimly lit environments.

The digits and the icons appear big and are quite easily readable from a distance.


This Huami Amazfit Neo features a dynamic heart rate sensor in the rear that delivers accurate heartbeat count.

It can also precisely monitor your sleep and the data is neatly laid out for easy understanding in the companion smartphone app.

The step counter seems to be very accurate as well, off by just 5-6 steps.
There is no haptic feedback for the notifications from your smartphone but there is an option to set a beep every time a message arrives.

Battery Life

Since there is bare minimum hardware to drain the battery quickly, Amazfit Neo lasts for up to 28 days on a single charge.

However, depending on the subjective individual usage, expect anywhere from 10-20 days with this watch.

It takes around 2-2.30 hours to charge this watch from zero to a hundred per cent.


The Huami Amazfit Neo is one of the unique retro looking digital watches with some smart functionality and fitness tracking baked into it for a compelling price of just Rs.2,299.


Bluetooth v5.0
Dial Shape Square
Display 1.2 inch LCD
Strap Material TPU
Battery Up to 28 Days
Warranty 1 Year

4. Gionee Smart Life

Gionee Smart Life Smartwatch

Best Budget Smartwatch

Gionee was once a popular smartphone brand in the Indian market. With the advent of companies such as Xiaomi and Oppo, Gionee lost its past glory and slowly retreated from the market.

Now, the company has released a new budget smartwatch titled Gionee smart life with an attractive price tag of just Rs.2,999.

Build Quality & Design

The Gionee smart life watch resembles the Apple watch when viewed from certain angles. The matt textured aluminium casing looks and feels premium in hand.

The strap is made from skin-friendly silicone material and wraps around the wrist tightly.

There is a single button on the right side of the smartwatch for menu selection and screen turn on/off functionality. This button feels clicky and very responsive.


This budget smartwatch from Gionee features a 1.3-inch LCD colour display. This is a full-sized touchscreen display which offers feather touch controls and navigation within the UI.

The IPS LCD has a respectable resolution of 240 x 240 pixels and is sufficiently bright outdoors. The colours do look bright and vivid, thanks to the excellent pixel density.

For protection from scratches, there is a 2.5D Corning Gorilla glass layer over the display as well.


This smartwatch comes with smart notification features. It means the notifications that arrive on your smartphone will be mirrored on to this watch in real-time.

This helps you to have a glance through the notifications without actually having to take the smartphone out from your pocket.

Smart life also features a dynamic heart rate sensor at the rear for accurately measuring your metabolism rate.

Battery Life

The Gionee Smart life packs a 210mAh Li-ion battery inside that will last up to 15 days depending upon your usage statistics.

This battery takes around two hours to completely charge from zero to a hundred per cent.


The Gionee smart life watch is a pretty good choice for a smartwatch loaded with features priced under Rs.3000.

The build quality and the battery life further cements its position as a worthwhile purchase option in this price segment.


Bluetooth v4.2
Dial Shape Square
Display 1.3 inch LCD
Strap Material Silicone
Battery Up to 15 Days
Warranty 1 Year

Honourable Mention

AQfit is just another Indian marketing company rebranding Chinese products and selling in the Indian market.

The AQfit W10 is one of their flagship smartwatches priced under Rs.3000 aiming for youngsters in the country.

Build Quality & Design

The AQfit W10 features a metallic unibody design which not only looks cool but feels very durable.

The square dial on this smartwatch is of nominal size and doesn’t feel bulky when worn around the wrist.

The silicone wrist strap has holes punched across the body for better aeration. This will resist your wrist from sweating.

This budget smartwatch from AQfit is advertised as water, dust and shockproof.

However, we warn you to take this with a pinch of salt and advise you to be careful while taking this device outdoors during heavy rain.


The AQfit W10 has a large 1.3-inch IPS display that offers excellent brightness levels and outdoor visibility.

This display is protected by a scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection with curved edges.

Not to mention, this is a full-sized capacitive touch screen with support for gesture actions.


The AQfit W10 offers a plethora of customization options with this smartwatch. There are several watch faces to choose from, according to your taste.

The smart notification feature lets you see and reply to call and message notifications from your smartphone directly on this device.

Loaded with a heartbeat sensor and other supplementary fitness-related features, this smartwatch is suitable for fitness freaks as well.

Battery Life

The AQfit W10 is powered by a 500mAh Li-ion battery which is rated to last for 6 days without frequent heart rate sensing feature usage.

Since the dock has a USB output port, this smartwatch can be directly charged from a power bank or laptop.


The AQfit W10 is a feature-rich smartwatch priced under Rs.3000.

The corning glass protection and the power and performance efficient chipset inside make this purchase well worth your hard-earned money.


Bluetooth v4.0
Dial Shape Square
Display 1.3 inch LCD
Strap Material Silicone
Battery Up to 7 Days
Warranty 1 Year

This concludes our recommendation of the best five smartwatches in India under Rs.3,000. If you’re considering a different budget to buy a smartwatch, do check out our reviews about the best smartwatches starting from a budget of Rs.2,000 up to the best in India.

Also, voice your opinion on the article in the comment section below so that we can improve ourselves and the articles posted here with your valuable input.

Thanks and have a great day ahead!

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