Best Home Theaters Under ₹30,000

The cinematic viewing experience in the living room is now being adopted by a lot of people by setting up private home theatres in their houses.

Having a capable home theatre system is one of the most important steps towards this along with the selection of a high-performance projector.

In this article, we bring you the curated list of the best five home theatre systems available in the Indian market priced under Rs.30,000.

Sit back, relax and read through the article to select your pick!

Best Home Theatres in India Under Rs.30,000

1. Sony HT IV300 Overall Best Pick
2. Samsung HW-Q60R Runner-Up Pick
3. Philips HT5160B Best Build Quality
4. JBL SB350 Feature Rich Home Theatre System
5. Pioneer SBX 301 Honourable Mention

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1. Sony HT-IV300

Sony HT-IV300

Overall Best Pick

Sony is a world-renowned consumer electronics brand offering a wide range of products from televisions to earphones.

The Sony HT-IV300 is a premium 5.1 home theatre speaker system delivering a bass-rich, tonally balanced sound output pleasing to the ears.

Design and Build Quality

As expected from premium Sony products, the quality of construction is top-notch. The level of attention to details is exceptional with no weak spots anywhere to point out.

The modern design language which is minimal yet elegant at the same time will turn many heads for sure.

The amplifier module looks futuristic and reminds us somewhat of gaming consoles.

All five satellite speakers are compact, wireless and easily wall mountable.

Speaker and Sound Quality

Sony has left no stones unturned to get the most out of these speakers. The total sound output power of this 5.1 home theatre system is an unprecedented 1000W, sufficient for large halls/rooms.

The Sony digital amplifier enhances the minute details in the soundtrack and delivers you the best possible, close to theatre cinematic experience right inside your living room.

The patented clearaudio+ technology actively converts stereo sound into 5.1 surround sound resulting in immersive audiovisual experience, even with normal contents.

The bass notes from the subwoofer are really deep, rich and clean. There are no signs of distortion whatsoever.

The satellite speakers let out clean vocals and high-end treble notes which beautifully compliment the bass notes.


Sony is the frontrunner in NFC technology. From headphones to smartphones, Sony tries to include the NFC hardware for one-tap Bluetooth pairing.

The Sony HT-IV300 features both NFC and Bluetooth for seamless one-tap device pairing.

There is also the Miracast support to mirror your smartphone screen directly on the television display. The single USB port on this device supports multi-codec media playback as well.


The Sony HT-IV300 is one of the best 5.1 home theatre systems you can purchase under a budget of Rs.30,000.

The cinema surround sound output will deliver an immersive cinematic experience, thanks to the capable S-digital amplifier inside.


Configuration 5.1
Power Output 1000W
USB Port Yes
Bluetooth Yes

2. Samsung HW-Q60R

Samsung HW-Q60R

Runner Up Pick

Samsung HW Q60R is a soundbar styled 2.1 home theatre speaker system priced under Rs.26,000 in the Indian market.

Design and Build Quality

The Samsung HW Q60R features a triangular bar-shaped design which makes it stand out from the rest of the soundbar speakers in this segment.

The build quality of this speaker system is exceptional with a lot of attention given to the minor details such as button placement and speaker vents.

There are manual control buttons placed on the sides of the soundbar which are easy to press and feel very responsive.

The compact subwoofer which accompanies the soundbar is wireless and can be placed anywhere in the room/hall.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The total sound output power of the Samsung HW-Q60R is 360W, enough to fill a medium-sized room/hall with exceptional clarity sound.
The soundbar consists of several tiny speakers inside which supports the Samsung beamforming technology.

With this technology, you will feel the sound is coming from the screen where the action occurs, rather than from the soundbar itself.

The dedicated centre channel speaker inside the soundbar ensures the vocals are pumped towards the listener for better listening clarity.

The bass sounds from the subwoofer sound perfectly natural and soothing to the ears.


There is a dedicated game pro mode on this 2.1 speaker system which will tune the EQ accordingly for better spatial sound experience while gaming.

All the standard connectivity options such as Bluetooth, USB port etc. are present and accounted for.

The Samsung adaptive sound technology analyzes the content which is being played through the speaker and adjusts the sound characteristics accordingly for the better listening experience.


The Samsung HW Q60R is one of the best 2.1 Bluetooth soundbars styled home theatre speaker systems available in India under Rs.26,000.

With the patented technologies such as beamforming audio propagation and adaptive sound technology, you’ll get to experience the best surround sound feeling through these speakers.


Configuration 2.1
Power Output 360W
USB Port Yes
Bluetooth Yes

3. Philips HTL5160B

Philips HTL5160B

Best Build Quality

Philips home theatre systems have been discussed in our last few articles about best home theatres under different budget ranges.

The Philips HTL5160B is a 2.1 home theatre speaker system with a soundbar form factor priced just under Rs.21,000.

Design and Build Quality

As we have mentioned above, the Philips HTL5160B is a soundbar styled speaker system.

It consists of a compact wireless subwoofer and the soundbar itself. The soundbar has a premium metallic finish with a grille up front, making it look attractive and premium.

The compact subwoofer which comes along with the soundbar is wireless and can be placed anywhere conveniently without getting bothered about the wires.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The total sound output power of the Philips HTL5160B is 320W. The subwoofer alone has a 200W power output and the rest of the three speakers inside the soundbar output 40W each.

Speaking of the sound output, the bass notes are very punchy and crisp. The vocals and high-end notes appear to be distinct without any tonal overlapping.

There is no noticeable sound distortion at maximum volume levels either. Overall, the Philips HTL5160B delivers a soothing surround sound experience well worth its asking price.


The Philips HTL5160B features a dedicated centre channel speaker for exceptional voice clarity.

The built-in Dolby Digital decoder in this home theatre system delivers a five-channel surround sound experience, even with this 2.1 speaker setup.

There is the regular Bluetooth connectivity feature for wireless music streaming. Additionally, there is NFC for one-tap easy pairing with the compatible devices.


The Philips HTL5160B is a feature 2.1 home theatre speaker system with excellent quality sound output and connectivity options.


Configuration 2.1
Power Output 320W
USB Port Yes
Bluetooth Yes

4. JBL SB350


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JBL is a world-renowned brand known for its high-fidelity audio products such as earphones, headphones and Bluetooth speakers.

The JBL SB350 is a 2.1 home theatre speaker system promising the signature JBL sound signature for a price well under Rs.15,000.

Design and Build Quality

The JBL SB350 consists of a main soundbar form factor set up along with a subwoofer speaker.

There are multiple speakers and tweets inside the soundbar radiating sound forwards into the listener.

The quality of materials used for the construction of this 2.1 speaker system is top of the line.

Everything feels carefully crafted to last for years to come.

The rounded rectangular soundbar speaker is ergonomically designed to enhance sound output to the maximum.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The total sound output power of the JBL SB250 is 320W. This is surprisingly loud compared to the size of the speakers.

This home theatre speaker system comes with Dolby Digital certification for breathtaking surround sound experience.

The wireless soundbar and the subwoofer delivers natural lower end bass notes and tonally balanced mids and highs.

Be it cinema, sports or songs, the sound output from these speakers sound so pleasing to the ears without any acoustic overpowering effect.


There is a USB port on this speaker system but unfortunately, JBL has locked it down from playing media content from memory.

The soundbar is easily wall mountable with appropriate brackets in the box.
The Bluetooth connectivity is very stable and offers seamless wireless audio streaming across multiple devices.


The JBL SB350 is a soundbar styled 2.1 home theatre speaker system suited for a large hall/room.

The 320W sound output with Dolby Digital surround sound brings you the theatrical experience right to your living room.


Configuration 2.1
Power Output 320W
USB Port Yes
Bluetooth Yes

5. Pioneer SBX 301

Pioneer Pioneer SBX-301

Honourable Mention

Pioneer is a Japanese multinational corporation specialized in digital entertainment products.

The SBX 301 from JBL is a soundbar styled home theatre speaker system priced at Rs.22,999.

Design and Build Quality

The Pioneer SBX 301 has a rounded rectangular soundbar design with a flat bottom.

The hard plastic polycarbonate chassis is very tough and feels extremely durable. There are manual buttons on the side of the soundbar.

The compact wireless subwoofer is very easy to pair with the soundbar, without the help of any wires.

There is a hidden LED display inside the soundbar grille to notify you about the volume level and the track number.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The Pioneer SBX 301 has a sound output power of 145W. This home theatre system is Dolby digital certified, meaning you are bound to get some serious surround sound experience.

Even normal audio is converted into 5.1 channel output for an excellent immersive experience.

The bass levels are on point and the treble notes are distinct and clean.


The Pioneer SBX 301 comes with HDMI ARC connectivity. With compatible television sets, you can connect the speaker system via a single HDMI cable.

There is a USB port on the soundbar which accepts and playback almost all the media formats.


The Pioneer SBX 301 is an affordable 2.1 home theatre speaker system with excellent surround sound output.


Configuration 2.1
Power Output 145W
USB Port Yes
Bluetooth Yes

This concluded our curated buying list for the best five home theatre systems priced under Rs.30,000 available in the Indian market.

If you want more choices, be sure to check out our other articles on home theatres at different budgets.

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