Best Home Theaters Under ₹20000

Investing your hard earned money on a home theatre system is no child’s play. If you don’t get it right, it’s going to spoil your movie/TV watching experience at home.

There are a lot of home theatre models out there available at different price ranges in the market. Selecting the best one suited for your home setup requires patience and clarity.

In this short curated article, we bring you the best five premium home theatre systems available for a price under Rs.20,000.

We have tried to explain the features of each system as simple as we can so you won’t find it hard to select one.

Without any further ado, let’s begin!

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Best Home Theatres in India Under Rs.20,000

1. LG LHB625 Overall Best Pick
2. Sony RT3 Runner-Up Pick
3. JBL BAR23 Feature Rich Home Theatre System
4. Samsung HW-N450 Value for Money Home Theatre System
5. Polk Audio Signa C2 Honourable Mention

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1. LG LHB625


Overall Best Pick

LG is a South Korean consumer electronics giant with a wide range of product lineup including TV’s, refrigerators, smartphones etc.

The LG LHB625 is a full-fledged home theatre system including a Blu-ray DVD player and a 5.1 speaker system setup for the ultimate home cinema experience.

Design and Build Quality

The LG LHB625 features a very minimal design which looks clean and attractive.

The industrial design of this premium home theatre system helps it to blend with any type of interior decor you have back at your place.

The quality of construction is top notch with no weak points to be seen anywhere. The speakers and the buttons feel very sturdy so does the Blu-ray/DVD player.

The satellite speakers are small yet powerful and can be easily wall-mounted effortlessly.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The total audio output power of the LG LHB625 home theatre system is an unprecedented 1000W.

This home theatre setup from LG offers impressive surround sound output and is punchy yet natural bass.

The vocals and high end treble notes sound very distinct, thanks to the capable speakers and tweeter setup inside the satellite speakers.

The LG LHB625 comes with Dolby Digital surround sound which ensures a theatre like cinematic experience right inside your living room.


The LG LHB625 can be hooked up to your existing DTH connection to route the audio through these speakers.

The USB port on the Blu-ray/DVD player can not only playback offline files but also can record music from the TV or FM radio stations.

This home theatre system from LG supports Bluetooth connectivity. You can pair it up with your smartphone to stream music wirelessly to these speakers.


The LG LHB625 is one of the best complete home theatre system setups you can purchase under Rs.20,000.

The Blu-ray/DVD player and the 1000W 5.1 speaker setup is bound to amaze you in terms of an immersive audio visual experience.


Configuration 5.1
Power Output 1000W
USB Port Yes
Bluetooth Yes

2. Sony RT3

Sony RT3

Runner Up Pick

Sony is a renowned name in the entertainment industry around the globe. Be it televisions, DVD/Blu-ray players, Bluetooth speakers – you name it, Sony has it.

The RT3 from Sony is a premium 5.1 home theatre speaker system priced under Rs.20,000 with exceptional quality surround sound output.


Design and Build Quality

The Sony RT3 has a minimal yet elegant design which looks and feels premium, right from the first glance.

The RT3 features a sound bar style three speaker satellite system along with two separate which completes the 5.1 speaker setup.

The build quality, as expected from Sony is top notch. The materials to the attention towards the fit and finish is impeccable to say the least.

All the connectivity ports are neatly arranged in the back side of the subwoofer. Even the wires are tucked in properly to hide it as much as possible from our eyes.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The Sony RT3 has a total sound output power of 600W. This 5.1 system delivers one of the best possible surround sound output with perfect instrument separation and tonal balance.

The soothing bass notes irrespective of the genre of music played ensures to satisfy every kind of hardcore audiophile out there.

The RT3 comes with various preset sound modes such as clearaudio+, movie, music, game etc which you can change according to your preference.

With the integrated HDMI connectivity, you will get the best possible sound output when compared to the normal AV cable output.


The Sony RT3 supports HDMI ARC connectivity, ARC ( Audio Return Channel) simplified the speaker connectivity between the TV and the home theatre system with a single HDMI cable.

The Soundbar speakers and the subwoofer offer wireless connectivity while the rear speakers are wired.

There is also the ability to connect your smartphone to the home theatre system to stream music wirelessly.


If you are a Sony fanboy and are looking for a 5.1 home theatre speaker system for home use, the RT3 is an excellent choice.

High fidelity sound output with Dolby Digital surround will elevate your movie/TV watching experience to the next level.


Configuration 5.1
Power Output 600W
USB Port Yes
Bluetooth Yes

3. JBL Bar 21


Feature-Rich Home Theatre

JBL is a prominent player in the high fidelity audio equipment industry. JBL has a strong fan following when it comes to products such as earphones, headphones and Bluetooth speakers.

The JBL Bar is a soundbar styled 2.1 home theatre system priced just under Rs.20,000 available in the Indian market.

Design and Build Quality

The JBL Bar 21 looks as simple as it can get. A long cylindrical sound bar shaped speaker made from tough polycarbonate shell and a metallic mesh speaker cover.

Same is the case with the subwoofer. This subwoofer comes with four small raised legs to make sure the lower end notes don’t dissipate to the ground by any means.

There are physical buttons on top of the soundbar to manually control the volume, tracks etc.

Additionally a single line LED display is hidden behind the metallic mesh of the sound bar to display necessary information.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The total audio output power of this 2.1 home theatre system is 300W. This is sufficient for usage in medium sized rooms as well as halls.

The JBL signature sound is present and accounted here with the Bar 21 speaker system.

The bass notes are deep and clean, with excellent clarity vocals and good stage separation.
The JBL Bar 21 actively converts stereo sound to 5.1 surround format to deliver immersive sound output no matter the quality of audio stream.


The subwoofer unit of this 2.1 home theatre system is wireless and compact. The JBL bar 21 also has the USB, Aux-in connectivity for more options to playback media.

Additionally, the soundbar comes with Bluetooth for wireless music streaming from smartphones, laptops and other compatible devices.


The JBL Bar 21 is a 2.1 home theatre speaker system with a soundbar design.

Delivering the signature JBL surround sound, this speaker is best suited for medium sized room/hall.


Configuration 2.1
Power Output 300W
USB Port Yes
Bluetooth Yes

4. Samsung HW-N450

Samsung HW-N450

Value for Money Home Theatre

Samsung is a world-renowned consumer electronics brand famous for its smartphones and television sets.

The Samsung HW-N450 is a 2.1 home theatre speaker system with a digital amplifier built-in for enhanced audio output.

Design and Build Quality

The Samsung HW-N450 , as we mentioned is a 2.1 home theatre system. It consists of a sound bar and a compact subwoofer.

The construction quality is top notch and feels really well built. The soundbar is lightweight and comes with wall mountable brackets for easy installation.

The metallic mesh grille around the sound bar not only looks good but also serves as a protection to the speakers inside.

The sound doesn’t get muffled, thanks to the numerous openings in the grille.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The total sound output power from the Samsung HW N450 is 320W. This makes it suitable for large sized halls and living rooms.

The Sound output from this 2.1 home theatre speaker system comes out rich in bass.

The vocals and the treble notes remain perfectly audible, even at maximum volume levels.

The multiple speakers in the soundbar offers surround sound effect when placed strategically in your room/hall.


This 2.1 home theatre speaker system features a universal remote control with which you can control both the home theatre as well your TV.

Additionally Samsung has also launched a smartphone app for the same, available only to Android smartphones at the moment.


The Samsung HW-N450 is a feature rich sound bar form factor 2.1 home theatre speaker system well worth its asking price of Rs.20,000.

Supporting wired aux-in and wireless Bluetooth connectivity, this product from Samsung delivers tonally balanced sound output pleasing to the ears.


Configuration 2.1
Power Output 320W
USB Port Yes
Bluetooth Yes

5. Polk Audio Signa S2

Polk Audio Signa S2

Honourable Mention

Polk Audio is an American speaker manufacturer best known for their ceiling and automobile speakers.

The Polk Audio Signa S2 is a soundbar styled 2.1 home theatre speaker system loaded with user centric features such as a dedicated night mode.

Design and Build Quality

The plastic – fabric mesh finish given to the soundbar speaker and the subwoofer feels very premium.

The fit and finish as well the attention to the details is at it’s finest with the Polk Audio Signa S2 speaker system.

There are manual buttons on the soundbar to interact with the home theatre system as well as an infrared remote for the same.

One thing to note here is that there is no USB port on this speaker system to allow media playback from an external pen drive or hard disk.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The Polk Audio Signa S2 is a 120W soundbar type 2.1 home theatre speaker system.

It comes with the patented Polk VoiceAdjust feature which automatically alters the EQ values based on the content to deliver the best possible audio quality.

The dedicated night mode feature on the Signa S2 lowers the thumping bass and gives preference to the vocal clarity.

The bass and treble levels harmoniously match the vocal clarity, ensuring an overall soothing sound output experience.


The compact wireless subwoofer can be placed anywhere inside the room to deliver rich and deep bass output.

The Polk Audio Signa S2 also features Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly stream media content directly from your smartphone or other compatible device.

This 2.1 home theatre system has the HDMI ARC connectivity for simpler audio connection between the TV and the speakers.


Polk Audio Signa S2 is a user centric, feature rich soundbar speaker system priced under Rs.20,000.

The sound output is clear with rich bass and supporting clarity in vocals and the higher end notes and you won’t be disappointed for sure.


Configuration 2.1
Power Output 120W
USB Port No
Bluetooth Yes

This completed our curated buying list of the best five home theatre systems available in India under Rs.20,000.

We have carefully picked these five from a sea of options, to ensure that you get the best product for your hard earned money.

If you have any doubts regarding the article, you can comment down below and we’ll get back to you soon.

Thanks and have a great day!

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