Best Gear Cycles in India

Selecting a cycle may be difficult, mainly if you aren’t clear with the reason for buying. Thus, readability concerning the motive of buying the bike is necessary. You need to check out unique gears and suspensions, as they prevent any bodily harm or injury. If you’re searching out a lightweight cycle, going with dual disc brakes with the carbon-steel cloth of the bike is frequently favored.

You may use the gears separately or in combination with one another. The constant and the derailleur gears are utilized in a mixture to enhance the overall performance of the cycle. Both their performance and output are advanced.

With massive product differentiation, there may be a wide variety of available gears. As in keeping with their usage, surveys display advanced overall performance regarding the gear’s overall performance. Regular gear is best for everyday use cycles. Hence, we have curated this list of the best gear cycles in India. So go on and have a look. 

Top 10 Gear Cycles in India - At a Glance

1. Firefox Bikes TORRETO Check Price
2. Geekay Billion Check Price
3. Hero Sprint Growler Check Price
4. ntc Kross Maximus Pro Check Price
5. 29 MTB 21 Gear Bicycle CRADIAC Check Price
6. Make Fat Mountain Sports Bike Check Price
7. NINETY ONE Leopard Check Price
8. love Children Freedom Jaguar Fat Bicycle Check Price
9. ELEVEN NEXXUS Hardtail Check Price
10. KROSS Xceed Check Price

10 Best Gear Cycles in India (2021) - Review

A geared cycle fits an adventurous individual with a spirited mindset. Alternatively, an ungeared cycle is favored if you seek to force it withinside the town for work or a regular ride. Though each bike has its advantages, it’s far encouraged to choose one step with your needs.

Geared cycles permit you to have more excellent management over the speed of the bike. As consistent with the terrain, you could manage the speed of the bike, which makes it a higher performance than a non-geared cycle. The shift of the gear ratios as in step with the terrain makes biking a whole lot simpler.

Firefox has been producing cycles from Kids Bicycles to Women’s unique Bicycles and Performance-centered MTB’s; they have got it all. The Firefox Torreto 27.5D is a brand new addition to Firefox’s MTB range. This body is constructed with Alloyand is derived with a slanting top structure that guarantees multiplied standover peak for the rider, making the trip more secure on bumpy roads. 

These cycles come with an entry-stage suspension fork. This suspension fork provides the best for tackling hard roads and flat roads. This Bicycle is available in the complete Black color with Yellow and White graphics. The slanting top tube and skinny seat, and chainstay make this Bicycle appearance sleek. 

While maximum Indian bicycle manufacturers are going for a matte end paint task, the smooth end of the paint finish at the Torreto makes the top great and genuinely made the Bicycle a good appearance. The gear transferring overall performance is easy, and there has been no lag during the ride. The shifters had been responsive and smooth to function and are located in a comfortable position and effortlessly accessible.

The stopping strength in this 27.5 Hardtail MTB is sorted through a couple of JAK branded Mechanical Disc brakes. These brakes had been appropriately qualified and effectively stopped amidst traffic or even in muddy places. The 660mm MTB handlebar is extensive and gives the most suitable control for the rider while driving via fast-moving flat trails and driving through city roads. 



Billion Hardtail mountain bicycle is the maximum successful, and comfortable racing gadget created. They design each inch of the Geekay Billion cycle for the safest, quick, and ultimate forgiving race system because you deserve the fine. It is available in numerous sizes and speeds. It’s an ideal cycle if you’re new to the path and desires a severe MTB bike that could trip on any terrain and as a commuter town bicycle, and also available at a great price.

A lightweight bicycle, optionally available with 21 tools system, a massive variety of gearing is this cycle. So that you never need to pedal too complex or smooth on the surface that varies in elevation along with mechanical disc brakes that are smoother and more secure than V brakes.

Built through the fine quality within the industry, it can take on any path adventures. It’s additionally flexible and the best cycle. Front-suspension Fork adapts even through challenging situations and entertains to ride through bumps and different problems on the street. The Integrated Alloys all through the Geekay Billion motorcycles make it a very gentle and responsive cycle.

The design structure all through the cycle makes it interesting to ride and enjoy the most. The Dual Disc Brakes make braking very easy and hold you secure beneath any using condition. The Wide Tires assist your journey on any avenue or mountain with ease, and Wanda King tires are globally famed for the rider’s safety.



It is considered one of the most delicate and desirable gear cycles for people beginning to learn cycling. The design and body layout enhance the well-thought-out lightweight metal body, and it’s available in two different colors. The suspension gear and brake features are perfect, where that is a vast aspect to be looked at for beginners.

These ergonomic motorcycles are designed for off-street adventures and also can work quickly on challenging roads. They are prepared with excessive and low gear transmissions so that you can effortlessly pedal even through down slopes. The flying wings make it a perfect option for city entertainment journey adventures.

The HardTail body of this Bicycle is strong, and the body is lightweight, inflexible which gives a fantastic assist to the structure. It has a stiff layout that permits the driving force to discover greater in difficult riding situations.

It has a comfy steering wheel and mechanical disc brakes on each aspect to offer higher handling support. The keyless setup guarantees easy motion for easy driving—perfect for beginners searching out the first-class Bicycle. It is one of the best gear cycles under 15000



If you’re taking up rough roads, then call for extra on challenging transport. For such riding, you could select out Kross’s professionally designed variety of top-class mountain bikes. It will make your experience exciting through the hilly regions and extra comfortable to control than you have ever experienced. It has a body length of 45.five cm, and the brake Lever is made with an alloy that weighs up to 17kg.

It is a City Bicycle that has a Steel Frame, comes with a couple of 26″ x 2.1″ tires which can be connected to Alloy Rims. The chain wheel is planned with 24T-34T-42T X 170L in the Alloy and a plastic chain guard. The Rear Hub part is structured of steel 36H, and the Front part is of steel 36H.

The pedal is crafted via Alloy with reflectors, and the body is ergonomically designed with MTB metallic in a properly fashioned manner. It has a front brake and rear disc made from Alloy that allows a friction-free movement of the journey for powerful braking. With these fantastic functions, it serves to be the Bicycle that stands to be the first-rate desire for hard roads and mountain rides. It is one of the best gear cycles in India. 



Bicycles with large wheels have a less difficult time overcoming obstacles. With a 21 Gear, the Cradiac mountain cycle is the full snug and coveted bike market. It is to be had at a pretty affordable cost price, with a swish look and fascinating features. The body of the Cradiac cycle is a product of brilliant steel, which presents an excellent balance.

With the installed suspension fork, it has outstanding suspension for an easy ride. It has an MTB giant handlebar that gives more excellent stability and balance throughout your ride. It presents an actual rider revel in its single-speed gearing, permitting you to experience your energy and analyze strategies on challenging tracks.

The dual disc brakes are furnished through Cradiac Mountain Bike. They have perfect energy on all roads and in each situation. In comparison to rim brakes, they ultimately last a whole lot longer and need much less maintenance.

Instead of just the pedals and a few changes to the handlebar, they will deliver your cycle in a completely assembled manner. Along with this cycle, you will get an Allen key and a spanner to fix them properly.



If you want to let yourself revel on weekends by biking on streets or hills or snow or some other surfaces conveniently and amusingly, this cycle would be the perfect option. The fat cycle is specialized for off-street and on-street cycling with a rim that could supply smooth use at low pressure.

It has a short seat post with an 18-inch carbon metal body appropriate for top starting from 5 ft to 6.2 ft, which could take one hundred thirty kgs. The 18 inches material carbon steel has a variety of portions with speeds of 21 suspensions; the front wheel length is 26 inches, most weight ability one hundred thirty kg fats cycle. It is specialized on the off-street in addition to on-street biking experience.

It is designed in such a way that it can preserve excessive low strain as well. The twin disk brakes offer you superior braking. One can freely ride as much as one needs, even daily. The 21 speed gears allow you to help you to pick out speeds according to your choice.

It is more comforting for morning biking and has an attractive layout that catches the attention of everyone. The 18-inch body and quick-release Seatpost can modify the top starting from 5 ft to 6.2 ft. It comes with Free mudguards, bottle cage and sipper, and Allen essential device package and assembly manual.



This hugely economical cycle is purely money for value at its astoundingly cheap price tag. It only comes in one color style of black-orange. The wheels are 26 inches, and the body frame of the bicycle is 18 inches. At this price range, you will get V brakes and a solid steel frame. The pedals have been advertised as completely anti-skid, so the amount of traction is very good.

The cycle has to be further assembled and doesn’t come fully assembled when purchased online. The company will already install accessories like reflectors, but the buyer itself will have to be fitted with the pedals and wheels. The installation is quite simple, and a spanner is also given to ease the process of assembling. It will take about 30 mins to an hour to assemble the single gear cycle fully.

The handle is made of solid metal with rubber-coated grips, which are quite comfortable. There is a black matte finish on the wheels and also on the paddles. The seat is made of good quality rubber and has a mechanism by which The user can easily remove it. A bottle holder is also added to the cycle for the user’s convenience. Further accessories like mudguards have to be added after being purchased separately.

Being the cheapest cycle on this list, it is a good option for those people who aren’t willing to spend a lot and want a basic, reliable bicycle to get them from point A to B.



To drive on any avenue or hills or snow or every other surface comfortably and amusing or to drive a bit serious biking day by day to lose a few kgs and live a fit, healthy life will be a perfect cycle. This fat cycle is specialized for off-road in addition to an on-road bicycle that has thick tires that can deliver clean driving at low pressure.

It has a brief seating post with a carbon-metal body appropriate for peaks designed especially for children. The carbon-metal speed comes with 21 gears rim & tire: 26x 4inches width derailleur. The dual disc brake comprises alloy silver mechanical disc brakes, 160 mm rotor disc, and weight 24 kg product dimensions.

It can hold a hundred thirty kg fat cycle is a specialized on-off avenue and all avenue biking experience. The 26 x 4 inch greater extensive tires provide you with clean driving over any surface. It can maintain intense low stress, and one hundred sixty mm twin disk brakes offer you superior braking. An attractive layout of the cycle catches each one’s eyes with its 18 inch body, and it is structured for all age groups.



You might use bicycles for any reason or any particular purpose. It may be as a workout tool, transportation, and traveling for lengthy rides. Bikes generate the choice to ride, allowing you to get a more terrific workout and function for more fantastic fun. Having the right motorcycle will make a significant difference if you search for a bicycle to satisfy your fitness goals.

This is a brilliant ELEVEN NEXXUS Hardtail Sports Bicycle which is designed with a sleek design. The aluminum-alloy frame is lightweight and rust-resistant. With the dual disc brakes for superior responsiveness, dustproof, and UV resistance superior widespread, the front is a different function.

They are elegantly designed in an entirely sporty style and for a lengthy-distance journey with a cozy seat. It is intended to address distance and is ergonomically crafted for better posture and lower back support, further to superior grip.

It is ideal for mountains, difficult paths, or any land among rough places. A condensed immoderate carbon metallic frame is heavier, safer, and more tremendously robust, improving the vehicle’s life and supplying a more excellent high-quality firm ride. It can be considered first-rate for incredible mountain driving and other general driving purposes at this price range.



When you are taking up the cycle through rough roads, they need extra tough transport. For such experiences, you may choose Kross’s, a professionally designed variety of top-class mountain bikes. It will make your ride experience a great trip with gear via the hilly regions and extra comfy to control them. It has a body length of 45.5 cm with the brake Lever that is made of Alloy.

The tires are deliberate for 60-584 (27.5×2.35) with NYLON, and the managed grip is produced with PVC (DUAL TONE); Saddle Post is of quick release. The chain wheel is planned with 24T-34T-42T X 170L in Alloy together with a plastic chain guard. The Rear Hub and the Front Hub are of metal 36H. It also has a Free Wheel of speed to manage the stem as a 2PC alloy stem.

The pedal is designed with alloy reflectors, and the body is ergonomically crafted with MTB metal in a safely structured manner. It has a front brake and rear disc made of an alloy that permits a friction-free movement of experience for powerful braking. With these top-notch capabilities, this Bicycle is the first-class desire for all kinds of challenging roads and mountain rides.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the reason for buying the geared cycle?

This is possibly the maximum critical question you should ask yourself earlier than resorting to shopping for a gear cycle of your choice. This will assist you in solving the questions like the time you will be spending on the bike on a day-by-day basis, wherein you will be driving the maximum of the time, whether or not you’re shopping for the cycle for fitness, everyday commute, training, or adventure. Once you get the solution to those questions, you could, without difficulty, pass on the subsequent decision-making procedure withinside the available option of cycles.

2. How much would you spend?

Now that you have determined the way you need to apply your bike and for what reason, you can determine how much you’re willing to pay for the geared cycle. The rate of gear cycles in India ranges from ten thousand to upwards of a lakh. So relying on the manner of your plan to use your gear cycle, you ought to fix finance to get the bike that completely fits your wishes.

3. Do suspensions need extra investing?

Suspensions are critical for a comfortable experience, and they can have a gear cycle with correct breaks beneath 15000 in India. These suspensions have excellent overall performance on the Indian roads. However, if you seek out a super overall performance cycle, you must spend a piece extra.

4. Which is the best gear cycle or normal cycle?

A geared cycle is higher than a regular cycle as a normal cycle only gives a single speed for all-terrain and roads, which is not what all would want. The rider may turn strenuous while traveling for lengthy distances. The geared cycle has more than one gear that it may use to regulate the speed at which the person desires to experience relying upon the road. A geared bicycle makes biking extra comfy and more effortless, specifically if it had to be accomplished over an extended distance. 

Final Word

The best is the one all of us will wish to buy. Owning a bicycle gives a feeling of freedom, and it changed into full vital ownership all through our childhood days. Over the years, the attraction for proudly owning and driving a bicycle has now no longer diminished. Professionals are thinking about bicycling to maintain their form and defend the surroundings as well.

There are distinctive fashions and conditions of cycles ideal for remarkable wishes, and it’s miles pretty perplexing for someone to pick out the pleasant gear bicycle in their dreams. We’ve posted opinions on distinctive forms of bikes in specific levels and types to ease this choice. Here we deliver to you this guide which presents the best gear cycles in India.


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