Best Gear Cycles under ₹15,000

When you buy a new bicycle, everything looks perfect, but it won’t last long. After a few trips, you will find the wrong side of the frame or the wrong type of bicycle. Your knees begin to hurt; your disc may break and create annoying sounds and many more.

You need to be willing and knowledgeable to know what is right for you! Before buying a bicycle, you should know a few things. Hence, it is the reason we have carefully sorted out all the things you need to consider before buying the best gear cycle under 15000 in India.

Top 10 Gear Cycles under ₹15,000 - At a Glance

1. Hero Sprint Growler Check Price
2. CRADIAC 700C Hybrid Bicycle Check Price
3. MDS Unlimited Check Price
4. Viva Aero 26T Check Price
5. Kross Xceed 27.5T Check Price
6. Geoman 29T Check Price
7. 21 Gear Prime Cycle Jaguar Mode Check Price
8. Hero Sprint Monk 17 Check Price
9. New 2032 21 Gear Foldable Cycle Check Price
10. ELEVEN NEXXUS Hardtail Check Price

10 Best Gear Cycles under 15000 in India - Review

It is filtered to be one of the most delicate and acceptable gear cycles under 15000 for beginners. The graphics and frame design complements the well-thought-out lightweight steel body, and it is available in two colors. The suspension gear and brake effect are perfect, which is a significant factor for beginners.

These ergonomic bikes are designed for off-road adventures and can also work effortlessly on rough roads. They are equipped with high and low gear transmissions, so you can easily pedal on steep slopes. The flying wings make it an ideal choice for urban leisure travel adventures.

The HardTail frame on this bicycle has a solid and lightweight, rigid frame that provides excellent support to the structure. It has a stiff design that allows the driver to explore more in inconvenient situations.

It has a comfortable steering wheel and mechanical disc brakes on both sides to provide better handling. The keyless installation ensures smooth movement for smooth driving—ideal for beginners looking for the best bicycle.



Designed with a frame of 18.5″, these are some of the most delicate HYBRID Frame cycles that provide a fantastic riding experience. You can achieve an average speed of about 24-25 kph for long rides up to 60 km through the single-speed cycle, and it works very excellently for long rides. 

The Crank Set consists of a Cotter-less Chain Wheelset with 42 teeth Crank. The gear shifting will be smooth and comfortable riding, which features as a highlight to be quite impressive among most users. The brakes feature a Dual disc which serves the best in this particular bicycle. 

With the thin tire, they enhance a pleasant ride for the riders, and the brake levers are designed of ED Black Alloy and Rim: Double Wall Alloy. The Tyres are of 700X35C Nylon, and the chain is created with 1/2 “x1/8”. Also, they work smoothly with the side stand and mudguard, which are included. The handlebars are of MTB wide Handlebar that is planned for the soft grips. 



The foldable cycle could be folded in shape right into a car which means the bike is handy and can be carried everywhere alongside you for a continuing biking experience. The body has years of guarantee towards any production defect. The biking package deal includes a couple of mudguards, one meeting device package, one bell, and a bottle holder. 

The MDS endless folding cycle has the following features of Front fork suspension that provide an easy user experience. The body layout makes it appropriate for each guy and woman to ride. A stylish sports-kind adjustable seat with a quick-release is fashionably designed Alloy spokes and handlebar with rubber grips for a smooth ride. 

It can adjust the seat peak consistent with the rider’s height. It is recommended to look for expert people for cycle meetings as screws, nuts, equipment systems, and components need to be tightened as they should be for an authentic cycling experience. 

With the provided handle being good, it enhances a smooth driving off-road and gives good balance, which is a significant pro. The cons are about the force you need to push hard for high gear, and it doesn’t satisfy much over long rides. It is one of the best gear cycle below 15000.



This Multispeed Mountain Bike is equipped with durable Hindustani tires. These tires are designed to provide high performance on rugged mountain roads. Combining double-walled aluminum discs and front and rear disc brakes ensures smooth, non-grip driving on any rough area.

The seat structure of this bicycle is made of durable steel-based material. The handlebars of this ride have a soft grip to promote the balance of the cycle. It also comes with stainless steel side stand wherein a mountain you can easily park your bicycle anywhere. This bicycle is equipped with a crank and a multispeed guard to help you ride smoothly. It allows to quickly shifts and durable plastic pedals and reflectors.

The steel suspension fork ensures that your bicycle is perfectly balanced for smooth riding, even off-road drive. The bike will not be assembled 100% when delivered where the buyers must fit them before use. All in all, the bike tour provides a great experience and good value for money.



When you take up rugged roads, they demand more on rough transport. For such experiences, you can pick Kross’s professionally designed range of premium mountain bikes. It will make your trip treacherous through the hilly areas and more comfortable to manage than ever. It has a frame size of 45.5 cm, and the brake Lever is designed with alloy. 

The tires are planned for 60-584 (27.5×2.35) with NYLON, and the handle grip comes with PVC (DUAL TONE); Saddle Post is of quick release. The chain wheel is sketched with 24T-34T-42T X 170L in alloy along with a plastic chain guard. The Rear Hub is of steel 36H, and the Front Hub is of steel 36H. It has a Free Wheel of speed, and the handle stem is a 2PC alloy stem. 

The pedal is crafted through alloy with reflectors, and the frame is ergonomically crafted with MTB steel in an adequately shaped manner. It has a brake type of front, and rear disc made up of alloy that enables a friction-free motion of ride for effective braking. With all these brilliant features it serves, this bicycle stands to be the best choice for rough roads and mountain trips. 



If you are a person who wishes to trip over mountains often, then Geoman 29T gear cycle is the suitable proper cycle of your choice. They are designed especially for ridding over mountains and also for fitness and outdoors. The brake type comes with a disc and the Geoman brand with the stylish black color that anyone would desire to ride.

The frame material is crafted with a steel outline with a frame size of 19 inches that serves to be comfortable for long rides with a range of 21 as speed rating. The side handlebar finish is for protection and defense for the cycle while it falls, large and anti-skid pedals for the higher and firm grip of the footwear. Pu foam saddle with spring for additional comfort and cushioning.

The bicycle is exceptionally applicable for instant everyday use and quicker weekend rides with a robust metal body. It is much less susceptible to harm and clean to hold within the lengthy run—anti-skid tires with specific grippers for easy slipping using conditions. The bicycles can be taken outdoors for both casual uses and the best experience ride through the mountains.



If your favorite adventure is off-road biking and riding over rough terrains, then the 21 Gear Prime Cycle by Jaguar is the premium choice that has superior quality products. It has a brake-type disc with the prime brand that serves best for adventurous trips.

These fat bicycles are crafted with fine steel as frame material, and those frames are 17 inches in size, providing a comfortable riding experience. These fat bicycles are designed with 21 gears for an impulsive ride and stand as a perfect companion for riding.

Moreover, they can be perfect for adults of height around 5 to 6.2 feet and weigh around 13kgs that provides durability. They offer a front suspension that ensures a safer ride experience over challenging terrains.

It is considered mainly for its premium quality of thickness that is beneficial for sandy beaches and off-road trips with low maintenance. This bicycle can be viewed as the best purchase option if you are an off-road cyclist who loves exploring the world.



The Hero Sprint Monk mountain bike is a highly respected bicycle with premium performance and durability, which can quickly change within the path and make the cycle more interesting. The main advantages of this traveler are the sturdy single-speed drive and the stable frame.

The frame is designed of high-density steel to provide a robust support system for the parts. Due to its stiff structure, it can be stepped on tracks of any rough area. The disc brakes on the front and back part of the Hero Sprink Monk bike ensure the utmost safety of the buyers while riding. The wheel diameter is 26 inches, and the frame width is 17 inches.

This bike is suitable for people 12 years old and above 5’4″ to 5’10” in height. You can use it at any time, it has reflectors on the front and back, suitable for night driving. With PU saddle, you will experience pleasurable riding. When the structure is shipped, the customer must work and assemble, and you will receive an Allen key and spanner packed along with the product. Thus it is highly recommended for mountain biking purposes.



Bicycles with large wheels are easier to overcome obstacles. With the larger wheel size, the new Gear foldable mountain bike is the most comfortable and popular bike on the market. It is affordable and has a stylish look and fantastic features, and a comforting ride experience.

The gear frame is made of high-quality steel with excellent stability. After installing the suspension fork, you will get a superb suspension effect to achieve smooth driving. It has a giant handlebar to improve strength and balance. It provides the rider with an authentic experience through unique gear changes, through which you can develop your force and learn skills on demanding tracks.

The ​dual disc brakes provide these shift wheels, which are perfect for mountain bikes. They perform well on all roads and under all conditions, and unlike rim brakes, they have a longer life and require less maintenance. Combined with all these key features, it serves the best riding experience even for beginners.



Bicycles can be for any purpose for different people. It can be as an exercising tool, transportation, and long rides. Bikes generate the preference to ride, permitting you to get more excellent exercising and feature more fabulous fun. Having the proper motor motorcycle will make a significant difference in whether or not you’re seeking a bicycle to meet your health goals.

This is a new, outstanding ELEVEN NEXXUS Hardtail Sports Bicycle that is designed with a swish design. The aluminum-alloy body is lightweight and rust-resistant. With the twin disc brakes for advanced responsiveness, dustproof, and UV resistance advanced widespread; the front is an additional feature.

Elegantly, stylishly, they are planned in a very sporty style, and for a long-distance journey, it has a comfy seat. It is designed to deal with distance and has been ergonomically crafted for higher posture and back support, in addition to advanced grip.

It is perfect for mountains, rough paths, trails, beaches, or any land amongst different places. A condensed excessive carbon metal body is heavier, safer, and more robust, enhancing the vehicle’s beneficial existence and imparting a more extraordinary firm ride. At this price range, this is considered remarkable for fantastic mountain riding and general riding purposes.



Final Word

1. Does my ride space matter?

Start with the aid of identifying what form of driving you need to do. There are many types of bikes, and understanding what you’ll do with them narrows the sector considerably. How regularly will you ride? How far? Will you live on paved surfaces or discover herbal floor paths?

Once you’ve listed the matters right down to more than one style, you may pick in on particular products.

2. Which wheel size should I opt for?

With 26-inch wheels now located simplest on entry-degree sportbikes, the contemporary debate is 27.5-inch (additionally called 650B) or 29er. The current question is 29er if you need a validated quicker wheel, and you’re the kind who loves to roll over limitations with minimal fuss. 29ers additionally have the gain of the use of metropolis tires needed to apply your bicycle around the city. 

Go with 27.5 if you need an extra playful experience if you prefer to hunt down the terrain. You’ll be capable of wing it a piece extra. On smaller-sized bikes (below 16-inch frames), 27.5 wheels can offer a higher shape, but for shorter riders looking at actual speed, the encouraged set-up is a 29er wheel with a terrible upward stem.

3. What is about the Dual Sport feature?

There is likewise an increasing number of famous bikes called Dual Sport. It combines factors of town and mountain. The result is a motorcycle. It is efficient around the city but flexible enough to deal with mild hearthplace trails and country. 

They include 29er wheels with narrower, low tread mountain motorcycle tires for fast-rolling. The minimum suspension continues the load down but offers you the flexibility to factor down a rustic street and pass there with confidence.

Final Word

Mountain bicycles can be suitable for bodily sports, exciting and correct in your frame while you don’t like conventional exercise. Also, for people who dislike physical activity, driving a bicycle is a highly encouraged and powerful method to reduce fitness risks.

There are numerous necessities to recollect while shopping for best gear cycle under 15000 that serves the first-rate revel in each way. That is why we’ve observed via massive studies and desire it helped you with a neat concept earlier than creating a buy taking into account the goods we’ve suggested.

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