Best Gaming Laptops Under ₹40,000

We came across a lot of questions asking about budget gaming laptops available in the Indian market recently.

To be honest, you can’t actually own a full fledged cutting edge gaming laptop unless you are willing to spend north of at least Rs.60,000.

However, we have prepared a curated list of best five laptops priced under Rs.40,000 which can be used for casual gaming purposes.

Without any further ado, let’s begin!

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Best Gaming Laptops Under Rs.40,000

1. Asus R540UB Overall Best Pick
2. HP 15 da0447TX Runner-Up Pick
3. Lenovo Ideapad 130 Feature-Rich Laptop
4. Dell Vostro 14 3000 Best Compact Laptop
5. Acer Swift 3 Honourable Mention

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1. Asus R540UB

Asus Core i5 8th Gen

Overall Best Pick

The Vivobook series from Asus has been highly successful across the world in major markets.

The Asus Vivobook R540U is one of the rarest breeds of laptops that offer a full HD display and a dedicated GPU for a budget under Rs.40,000.

Build Quality & Design

Starting with the design, don’t let the metal finish on this laptop deceive you, it’s plastic. But don’t get disappointed – good quality plastic it is.

The brushed metal finish imparts a distinct style and a premium feel to the build.

This laptop features a full-sized island-type keyboard with well-spaced keys having decent key travel distance.

The trackpad is sufficiently large and offers excellent touch and gesture response, partly thanks to the Windows precision drivers.

This laptop also comes with a CD/DVD drive which is soon becoming a rarity in the laptop world.

Processor & Performance

The Asus R540UB is powered by an eighth-generation Intel Core i5 8250Uprocessor clocked at 61.GHz.

This processor is coupled with an 8GB DDR4 RAM with a clock speed of 2400MHz, further expandable up to 8GB if the need arises so.

There is a dedicated 2GB DDR5 Nvidia Geforce MX110 GPU in this laptop for you to try out some light gaming.

Games such as PUBG and Rocket league play smoothly in medium settings.


Surprise! Surprise! Or maybe it’s not a surprise anymore as we have already mentioned that this laptop has a full HD display somewhere in the intro.

Asus was kind enough to provide a 15.6″ full HD anti-glare display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

If you are the kind of person who watches a lot of movies and TV series on your laptop, this full HD resolution will help you a lot.

The brightness levels are acceptable and the details in the visuals are pretty unmatched when compared with the sub-par 720p displays on its competitors.

The anti-glare display helps increase the visibility of the display in brightly lit environments. Since it’s not an IPS display, the colours seem a bit washed out when viewed from extreme angles.


This device comes with 64 bit Windows 10 Home from Microsoft preinstalled.

The trackpad on this laptop is not glass but made to feel like one. Navigating around the operating system using this is a breeze, thanks to the multi-gesture support from Asus and support for the Microsoft precision drivers.

The dual speakers are placed on the downside of the C section but get loud enough with adequate bass.

Port selection is impressive on this device with a USB 3.1 port, two USB 2.0 ports.

An HDMI port is present along with an SD card reader. For hooking up a wired connection, an Ethernet port is also present.

Battery Life

On the battery front, the Asus R540UB comes with a Lithium-ion battery that will last up to 3-4 hours.

Asus has also incorporated its fast-charging technology that will let you juice up quickly when needed.


The Asus R540UB is a powerful machine with decent internals for its price. The design is futuristic and looks similar to other mid-range budget laptops from the company.

With the Intel i5 processor rocking inside with a dedicated GPU and a full HD display, this laptop will let you do your stuff effortlessly.


Operating System Windows 10 Home
Hard Disk Storage 1 TB
Processor Intel Core i5-8250U
Graphics 2GB DDR5 Nvidia MX110
Battery Backup Up to 5 Hours
Display 15.6-inch 1920 x 1080

2. HP 15-da0447TX

HP 15 da0447TX

Runner-Up Pick

HP is one of the most trusted brands in the country when it comes to consumer durables in the country.

HP is a leader in the laptop market in India offering a plethora of models in each possible segment of the industry.

The new HP 15-da0447TX is a budget offering from the company that aims at those who would like to have a great computer for casual gaming and web browsing.

Build Quality & Design

The HP 15-da0447TX exhibits the signature modern design and solid build quality that has been the recent norm for budget laptops.

The metallic hinges that adorn the otherwise black chassis give it a premium luxury laptop together with the chrome HP logo at the back.

The brushed metal finish on the keyboard deck is very attractive and offers a textured surface to work with.

Overall, the HP 15-da0447TX offers one of the solidly built devices priced under Rs.40,000.

Processor & Performance

This laptop has an Intel Core i3 7020U on board that is clocked at 2.3Ghz, which is pretty great for a budget device.

Even though the processor is a slightly outdated one, the performance is very respectable for the price bracket.

Another interesting addition to the hardware is the inclusion of a 2GB DDR5 Nvidia Geforce MX110 GPU which will let you do those graphics-intensive processes quite well.

Honestly, the 4GB RAM does help this CPU + GPU combo to carry out tasks much better and faster.

Multitasking between casual apps such as the browser and document editor is not a problem.


The HP 15-da0447TX comes with a 15.6-inch Full HD widescreen display with LED backlighting.

With an effective resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the display looks surprisingly detailed and colour accurate.

The brightness levels are decent, so does the contrast ratio. Since the display is not an IPS one, there’s a significant colour shift when viewed from extreme angles.

The bezels around the screen are thick and this makes the display feel a bit smaller when compared to other laptops.


The HP 15-da0447TX comes with a full-sized keyboard with a separate num pad in the right for those who come familiarized with the desktop keyboard.

Another important fact to note is the inclusion of an optical disk drive with this laptop.

Optical disk drives much like the headphone jack in the case of smartphones are gradually disappearing even though having one is highly favourable.

Battery Life

This laptop comes with a 4-cell Lithium-ion battery rated at 41 Whrs. The company claims that the battery will last around 4-5 hours on a single charge.

Whatever be the case with the battery life, the important factor here to note is that HP has included fast charging support on this device.

It will charge the battery up to 90% in under 90 minutes.


If you love the brand HP and want a casual gaming laptop that has the best build quality in the price segment, the HP 15-da0447TX is the best bet.

With a decent processor onboard assisted by a dedicated 2GB graphics card, this laptop is one of the values for money proposition purchase in the market as of now.


Operating System Windows 10 Home
Hard Disk Storage 1 TB
Processor Intel Core i3-7020U
Graphics 2GB DDR5 Nvidia MX110
Battery Backup Up to 6-7 Hours
Display 15.6-inch 1920 x 1080

3. Lenovo Ideapad 130

Lenovo Ideapad 130

Feature-Rich Laptop

Lenovo has been a major player in the Indian laptop market for a long time now. The company has been in the left, right and centre of the budget laptop segment with a lot of great products that the users liked.

The Lenovo Ideapad 130 is one of the newest entries to the entry-level budget laptop catalogue in the country.

Build Quality & Design

Lenovo makes some of the best looking laptops in the world. Whatever be the price bracket it fits in, Lenovo provides an aesthetically pleasing design which is often combined with the great build quality.

The Ideapad 130 is one of the finest looking laptops, if not the best in its category. The metallic design inspired chassis makes the device look and feel premium.

Processor & Performance

Fret not, the good qualities of this laptop doesn’t end with the looks.

Inside the chassis is the AMD A9 APU processor clocked at 3.1GHz. With the onboard 4GB DDR4 RAM, this laptop can breeze through most of the day today application or task you throw at it with ease.

For casual gaming requirements, Lenovo has included a 2GB DDR5 AMD Radeon 530 graphics card inside.

With this card, you will be able to play some of the recent games with low to medium graphics settings.

The standard 1TB HDD will let you save all your files offline with no worries about space being run out after installing a couple of apps.


Lenovo usually provides the best display panel with their laptops. Same is the case with the Ideapad 130 as well.

This 15.6-inch display is an HD panel with an effective resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The colours are bright and vivid and the contrast levels are up to the mark.

Even though the resolution is not full HD, there is no noticeable pixelation in texts at a normal distance between the eyes and the display outputs everything fine and clear.


The Lenovo Ideapad 130 comes loaded with the Windows 10 operating system out of the box. Everything is pre-configured from the factory and it makes sure that the customer can start using the system as soon as he opens the box.

Lenovo provides a one year warranty with this device. In case something unfortunate happens, you can always visit the nearest service centre for repairs.

Battery Life

The Lenovo Ideapad 130 comes with a 2-cell Lithium-ion battery inside. This will let the device be run for about 3-4 hours on moderate usage with 55% brightness.

If you are running games or watching movies at full brightness, the screen on time will reduce drastically and be sure to have the charger at an arm’s length.


The Lenovo Ideapad 130 is a very good deal for its price when it comes to a laptop priced under Rs.40,000.

The aesthetically pleasing looks and the excellent build quality further adds charm to this product.


Operating System Windows 10 Home
Hard Disk Storage 1 TB
Processor AMD APU Dual Core A9
Graphics 2GB DDR5 AMD Radeon 530
Battery Backup Up to 4-5 Hours
Display 15.6-inch 1366 x 768

4. Dell Vostro 14 3000

Dell Vostro 14 3000

Best Compact Laptop

Dell Vostro laptops range from entry-level to premium budget segment, offering value for money specifications at an affordable price.

The Vostro 14 3000 is an entry-level budget laptop which targets schools and office-goers looking for a powerful yet affordable machine with high reliability.

Build Quality & Design

The Vostro 14 3000 is a practicality oriented budget laptop. To cut the costs down, Dell hasn’t done anything too impressive in the build quality department.

The entire construction of this laptop is of plastic. There is a bit of flex at certain points but it is to be expected with the asking price at which this laptop retails for.

The design is simple and minimalistic. We prefer this simple look over the sharp cuts and grooves on the chassis to make the laptop more aggressive.

Processor & Performance

The Dell Vostro 14 3000 comes equipped with an eighth-generation Intel core i5 processor.

For starters, this is a mid-range processor that can easily complete all the basic tasks that a budget laptop should perform.

Web browsing and document editing are pretty much easy with this. Light multitasking is possible, thanks to the 8GB DDR4 RAM that comes with this device out of the box.

This budget laptop from Dell also features a 2GB DDR5 dedicated AMD Radeon 520 graphics card that aids in better graphics performance.

If you are into gaming, you can switch the operating system from Linux to Windows and enjoy some of the popular games out there on low to medium graphic settings.


This laptop comes with a 14-inch HD display which offers decent visual performance.

Since the display is small and the level of crispiness almost matches a full HD screen, the Truelife display technology from Dell exhibits decent colour accuracy and brightness levels.


Mind you, this is a Linux powered machine and does not ship with the Windows operating system.

The hard drive size of this laptop is 1TB. This makes it suitable for storing all of your files offline – be it be movies or other document files.

Apart from that, Dell has partnered with Dropbox to provide free 20GB worth of cloud storage for every customer who buys a Dell computer.

If you have some files that you think should be on the cloud accessible anywhere and every time, this is a great choice.

Battery Life

The Dell Vostro 14 3000 lasts for about 4 hours of continuous usage on a single charge.


The Dell Vostro 14 3000 is a great entry-level device for beginners to try and test their familiarity with the laptop.

Loaded with Linux, this is one of the low-cost alternatives to enjoy a full-sized desktop experience on a budget.


Operating System Linux
Hard Disk Storage 1 TB
Processor Intel Core i5-8250U
Graphics 2GB DDR5 Nvidia MX110
Battery Backup Up to 4 Hours
Display 14-inch HD LED

5. Acer Swift 3

Acer Aspire 3

Honourable Mention

Acer Swift 3 is a budget laptop in the Indian market which comes with a highly reliable and powerful AMD Ryzen 5 series processor to power your needs.

Acer Swift 3 SF315-41 is advertised as a processing and multitasking powerhouse for its price tag and delivers on its promises effortlessly.

Build Quality & Design

The Acer Swift 3 SF315-41 has a metallic finish chassis that imparts the device a distinct premium look despite the plastic components used in its construction.

Processor & Performance

This mid-range laptop is powered by the latest AMD Ryzen 5 quad-core processor clocked at a respectable 2GHz which can turbo boost up to 3.6GHz.

The performance is on par when compared with the competitor models, thanks to the combination of 4GB DDR4 high-speed RAM and the excellent AMD Vega 8 series integrated GPU inside.

The Vega 8 is indeed a capable graphics processor. You can play games such as PUBG without any issues on this laptop.

The booting process is relatively quick and the apps open up significantly faster than laptops in a similar price segment.

Multitasking is very much possible on this system so does light casual gaming. If you want to add more RAM, you can do so as Acer is known to provide easy hardware upgradability.


The display on this device is a 15.6-inch full HD panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

This screen has decent brightness levels and the viewing angles seem OK for the price.

At times the colours seem to get washed out and the sharpness is not up to what we had expected from a full HD display. Maybe the aggressive cost-cutting has ruined it for Acer.


This laptop features a backlit keyboard and will let you do your work without turning on the light and distract others at night. The keys are large and tactile. The touchpad works well too.

One thing to remember while purchasing this laptop is that it lacks an RJ 45 port. So wired internet connectivity is out of the equation with this device.

Everything being wireless these days, we don’t think this will be much of a dealbreaker for you.

Battery Life

The 4-cell lithium-ion battery inside the Acer Swift 3 is advertised to last for about 6-7 hours on a single charge.

Considering this laptop sports a 15.6-inch full HD display and a powerful processor, these numbers are great.


The main advantage of the Acer Swift 3 is that it comes with a powerful AMD Ryzen 5 processor onboard which significantly improves the overall day to day performance.


Operating System Windows 10 Home
Hard Disk Storage 1 TB
Processor AMD Ryzen 5
Graphics AMD Radeon Vega 8
Battery Backup Up to 7 Hours
Display 15.6-inch 1920 x 1080

This concludes our short yet curated list of the best five laptops under Rs.40,000 that are capable of light gaming purposes.

We have included four different models with dedicated GPUs and an Acer model with the powerful Ryzen processor which stands second to none in terms of graphics processing, thanks to the integrated Vega chip.

If you have any questions regarding this article, let us know in the comment section below and we will revert back to you ASAP. Till then, thanks for your time, and have a great day ahead!

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