Best Gaming Controllers Under ₹2,000

The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world right now. There are more than 2 billion people who spend hours regularly on gaming and probably you would also be one of them.

Game controllers are necessary for gaming enthusiasts who want a more streamlined gaming experience instead of using the regular keyboard-mouse combo. Choosing a game controller suited for your needs and gaming setup is indeed a daunting task.

In this article, we bring you the seven best game controllers priced under Rs.2,000 to make your choice an easier and learned purchase decision.

So without wasting any more time let’s get right into it.

Best Gaming Controllers Under Rs.2,000

1. Red Gear Pro Wireless1 Overall Best Pick
2. Red Gear Pro Wired Runner-Up pick
3. BEBONCOOL Gamepad Feature Rich Budget Controller
4. Hyperskin X91 Wired Gaming Controller Officially Licensed Controller
5. Red Gear Elite Wireless Gamepad Budget Gaming Controller
6. Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro 2 Budget Mobile Gaming Controller
7. Cosmic Byte Callisto Gamepad Honourable Mention

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Overall Best Pick

Redgear is a well renowned Indian gaming accessories company known for its budget gaming peripherals.

The RedGear Pro series wireless gamepad is one of their finest gaming controllers available for a budget under Rs.2,000.

Build Quality & Design

The RedGear Pro series wireless gamepad has a striking resemblance to the Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller, the original design upon which it is based.

The RedGear controller has the same button layout as the Xbox 360 controller. The body of the controller is made out of plastic and it has a rubberized texture where the palms rest which allows you to have better handgrip while holding this in hand.

The ABXY action keys on the controller are back-lit and make it much easier to play games while in the dark.

The controller comes with two small USB receivers which are to be connected to the host device you want the controller to be used with.

The Redgear pro controller comes with dual-high intensity vibration motors inside the handgrips. These motors deliver an immersive gameplay experience by providing haptic feedback to the in-game actions.

To connect this controller to Android devices a separate OTG cable might be required.


Gaming on the Redgear Pro is a breeze. You can be assured to have good gaming experience and with the added rubber padding for grip, you’ll be gaming for even longer sessions than usual.

The vibration motors in the controller are really good. The haptic feedback elevates the gameplay experience to a whole new level.

The buttons on the controller are responsive and tactile. The analog sticks are rubberized for added grip and the turbo button will give you an edge in certain games.

Turbo mode buttons allow you to configure shooting modes, thereby providing a distinct advantage over your enemies while gaming.

It supports both Xinput and Dinput.

Battery Life

Redgear claims that the Redgear Pro controller will last up to 10 hours on a single charge.

The controller also supports fast charging. Just 30 minutes of charging will let you play for two hours.

The controller is charged with the help of a Micro USB cable that is provided in the box.


The Redgear Pro Series wireless controller is no doubt one of the best gaming controllers available in the Indian market for a budget under Rs.2000.

If you don’t know much about controllers and want a budget controller with decent performance, then this is the controller for you.


COMPATIBILITY PC, Android TV, Android Mobiles
BATTERY LIFE Up to 10 Hours

2. Red Gear Pro Wired

Redgear Pro Series (Wired)

Runner-Up Pick

Redgear has also released the Pro series controller with wired connectivity priced at just Rs.1,199.

It does come with all the same features as that of the wireless controller and the only things that differentiate these two controllers are the connecting wire and the weight reduction due to the absence of an in-built battery.

Build Quality & Design

Speaking of the build quality, the device looks and feels the same as that of the wireless controller. The Redgear Pro wired gamepad is made of the same plastic material and has the rubberized material where the palms rest.

Something you get to know when you pick up the controller is that it weighs less compared to the wireless version because it does not require the rechargeable battery for wireless connectivity.

To connect the gamepad with the PC or Android device, there is a 1.8m long USB cable attached to the controller. The cable is adequately long enough to use it comfortably within a short distance.

The layout of the buttons is also the same as that of the wireless version. The keys on this gaming controller provide you with good tactile feedback and quick response.

Redgear has not cut any corners when it comes to the key quality, resulting in a satisfactory gameplay experience.


Performance-wise there isn’t anything different compared to the wireless version.

It functions the same, but it does not weigh as much as the wireless controller hence you will without a doubt be able to play for a long time without the uneasy feeling of holding a heavy controller in hand.

Since this is a wired controller, there is no input lag or latency and you will be getting accurate real-time click response.


The Redgear Pro series wired controller performs remarkably well for its asking price.

If you are a little tight on your budget and don’t mind having a wired controller, then this is one of the best choices in this price segment.


COMPATIBILITY PC, Android TV, Android Mobiles

Feature Rich Budget Controller

Alright, so you might not have heard about this gamepad but wait. The Beboncool Gamepad is something you would want to look at.

It’s not the best controller available in the Indian market but it does stand its ground for its asking price of just Rs.1,299.

Build Quality & Design

The controller is made out of decent quality plastics. it’s not the most premium material out there but it does do the job to ensure durability and is lightweight at the same time.

The Beboncool controller has an ergonomic design comfortable enough to hold in the hand without any issues whatsoever.

The analog sticks are placed in a comfortable position for the fingers to easily reach.

This budget game controller has an anti-slip texture on the side grips where the palms rest which helps you grip onto the controller, even if you have sweaty hands.

The buttons on the controller are of pretty old school design. This wired gamepad has numbered buttons instead of the traditional ABXY keys, which most controllers nowadays have and does take some time to get used to it.

Attached to the controller is the 2m long USB cable which is used to connect the controller to the host device.

For most users, this 2m cable will be long enough to sit a bit far from the screen and enjoy the game.


The Beboncool Gamepad runs all modern games without any problems.

By default the controller is in PC mode – it has three gaming modes PC, PS3 and Android which can be switched accordingly depending on which device you are using this controller with.

This game controller can be used across multiple platforms which adds to the versatility of this controller.

It supports both Xinput and Dinput.

Dual Vibration motors are present in the side grips of the controller, delivering haptic feedback to the in-game actions.

This vibration response will elevate your gaming experience to the next level for sure.

The controller also has a turbo button which can be mapped to any key and it can give you an upper hand over others, who rely on keyboard and mouse to play the match.

The anti-slip texture on the side grips lets you comfortably hold the controller for long periods while gaming and makes sure you get a tight grip onto the controller without any slipping.


The Beboncool may not be the controller with the best build or design, but for the price tag of Rs.1299, it does give you a little bit of everything.

If you are in search of a versatile wired gaming controller that can be used across different platforms – PC, Playstation, Xbox or smartphone, the Beboncool gamepad is an excellent choice.


COMPATIBILITY PC,PS3,Android TV, Android Mobiles

Officially Licensed Controller

Hyperkin is a company that specializes in the development of gaming hardware and accessories.

It has been in the gaming market for years and the Hyperkin X91 Controller is one of its best selling wired gaming controllers priced under Rs.3,000.

Build Quality & Design

The Hyperkin X91 Wired gaming controller is the 90s styled officially licensed Xbox One gaming controller which is compatible with PC.

In the first look, the X91 controller looks like the traditional SNES gamepad with its retro boxy design which is nostalgic.

The controller looks good, it has the same layout as the Xbox One controller but is smaller in size, it has the same haptics and accuracy as the original controller.

The device is good for casual gaming but is not suitable for long sessions as the hands will start to ache due to its shape and form factor.

The controller is made of plastic and has a USB cable to connect to the PC, the length of the cable is fairly long and hence it’s good for sitting away from the PC.

The bottom side of the controller has a 3.5mm headphone jack which is good if you sit away from the PC as your headphones can be connected to the controller.


The Hyperkin X91 Wired gaming controller works properly with all modern games without any problem.

The rumble motors work properly, and the buttons, analog, and triggers also have accurate tactile feedback.

The issue with the controller is the design and form factor because of which it is a bit troublesome to hold the controller and play games for a long session as the hands start to hurt.

For casual gaming, the controller works fine. But we don’t recommend the controller for competitive gaming.


Hyperkin X91 Wired Gaming controller is one of the very few official licensed Xbox One controllers at this price range.

If you’re looking for a licensed product you can go for this, or if you are a fan of the retro design then this is a fit for you.



Best Budget Game Controller

The Redgear Elite Wireless gamepad is yet another controller from Redgear.

This budget gaming controller looks a bit different from their pro lineup of controllers but still tries to maintain most of its features while sticking to a lower price tag, affordable to many.

Build Quality & Design

So it looks like Redgear has taken some inspiration from Nintendo after all. The Elite gaming controller looks like a toned-down and less bulky version of the Nintendo Gamecube controller.

The Gamecube controller is quite old and the Redgear elite also does show its age.

The Redgear Elite wireless controller is made out of plastic and to be honest, it’s not the best quality of plastic, but it does get the job done.

This game controller under Rs.2,000 lacks the rubberized texture which we are familiar with the Redgear Pro series of controllers, so that’s a bummer. However, this controller still has the vibration feedback present and accounted for.

The button layout on the controller is the same as the Pro series, but the elite controller does not have backlit keys like its pro series counterparts.

Instead of a dedicated backlit keypad, there is a circle of light around the home button that lights up when the controller is turned on or kept to charge.

To charge the Elite controller, Redgear has included a mini USB cable bundled in the box.

Being a wireless controller, the Redgear Elite comes with a USB receiver which has to be connected to the host device for wireless connectivity.

It supports both Xinput and Dinput.


There shouldn’t be any issues regarding which games will support the controller since it has both Xinput and Dinput, almost all modern games should work flawlessly.

The controller is good for casual gaming, it’s not the best when it comes to long gaming sessions considering the lack of any rubberized texture on the handgrips.

Gaming with this controller for a long period can get a bit tedious as your palms might start sweating and become uncomfortable.

The tactile feedback and responsiveness of the buttons are pretty good for the price and analog sticks work smooth as well. It also has the turbo button like the Pro series for mapping weapon fire mode.

The Redgear Elite wireless controller also features vibration feedback which helps in the overall immersive gameplay experience.

The vibration feature should turn on automatically if you are the newer version of Windows OS.

If you’re running on Windows XP, then you will need to install the driver CD that comes alongside the controller for it to work properly.

Battery Life

The Redgear Elite controller supposedly lasts up to 10 hours of gameplay on a single charge, so you won’t have the hassle of changing all the time.

And when the controller does get low you can juice it up with the mini USB charging cable provided in the box.



The Redgear Elite Wireless is an affordable alternative to the Pro Series of controllers.

If you are a casual gamer and don’t play games for long sessions then this is the controller for you, this gamepad is an ideal choice for a budget under Rs.2,000.


COMPATIBILITY PC, Android TV, Android Mobiles
BATTERY LIFE Up to 10 Hours

6. Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro 2

Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro 2

Budget Mobile Gaming Controller

Amkette is an Indian company that started up as a computer storage device manufacturer and later on entered the computer peripherals industry.

They have a wide range of gaming, mobile and other accessories. The Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro 2 is the second iteration of their popular mobile gamepad launched in India.

Build Quality & Design

Unlike other gamepads in the list, The Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro 2 is solely meant for use with smartphones and tablets.

It has a robust build quality and an ergonomic design for the comfortable mobile gaming experience.

The Amkette Evo gamepad has a clamp attached to it which helps it get attached to the smartphone.

When the clamp is extended upwards to hold the smartphone, you will find three buttons – the play/pause button and volume up and down keys. These buttons help you to control the phone without much hassle.

The clamp supports mobile phones up to 6 inches, so be careful to make sure your mobile device is, in fact, compatible with this gamepad.

In case you are gaming on a tablet, then you’re provided with a stand in the box that supports tablets up to 10 inches.

The gamepad is connected to mobile devices with the help of Bluetooth connectivity via Bluetooth 3.0 protocol.

The buttons on the gamepad are precise and responsive, there is no input lag as such.
The shoulder triggers and analog sticks also feel good and smooth.

The handgrips of the gamepad have a rubberized texture to it and help you to get a tight grip on the gamepad while gaming.


Performance-wise the gamepad is really good – it’s comfortable to hold thanks to the textured hand grips.

The gamepad is lightweight and when you attach your phone to the clamps it tends to fall when you leave it idle as it becomes top-heavy, so it would have been good if the gamepad had some heft to it.

Most of the modern mobile games are supported by this gamepad from Amkette. Amkette has an Evo gamepad app which can be downloaded from the Play Store which will let you know about the games that are compatible with the gamepad.

The gamepad also has a dedicated mode button which lets you choose between gaming mode and mouse mode.

Battery Life

The gamepad comes with a 400mAh rechargeable battery. Amkette claims that you can expect up to 12 hours of battery life while gaming on the Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro 2 controller.

Along with the gamepad, we also get the micro USB charger in the box which can be used to charge up the gamepad from a compatible wall charger or power bank.


The Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro 2 can be the perfect companion for your mobile gaming journey.

It is one of the best budget mobile gaming controllers available in the market, so if you have been searching for a good mobile gamepad under Rs.2000, it is well worth considering the Amkette Evo game controller.


COMPATIBILITY Android Mobiles , Android TV
BATTERY LIFE Up to 12 Hours

Honourable Mention

Cosmic Byte is an Indian company which manufactures computer peripherals. They mainly manufacture gaming peripherals, such as gamepads, gaming mice, gaming keyboards, etc.

The Cosmic Byte Callisto Gamepad is one of their many available gamepads priced comfortably under Rs.2,000.

Build Quality & Design

At first glance, you will see that the Cosmic Byte Callisto has an uncanny resemblance to the Red Gear Pro Wireless Gamepad.

The only difference you might notice is the Logo in the centre of the Controller and below it, you have a light bar.

Speaking of the build quality, the Cosmic Byte Callisto controller seems to be built with the same materials as the Redgear Pro and incidentally there isn’t much of a difference in terms of build quality. It also has the dual vibration motors in the handgrips of the controller for the immersive gaming experience.

The Callisto gaming controller also has the same button layout as the Redgear pro featuring the back-lit action keys. But behind the controller is where things get different.

The Cosmic Byte Callisto has two macro buttons behind the controller. These buttons can be mapped according to your preference.

The controller comes with a single USB receiver unlike the dual USB receivers on the Redgear Pro. The receiver is larger compared to the Redgear controller which makes it look odd when attached to the device. They could have kept it small, but that’s just wishful nitpicking.


There isn’t much of a difference between the Red gear pro and the Callisto when it comes to performance.

The controller is comfortable to hold and you can expect long, comfortable gameplay
with it.

There is also the rubberized texture on the hand grips which will make it easier to hold onto.

The buttons on the Callisto are tactile and responsive. With the two macro buttons behind the controller which can be mapped as per your wish, you can certainly get an edge over the others.

Battery Life

You can expect up to 8 hours of battery life on the Callisto gamepad – its two hours less compared to the Redgear Pro, but we believe that it’s because of the additional lighting and extra buttons on the controller.

You also get a micro USB in the box which helps you charge up the controller.


The Cosmic Byte Callisto is a good competitor to the Redgear Wireless Pro. It costs less and has more buttons but it also has its fair share drawbacks.

Overall it is a good alternative to the Redgear Wireless Pro, you can go for it if you want to save some extra bucks.


COMPATIBILITY PC,PS3, Android TV, Android Mobiles
BATTERY LIFE Up to 8 Hours

This concludes our curated list for the seven best game controllers under Rs.2000 available in India.

We have included a wide range of controllers for you to choose from and hope you can find the controller that suits you the best from this list.

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding this article, let us know in the comments section below.

Thank you for your time, and we expect to see you again!

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