Best Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machines In India

Best Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machines In India


Top loading washing machines, when compared with the front-loading washing machines, lacks many features.

Even though front loaders clean clothes better and are much more efficient, the affordability factor favours top loaders at least in the price-conscious Indian home appliance market.

And that’s exactly why we have made a list of the best top load washing machines to ease your decision-making process.

Here in this list, we have cherry-picked seven best fully automatic top loading washing machines available in India for you to choose from.

Best Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machines In India

Samsung needs no introduction to people in India.

The company is popular for its smartphones and possibly any gadget that they make and release here is one of the best in its category.

The Samsung WA62M4 is a budget fully automatic top loading washing machine that is loaded with features and offers a clean washing experience.

Design and Build Quality

The outer body of the semi-automatic washing machine is made of polypropylene and is quite hard and durable.

There is no flex around the chassis and everything feels solid. The detergent compartment is easily located on the top part of the drum so that you don’t have to bend over.

The buttons on the control panel are soft and tactile. Every button is properly marked which makes it easy for even a first-timer to operate the washing machine.

The LED display is bright and displays the timer as well as the selected wash mode.

The stainless steel drum inside has a diamond-cut texture. This texture will scrub the clothes properly and helps in removing the sticky dirt and stains from the fabric.

Eco tub clean

The eco tub clean technology automatically cleans the tub after each wash cycle. This makes it necessary to use chemicals for cleaning the tub frequently.

It also alerts you when the cleaning is due. Nifty little features such as these will make your life much easier for sure.


The Samsung WA62M4 features an efficient filter system that catches the lint and other dirt while washing the fabrics.

This gives a fresh new look to the washed clothes and also prevents clogging up the outlet pipes of the machine after the wash.

The diamond-shaped drum inside this fully automatic washing machine lets the water form a cushion between the fabrics and reduces the rough impact of the clothes directly on to the drums.

This reduces the damage to clothes during washing.

This machine comes with six different wash programs that you can select according to the type of fabrics resulting in a more efficient washing process.

Motor and drum

The pulsating drum inside the washing machine is made of stainless steel. The motor that powers the drum rotates at 700 rpm which has a rated power consumption of 380W.

The six-blade pulsator creates a powerful whirl jet of water that will loosen up the dirt and stains easily and removes them with the rotating action of the drum.

Samsung provides a two-year comprehensive warranty on this machine.

The brand being Samsung, there’s very little to worry about the durability and after-sales support of this product.


Samsung WA62M4 is a capable washing machine that takes good care of your fabrics.

The powerful motor does the job as advertised and the overall construction is solid and durable as well.

If you prefer the brand Samsung and would like to have an all-around performance washing machine, this is one worth considering for purchase right now.


Capacity 6.2 Kg
Body Material Poly-propylene
Tube Material Staineless Steel
Power Rating 700 rpm, 330 W



LG is an established player in the Indian market and is one of the best and most preferred brands by consumers when it comes to washing machines.

The LG T65SKSF4Z is a fully automatic top load washer dryer combo machine with a capacity of 6.5Kg which is sufficient for a small-sized family of 3 members.

Design and Build Quality

The design of the machine is simplistic with controls mounted on the top panel. The top panel is a transparent one providing a view of what is going on inside.

The soft-touch buttons are convenient to operate and the LED display provides various time-related functions that come with this machine.

The outer chassis is made of high-quality polypropylene plastic. This makes the device rustproof and suits the best for use in humid conditions.

The inner drum is made of stainless steel and has specially designed grooves to enhance the interaction with the fabric and the water as well as fabric and the drum for efficient cleaning.

Smart Inverter Technology

The smart inverter technology motor is the USP of this washing machine. LG has been using this technology in their refrigerators and air-conditioners as well.

This motor is very efficient compared to the traditional motors found in the competing models in the market.

With this technology, the motor runs silently with less vibration guaranteeing a longer lifespan.

The smart pulsating motion feature lets the drum rotate with a variety of movements which is specific depending on the fabric used.

The only requirement from the user is selecting the pre-programmed wash mode out of 3 available presets for the selected fabric and rest assured, this washing machine will do its part.

Smart Diagnosis

This machine comes equipped with LG’s trademark smart diagnosis feature.

If you accidentally face any malfunction regarding the operation of this machine, just open the LG smart laundry app and follow the instructions and in a few seconds, the app will detect the errors for you.


The side waterfall feature on this machine enhances the solubility of detergent in the water by increasing the flow of the water from the sides.

The auto-restart button is also a noteworthy feature in the Indian conditions where power outages are frequent.

The wide diamond glass door aides in easy loading of the clothes in one go to the drum.

Also, the side waterfall technology, which fills the drum vertically from the sides, allows better mixing of detergent with the water.

The motor on this device runs at 780 rpm with a rated consumption of 360 W.

The machine also got you covered in terms of warranty where LG provides an effective 12-year warranty with the unit.


If you are a geek and would love a bit of smartness on your home appliances, this is probably the way to go.

This LG washing machine is loaded with features that will brighten up your laundry experience for sure.

The smart inverter technology ensures long life and noise-free operation of the machine as well.


Capacity 6.5Kg
Body Material PVC
Tube Material Stainless steel
Power Rating 780 rpm, 360 W



IFB is a well-known brand in the country, thanks to its industry-leading dishwasher and microwave ovens.

The TL-RDW Aqua from IFB is a fully automatic top load washing machine which does the best in what it is advertised to do – cleaning your clothes.

Design and Build Quality

The IFB Aqua looks like any other normal washing machine in its price range. There’s nothing that stands out when it comes to the design of this machine.

The fibre construction feels very solid with no flexes to be seen anywhere on the chassis.

The tiny opening in the rear and the bottom is well protected by plastic flaps to avoid rats and other animals from getting inside.

There is a bubble leveller built into this machine that will help you set the level of water in the tub resulting in a reduction of vibration while the machine is in operation.

With external dispensers for softener and bleach, you won’t have to open the lid again and again while washing the clothes.

The lid is semi-transparent which lets you see the washing in action directly without opening.


The IFB Aqua features a 3D wash system which lets the triadic pulsator inside to evenly wash your fabric reaching every nook and corner of it.

Hard stains and dirt will gently get rubbed away by this all-around action without causing any damage to your expensive fabrics.

The crescent moon shaped contours on the drum creates a water cushion effect which further prevents the machine from damaging your clothes.

The fuzzy logic-based auto-balance leveller system on this fully automatic top load washing machine will evenly distribute the clothes so that the washing process can be even.

Triadic pulsator

Triadic pulsator features a three-stage washing process when it comes to the cleaning of your fabrics.

The base pad of the pulsators has a textured finish which scrubs off the stain and dirt sticking on to the clothes.

The pulsator then rotates in pulses and gently washes the clothes.

The powerful centre punch that comes after the wash cleans the remaining dust particles making your fabrics looks cleaner and fresh.

Motor and Drum

The IFB Aqua comes powered by a 360W motor that rotates at around 720rpm.

For a drum size of 6.5Kg, this motor will comfortably rotate the drum and clean your clothes to perfection.

The company also provides a 4-year warranty on this washing machine which in case meets with any unforeseen damages can get repaired easily from the authorized service centre.


If you are looking for a large capacity fully automatic washing machine for a family of five members or more, the 6.5Kg IFB Aqua TL-RDW is one of the best suitable fully automatic washing machines that you can purchase currently.

The triadic pulsator inside is very powerful and efficiently cleans the fabrics to perfection.

With the company providing a long 4-year warranty, there’s nothing to be afraid about the longevity of the machine.


Capacity 6.5Kg
Body Material Plastic
Tube Material Staineless Steel
Power rating 720 rpm, 360 W



Bosch is a highly regarded German home appliance manufacturer known for its top-notch quality and performance which stands second to none in the market.

The Bosch WOE654Y0IN is a budget 6.5Kg semi-automatic washing machine suitable for a family of four members.

Design and Build Quality

This Bosch washing machine is by far the best semi-automatic washing machine available in the Indian market in terms of build quality.

It comes with a stainless steel outer chassis along with an equally well made stainless steel drum. Most of the competitors in this segment feature a plastic outer shell.

The all-around stainless steel

construction makes this washing machine very durable and solid.

The opening lid has a soft closing mechanism integrated into it. Even if you accidentally leave the lid open, it won’t close shut instantly.
The lid is designed to gradually fall back instead of slamming down, thereby preventing any injuries to your hand.

The use of toughened glass over the lid makes sure that there are no weak spots on this washing machine.

Impeller Motor

The Bosch WOE654Y0IN features an impeller motor to carry out the washing process.

An impeller motor has a low profile form factor which occupies very less drum space, resulting in more room for accommodating your clothes.

The blades on the impeller rotate in a circular motion to create turbulence inside and the clothes in this process.

This motor is designed to efficiently work with variable water pressure conditions. Even if the water pressure is low, the Bosch WOE654Y0IN will work just fine.

Performance metrics

The Impeller motor in this washing machine has a maximum spin speed of 680 rpm at a rated electricity consumption of just 320 W.

This may seem a bit on the lower side, but the quality of the motor and the drum inside is sure to deliver you a pleasant fabric washing experience.

Miscellaneous Features

The Bosch WOE654Y0IN comes with a child lock feature to prevent little children from accidentally opening the washing machine.

The power-off memory feature is a significant addon feature to the Indian market where power cuts are common.

The machine will restart the washing cycle from where it stopped automatically without any human intervention.

Eight separate wash programs are available with this machine which you can choose depending on the type of fabric. It helps you to clean the clothes much effectively without any damage.


The Bosch WOE654Y0IN is the best fully automatic top load washing machine available in the market right now.

With its high build quality and powerful impeller motor inside, you can safely bet your money on this washing machine without a second thought.


Capacity 6.5Kg
Body Material Stainless steel
Tube Material Stainless steel
Power Rating 680 rpm, 320 W



Whirlpool is the American home appliance manufacturer we all are familiar with for a long time.

They have been in the business since time immemorial ( actually we do have the memory, but since hey you know what).

Bloomwash WM Elite is a fully automatic top loading machine lineup from the company which comes in various capacities, mainly 7Kg and 7.5Kg.

Design and Build Quality

The Whirlpool WM Elite has an all-metal construction with internal drums and the chassis made of stainless steel.

The plastic inserts used on this fully automatic top load washing machine doesn’t feel cheap and has a toughened feel to it.

There is no flex on either the body or the lid and everything seems well thought out in terms of design and built quality.

The drum, made of stainless steel is durable and with the special patterns embossed on it, helps to provide gentle washing for your expensive fabrics.

Washing Process

Whirlpool has been highly touting their 360 degrees spa drum technology in the advertisements for this machine.

The agipeller motion of the motor inside ensures the clothes to be washed are evenly moved around with minimal tangling.

The multi-axis motion makes the fabric come in contact with the water and detergent evenly in all directions and helps in thorough washing.


This washing machine employs an agipeller instead of an agitator or an impeller.

Combining the efficiency of an impeller with enhanced dirt removing capabilities of an agitator, this set up works well in this fully automatic top loading washing machine.

The agipeller has a full 360 degrees motion which lets the clothes to be completely cleaned, leaving no blind spots on the fabric.

Reduced Water Usage

The catalytic soak function on this machine ensures the amount of water used for the washing cycle is reduced significantly.

This decreased amount of water when combined with the right amount of detergent, breaks down the tightly packed detergent molecules and enhances the soaking.

Feeling overwhelmed with features? It doesn’t stop here.


If you’re in a hurry to wash clothes and go somewhere, the speedy wash option on this washing machine increases the agitation rate of the motor for quick cleaning.

This device also comes with a child lock to prevent children from accessing the tub accidentally.

Drum and Motor

The drum on this machine rotates at a speed of 740 rpm at a rated electricity consumption rate of 360 W.

This unit comes with a 2-year warranty along with an additional 10-year warranty on the motor.


If you are short of a budget for purchasing a fully automatic front load washing machine, this top-loading machine will prove equally beneficial.

The Whirlpool WM Elite washes your fabric in 360 degrees without leaving any speck of dirt on it.

With significant savings on water, this might be the one you’re looking for right now in the market.


Capacity 7Kg
Body Material Stainless steel
Tube Material Stainless steel
Power rating 740 rpm, 360 W



Haier, the world’s sixth-largest white goods manufacturer has been in the Indian market spreading its wings in every possible segment.

With the legend of cricket Sachin Tendulkar being the brand ambassador, people started to recognize the brand better and it has increased their sales.

The Haier HWM 62 AE is an entry-level fully automatic front loading washing machine with a best in class powerful motor under the hood.

Design and Build Quality

This small washing machine comes with a plastic body and features a stainless steel drum.

The compact form factor of these machines saves space which is pretty much an essential thing when compared with the space crunch in most urban homes in India.

If you’d like to take a look at more compact washing machines, do check out our article on the best semi-automatic washing machines.

This unit is available in a different set of pleasing colours that will blend with your home decor seamlessly.

Unique tub design

The double-level spin tub is the main USP of this 6.2Kg capacity top loading fully automatic washing machine.

The drum has holes with decreasing size towards the bottom and this will let the lint and dirt to be expelled through the top holes.

This design enhances the efficiency of the wash cycles.

The components are sprayed with an antibacterial coating to prevent fungal growth inside the moisture-rich inner drum.

Pre-programmed wash modes

This washing machine from Haier comes with a user-friendly control panel packed with neatly labelled soft-touch buttons.

There are different pre-programmed wash programs which you can select according to the fabric to be washed.

Additionally, a 10-minute quick wash mode is present for those adrenaline junkies who like that last-minute rush.


The automatic balancer feature redistributes the clothes evenly to clean them efficiently.

Coupled with the fuzzy logic sensor, this washing machine will automatically determine the amount of water and detergent needed for a specific load, resulting in less wastage.


The Haier HWM 62 AE has one of the most powerful motors in its price segment.

If you are that guy who wants their clothes washed and dried fast hours or minutes before you go out, this washing machine could help you with its 700 rpm motor.

The double-level spin system washes and cleans your fabric thoroughly giving your fabrics a sparkling fresh look.


Capacity 6.5Kg
Body Material Plastic
Tube Material Staineless Steel
Motor speed 800 rpm, 380W



Godrej is an Indian company pioneered in making home appliances that cater to all the budgets without any compromise in quality and performance.

The Godrej WT EON is a 7 Kg capacity fully automatic front loading washing machine that is most suited for a family of 4-5 members.

Design and Build Quality

This fully automatic top load washing machine comes with a hard plastic chassis and steel drum inside.

The steel drum is sufficiently large enough to wash about 8-10 clothes in one go.

The design of this machine is in such a way that the aesthetics combine with durability.

The control on the front is well designed with feather touch buttons that are very convenient to use.

Sensor-Based Operation

The company touts this machine as a microcomputer-controlled system with sensors for automatic detection of best settings according to the load in the tub.

This washing machine is fitted with an automatic softener dispenser that will dispense softener after the second rinse without the need for manual intervention from the user side.

There are 9 different wash programs on this fully automatic washing machine which offers personalized wash cycles for each type of fabric.


The load imbalance corrector function evenly distributes the clothes inside the drum even if it was thrown as a pile.

This results in a noise-less even washing cycle that soaks all the fabric at once.

This budget fully automatic top loading washing machine comes with three wash programs with predefined presets.

This enables you to select the programs according to the type of fabric or even depending on how dirty your laundry is.

Minimal Water Consumption

Worried about water usage? Godrej has got it in check.

As water scarcity is a real threat to our country, saving the last drop is a necessity rather than a charity.

This washing machine has three different water level options that you can set depending on how big the laundry is.

It also ensures efficient washing cycles to be carried out.

Motor and Drum

This washing machine has a motor that runs at 700 rpm and considering the 7Kg capacity, this is powerful enough for all your needs.

The rated electricity consumption is 360 W which is on the higher side because this is a 700 rpm motor.

Remember the fact that the fully automatic front load washing machines are the most power-efficient in the market.


The Godrej WT EON is one of the best affordable fully automatic washing machines available in the market at present.

With a fuzzy logic algorithm built-in, this washing machine does automatically select the proper washing mode for cleaning your clothes to perfection.


Capacity 7Kg
Body Material Stainless steel
Tube Material Stainless steel/td>
Power rating 700 rpm, 360 W



The list of the best top loading washing machines concludes here.

We have included premium, budget, as well as cheap models that we found worthy of your attention.

Also, check out our article on the best washing machines available in the Indian market.

If you feel we have missed anything, let us know in the comment section below.

Also, to keep yourselves updated with the best gadget reviews, subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Have a pleasant day, thanks for reading!

Buying Guide: How to Buy a Top Load Washing Machine

Top load washing machines are the cheapest kind of fully automatic washing machines on the market.

Despite the limited set of features that they come with, people with a strict budget always tend to choose these washing machines.

So, what should you expect when buying a fully automatic top load washing machine?

What would you get from spending your hard earned money on one?

Let’s detail it out for you in this article.

1) Price

As we have earlier said, Top load machines cost much less than its front-load counterparts.

If you are making a switch from a semi-automatic model, you won’t probably feel much burden on your pocket.

For eg: the Godrej GWF 580 A , a 5.8Kg fully automatic top load washing machine starts at just Rs. 10,999.

As the demand is increasing exponentially, the costs of these machines are really coming down.

As of now many fully automatic costs more or less the same price as the semi-automatic models in the recent past.

You can get a 7.2Kg machine from BPL, the BPL BFATL72N1 for Rs. 13,990 which cost almost the same as a semi-automatic model of the same capacity.

2) Capacity

The capacity of a washing machine is defined as the weight of the laundry that the tub can hold in one go.

This parameter solely depends upon the member strength of your house. Typically, for a family with four members, a 7Kg+ machine is sufficient.

The Whirlpool Bloomwash Ultra is a 7.5Kg fully automatic top load washing machine priced under Rs.25,000 which is suitable for a family of four.

If you are a bachelor, or your house has only two members or so, a 5.8Kg – 6.2Kg washing machine is apt.

In that case, spending on a large capacity machine is a waste of money as well as energy. Haier HWM 60-10 is a 6Kg top load washing machine priced at Rs.12,999 which might pique your interest.

3) Build quality and construction

Majority of the fully automatic top load washing machines in the market comes with a fibre body construction and a stainless steel drum inside.

The build quality will be much better than the all plastic construction of semi-automatic machines.

Being a stainless steel drum, the cleaning process will be much easier.

Also, the drum will withstand corrosion and ensures minimal maintenance.

The LG T7269NDDL is a 6.2Kg fully automatic top load washing machine priced at Rs.15,999 with commendable build quality.

Unless your budget is too low and despite that, you want a fully automatic machine, never go for a plastic drum.

However, if you need a cheap 5.8Kg fully automatic top load washing machine, the Godrej GWF 580 A is that comes with a plastic drum, priced at just Rs. 10,999.

4) Effect on clothes

When we compare a top load washing machine and a front load washing machine, the latter is gentle on clothes during the wash cycle. This makes them a perfect choice for handling delicate and expensive fabrics.

Top-load washing machines have a vertical drum inside which agitates the laundry hard, inducing a chance of damage.

Don’t fret.

It’s just a possible cause which won’t happen all the time you drop a piece of cloth inside.

Companies have been developing and improving the technology to reduce this undesirable outcome of top load washing machines.

Models such as IFB TL- RDW Aqua, a 6.5Kg fully automatic washing machine priced at Rs. 16,990 comes with triadic pulsator that eases the action on the fabric inside while retaining the efficiency of cleaning.

5) Efficiency

Fully automatic washing machines are much more efficient than the semi-automatic machines.

Some of the top load washing machines come with a built-in heater for heating the water inside the tub.

What does a heater do inside a washing machine?

Hot water increases the solubility of detergent in the water.

This, in turn, increases the efficiency of washing cycle by removing dirt and stains much quickly.

For eg., the Whirlpool Bloomwash Ultra 7.5 priced at Rs. 24,999 comes with a heater for better efficiency.

Not all fully automatic top load washing machines feature a heater for that matter. However, if it does, the better will be the washing process.

6) Spin Speeds

The motor inside the fully automatic top load washing machines spins much lesser than the ones in the front load machines.

This is because, in front load washing machines, gravity assists the spinning process.

However, there are a few fully automatic top load washing machine models that spin fast, even up to 1000rpm+ for better cleaning of your clothes.

The Haier HWM 60-10 , a 6Kg power efficient top load washing machine priced at Rs. 12,990 features a motor that spins at 1000rpm at a rated electricity consumption of just 325W.

7) Extra features

Always look for more features.

Not at the expense of shitty build quality though.

Features such as a delay timer, voltage surge protection etc are important in a country like India where water and power outages are common.

These features can greatly enhance the usability of the machine.

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