Best Fitness Bands in India under ₹3000

Hey there! We got you. You have landed in this article, then probably you are a person like me. 

A person who wishes to stay fit but can’t afford much time and money to invest. A personal fitness trainer is someone I always wish for. But I do have restrictions financially in contacting one. I very well knew there are more people like me out there. 

Fetching a budget-friendly Fitness Band would definitely be a good solution for this. So yes, let’s get a knowledge of the best fitness band in 2021 under 3000.

It’s a hard truth; money can’t buy you health. So, let’s spend money on buying fitness products. Fitness trackers assist us in coordinating our workout program and keeping track of our regular training sessions. A virtual Personal trainer indeed!

Getting fit together is always fun. To start your fun-packed healthy journey perfectly, invest wisely. 

We don’t like seeing you invest in the wrong product! And that’s exactly why we are here. 

When the time is tough, get the motivation to get into action. Increase your efforts and beat your goals.

Curating you with the list of best fitness bands in India under 3000.

10 Best Fitness Band in India under 3000 - At a Glance

1. Mi Smart Band 5 Check Price
2. Mi Smart Band 4 Check Price
3. OnePlus Band Check Price
4. Oppo Smart Band Check Price
5. NoiseFit Endure Check Price
6. MivoFit Bold HR Check Price
7. Fastrack Reflex 3.0 Check Price
8. Honor Band 4 Check Price
9. Fire-Boltt Check Price
10. Zebronics Zeb-Fit Check Price

Best Fitness Band in India under 3k - Review

Design Shape: Oval | Screen size: 1.1” AMOLED Color Display | Battery Capacity: 125mAh, 2weeks | Weight: 12g | Touch Screen: Yes | Colors: Black, Navy blue, Orange, Purple, Teal | Waterproof: Yes | Warranty: 1year | OS Compatibility: Android 5.0 and above; iOS 10 and above

Go smart and live more with one of the outstanding Mi ecosystem products. Our article for best fitness band under 3000 has its two bestselling products cataloged. Mi’s Smart Band 5 is one among them.

Mi Band 5 has a larger 1.1” dynamic display with various dial themes. Approximately a 20% increase in the screen size means a larger room for calls, texts, and any alerts.

Xiaomi doesn’t generally make any major design changes in their bands. So you can’t expect a much premium or stylish look. But, quality is something where they make consistent improvement.  Plus, they always promise an impressive battery life. 

That said, this model has an excellent power backup of 2weeks on a single charge.

Added are 11 professional sports modes along with the Rowing machine mode trains 80% of your muscle groups instantly. 

Heart rate monitoring and calorie burn are the top essentials to instruct you if you’re losing right. This band has PPG Sensors to increase the accuracy by 50%. All new magnetic charging technique helps to ease charging.

Activity Tracker – Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI), automatic activity detection, sleep pattern, 11 Professional sports mode, menstrual cycle

Smartphone Remote Features – Music control, phone unlock, call recognition, mute or reject calls, phone locator, DND

Notification – App notification, weather forecast, idle alert, alarm

Additional features – 5ATM water resistance, stress monitor, breathing exercise, timer, calendar reminder



Design Shape: Oval | Screen size: 0.94” AMOLED Color Display | Battery Capacity: 135 mAh, 20days | Weight: 35g | Touch Screen: Yes | Colors: Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, Red | Waterproof: Yes | Warranty: 1 year | OS compatibility: Android 4.4 and above; iOS 9.0 and above

Mi Smart band 4 is a budget-friendly pack with specs packed. 

It provides better visibility outdoors with its full-color AMOLED display. It gives you a 39.9% larger and brighter display than its predecessors.

5ATM water-resistant recognized 5 different swimming modes offer resistance up to 50m. Plus you can also record 12 sets of information, including the pace of swim and count of stroke.  

Rejuvenates your energy level by efficiently monitoring your sleep pattern as well as your heart rate. 

Heart Rate is monitored during both sleep and other 24/7 activities.

Download the Mi Fit app on your smartphone to record more health-related data. The unlimited watch faces can also be customized with your favorite photo from your phone’s gallery. Wondering how? Well, that’s why the Mi Fit app is also for.

Activity Tracker – Heart rate, sleep pattern, indoor and outdoor activity tracker

Smartphone Remote Features – Music and volume control, phone unlock, mute or reject calls, phone locator

Notification – Text message and social medial notifications, idle alerts, alarm

Additional features – Bluetooth 5.0, 5ATM water resistance



Design Shape: Oval | Screen size: 1.1” AMOLED Color Display | Battery Capacity: 100mAh, 14days | Weight: 23g | Touch Screen: Yes | Colors: Black, Blue, Orange | Waterproof: Yes | Warranty: 1 year | OS compatibility: Android and iOS

The first fitness tracker from OnePlus is the OnePlus Band. It covers all the decent features of a first released model. 

It is designed with an excellent silicone band that offers a dual-tone finish. 

This 1.1” fitness band is extremely light and comfortable to wear during both your active time and sleep hours.

This band comes with the most needed metrics for today’s world, the SpO2 monitor. 

Incorporated with powerful algorithms, the oxygen check is done via infrared light sensors.

Download the One Plus health app on your smartphone to record and analyze more data insights. Compatible with Android (6.0 and above) and iOS (10.0 and above).

Activity Tracker – SpO2, sleep pattern, heart rate, 13 exercise mode

Smartphone Remote Features – Music and camera control, call recognition, phone locator

Notification – Text message notification, OTA software upgrades, Zen mode recognition (for selected Oneplus phone models), alarm, weather forecast

Additional features – 5ATM IP68 water and dust resistance



Design Shape: Oval | Screen size: 1.1” AMOLED Color Display | Battery Capacity: 100mAh, 14days | Weight: 10g | Touch Screen: Yes | Colors: Vanilla, Black | Waterproof: Yes | Warranty: 1 year | OS compatibility: Android and iOS

Oppo wearables have an aesthetic appeal design with their added style strap. This can be adjusted flexibly and closely fits the wrist to ensure a good fit for you. 

Show your personal style on the wrist with the 40+ available watch faces. 

Continuous SpO2 monitoring is available during any hours including your sleep time. Heart rate is kept on track with perfection and a vibration alert is sent in case of abnormalities.  

Steps, calories burnt, workout duration, and daily active hours are notified in the form of a multi-colored X on the wearable face. 

The 5ATM water resistance provides swim-safe protection.

Download the HeyTap health app on your smartphone to record more related data. Compatible with Android 6.0 and above.

Activity Tracker – SpO2, 12 exercise modes, sleep pattern, heart rate

Smartphone Remote Features – Incoming call answer/reject, music and camera control, phone locator

Notification – Text message notification, alarm

Additional features – Weather forecast, fat burn mode, 5ATM water resistance



Design Shape: Circle | Screen size: 1.28” Display | Battery Capacity: 460mAh, 20days | Weight: 48g | Touch Screen: Yes | Colors: Charcoal black, Racing red, Teal green | Waterproof: Yes | Warranty: 1 year | OS compatibility: Android 5.0 and iOS 8

This is NoiseFit’s sturdy and stylish sports watch. With a touch of class, it is designed with stainless steel bezel plus a fusion of leather and silicone strap to prevent sweat damage.

Provided with a 1.28” TFT HD LCD delivers vivid colors in both indoor and outdoor. 

Enhance your personalized look with the 100 cloud-based watch faces. 

Waterproof IP68 offers resistance up to 1.5m. Fuel your day with relentless power using its magnetic charging technology. 

NoiseFit endure has 9 sport modes designed to track your development across diverse training programs.

Download the NoiseFit app on your android and iOS device to get your fitness reports.

Activity Tracker – Health and fitness tracker, SpO2, menstrual cycle, heart rate, calorie, 9 sports mode

Smartphone Remote Features – Google fit (android only), music and camera control, text and call logs

Notification – Reminders, Wake up gesture

Additional features – Bluetooth 5.0, weather forecast, Waterproof IP68



Design Shape: Oval | Screen size: 0.96” OLED Display | Battery Capacity: 7 days | Weight: 25g | Touch Screen: Yes | Colors: Blue, Purple| Waterproof: Yes| Warranty: 1year | OS compatibility: Android and iOS

Next in the line is a product from MevoFit promising to render absolute fitness. Its 3-D diamond-cut inlay design is built of TPE-based metallic stud bands. Thus, giving you a fusion of elegant with rugged fitness style. 

The rich-looking screen is interfaced with a color touchscreen and auto-brightness feature. This makes it comfortable for outdoor workouts. 

The inbuilt USB charging port is incorporated with an unbeatable charging speed as quick as 15-30mins making you all set for a day or two. Now, extend this up for 3 to 5hours and get it all done for a week.

Activity Tracker – Fitness, heart rate and calorie monitor, steps, sleep pattern, 7 sports mode

Smartphone Remote Features – Camera, phone locator, call recognition

Notification – SMS, Social media, Alarm, Idle alert

Additional features – Gesture control, Bluetooth, weather forecast, waterproof IP67



Design Shape: Rectangle | Screen size: 1” Color Display | Battery Capacity: 10 days | Weight: 24g | Touch Screen: Yes | Colors: Black, Grey| Waterproof: Yes| Warranty: 1year| OS Compatibility: Android and iOS

Start your fitness journey anywhere with Fastrack Reflex 3.0. Fastrack is the leading youth accessory brand in India since 2005. It is not inexpensive, but it is within reach.

The design has been well-built putting their millennial customers in priority. With waterproof IP68 resistance and a funky wearable, it makes you pop up both indoor and outdoor activities. 

It has a silicone strap with a chrome finish buckle mechanism. 

With a 24-hour heart rate monitor and a sleep tracker, you can achieve your wildest dreams. 

Added to this, it has 10+ sports modes to make you extra wilder and stronger. 

Step ahead on your leaderboard with the Fastrack Reflex World app on your mobile. It also comes with a community engagement feature.

Activity Tracker – Heart rate, Sleep pattern, Steps, 10+ sports mode

Smartphone Remote Features – Music and camera control, incoming call recognition, phone locator

Notification – Social media, idle alert

Additional features – Water-resistance IP68, timer, Bluetooth v5.0, weather forecast



Design Shape: Rectangle | Screen size: 0.95” OLED color Display | Battery Capacity: 14 days | Weight: 17g | Touch Screen: Touch key | Colors: Black| Waterproof: Yes| Warranty: 1 year| OS Compatibility: Android 4.4 and above; iOS 9.0 and above

Honor band promises its customers products that go beyond expectations from performance to style and to value. Honor Band 4 is no exception to this.

It has a classic design with a 2.5D glass full-color touchscreen. Provided with 4 watch faces plus as well as a scratch-resistant screen.

Get true sleep and true activity with its best sleep and multiple activity trackers. 

Huawei has incorporated a high level of sleep tracking technology validated by the Center of Dynamical Biomarkers (DBIOM).

It has 5ATM Waterproof and offers resistance up to 50m. Enhanced to get better running results, you can easily switch between wristwear or footwear mode. Promised with 40hrs of battery life when used under continuous footwear mode.

Activity Tracker – Sleep pattern, daily activity, calorie, heart rate, 7 workout modes

Smartphone Remote Features – Call rejection, incoming call mute (only iOS), camera control, phone locator

Notification – SMS, email, social media, alarm

Additional features – 5 ATM waterproof, Gesture control, Online incoming call number identification, Bluetooth 4.2



Design Shape: Square | Screen size: 1.4” FHD color Display | Battery Capacity: 8 days | Weight: 80g | Touch Screen: Yes | Colors: Black, Blue, Gold, Grey, Pink| Waterproof: Yes| Warranty: 1 year| OS Compatibility: Android and iOS

Do more, sleep more, play more, do it right with the next best-selling wearable on our list. This fitness smart watch for the Fire-Boltt brand is designed with a 1.4” classic modernity HD screen. 

Being your all-in-one fitness coach, it is fully integrated with health and fitness solutions. Added with 2.5D curved glass and a resolution of 240×240 pixels.
Comes with IPX7 water-resistant and 7 workout modes to make your vision into a reality. Stay ahead of time with its Gen-next data accuracy.

Connect with an app like Da Fit(recommended) on mobile to get your extended fitness report.

Activity Tracker – BP, heart rate, SpO2, fitness tracker, steps, 7 workout modes, sleep pattern

Smartphone Remote Features – Music and camera control

Notification – SMS, alarm

Additional features – Weather forecast, idle alert, Bluetooth



Design Shape: Square | Screen size: 1.5” Color Display | Battery Capacity: 200mAh; 7days | Weight: 40g | Touch Screen: Yes | Colors: Black, Gold, Silver| Waterproof: Yes| Warranty: 1year | OS Compatibility: Android 4.4 and above; iOS 8.0 and above

Smash your fitness goals with the Zeb-Fit1220CH smart band that has a stylish look with a 1.5” full-color touch display. It has all the important specs packed including Heart rate, BP, and Sp02 monitor. The wearable strap is made up of silicone material. 

This device takes care of your healthy journey by tracking 7 sports modes. 

Have long-lasting workout sessions with its high-quality built-in rechargeable battery that lasts for a week. Show your customized style with the 100+ available watch faces. 

Water and dust resistant IP67, Download Zeb Fit 20 app on mobile to track Fitness activity.

Activity Tracker – Heart rate, BP, SpO2, sleep pattern, calorie, daily activity tracker, steps, 7 sports mode

Smartphone Remote Features – Music and camera control, Caller ID, call rejection

Notification – SMS, Social media, Alarm, Idle alert

Additional features – Bluetooth v5.0, Weather forecast



How to Buy Best Fitness Bands? All you need to know before buying a fitness band

Fitness trackers help us to coordinate our training routine and inform us of our day-to-day workouts. Being lightweight and compact makes them comfortable for everyday use. Some trackers have various other additional attributes to apply. Most of them have a better life of batteries than normal smartwatches. 

If you are just initiating your fitness journey, you can kick start with basic activity and sleep tracker bands. Listed below are the essential checks to be noted before making your purchase.

Do you need a Display?

There are two types of fitness wearables. One comes with a full display and the other with LED lights. 

Bands with LED displays can be more comfortable to track your fitness insights anywhere at any time with just a wrist turn. It satisfies both the need of yours like a watch as well as an activity tracker.

The one with LED lights on them always needs an additional device like your phone to view the insights. Make sure to get a product with a good display since you need to read the information on them clearly. Should be best suited for indoor and outdoor.

Battery capacity

For a decent quality fitness band, you can expect a battery life of up to 4 to 7days on a single complete charging. Some bands don’t require charging. They come with replaceable batteries that last for about 5 to 6 months.

Waterproof and Dustproof

For sure nobody is buying a wearable to safeguard it under protective layers. They are going to get pretty wet with your sweat or water activities. Of course, get dirty with dust as well. 

A good waterproof resistance is, minimum with IP67 water-resistant or full resistance of IP68.

Heart Rate Monitor

As per data, wearables having an infra-red sensor to monitor heart rate gives the best calorie burn rate. These are the important statistics to be noted in a fitness life.

Smartphone Connectivity

This gives you access to calls, SMS, social media, music, and much more. Hence, you don’t feel disconnected from your work or loved ones while working out.

Don’t miss any of your important notifications while working out. Today almost all the display-based smartwatches are connected with your smartphone for this. Getting your music on control adds a pep to your hard workouts. Shooting your favorite scenes during trekking or anywhere has also been made possible with the phone’s camera control.


This can be a great boon factor while doing outdoor activities like running. You can keep track of the route with the map. If your wearable doesn’t come with an in-built GPS, try making sure if it can be connected via your phone’s GPS. 

Look for Brand

Choosing from well-known trusted brands like Xiaomi, FitBit, Honor, Fastrack would be a great idea. They offer you perfect fitness solutions in terms of all the key essentials.


Q1 – Why Fitness bands are better than Smartphones?

Non-technically, the Fitness band are wearables that are easy to carry with you always. Just with a wrist turn, your fitness results are visible.

Technically, calorie burn is more important than steps count in the fitness journey. Fitness bands prove to be the winner here.

Q2 – Does a fitness band work without a phone?

All fitness bands with displays work without a phone. You get all the promised tracking details promised by the brand on your wearable itself. A phone app can be an add-on to get further details.

Q3 – Which is better? smartwatch or smart band?

Smartwatches are a combination of your smartphone, fitness trackers, and watch. You can cover all the tasks that can be accomplished with all three gadgets. They have advanced OS and functionalities more than a smart band. 

On the other hand, a fitness tracker or a smart band concentrates mainly on your fitness activities and not many smartphone functionalities. This means good smartwatches are priced more than fitness trackers. If you are a complete fitness geek and cost restricted, go for a fitness tracker. If you want a premium version and can afford more, then go for a smartwatch.

Q4 – Should I buy a fitness band?

This can be answered ‘yes’ if you are a person who wants to monitor your fitness journey regularly and would be happy to be assisted professionally. If you cannot afford to go to a gym or hire a personal trainer, probably you can think about investing in these bands. They offer your 24/7 fitness insights and prevent you from being unhealthy. Various sports modes, heart rate with BP monitoring, app connectivity, and much more all offer a super-smart partnership in your daily fitness journey. 

Final Word

Your fitness journey gets satisfied with your personal goals. To fulfill your goals, you need to invest right. It is your individual opinion to spend Rs.10000 to 20000 per year in a gym or invest around Rs.10000 (on average) on a personal trainer or have a budget-friendly fitness band.

If the last one is your choice, then we are sure the insights provided in our list of the best fitness band in India under 3000 will come in handy. Have this as a guide and do your other personal research before buying.

The more you move; the more you lose. Choose what you want to lose? Extra fat or money.

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