Best Double Door Refrigerators In India

Best Double Door Refrigerators In India


Double door refrigerators are primarily meant for families that have 4 members or more.

Because of having two separate doors, one can access the sections individually, saving a lot of energy in between.

In this article, we are listing out the six best double door refrigerators available in the Indian market categorized according to the price as well as features.

We hope this will make your selection process a bit less tedious.*

Best Double Door Refrigerators In India

LG is one of the key players in the Indian home appliance market. Maybe because India does have one of the fastest rising middle classes on the planet right now.

The GL-I292RPZL refrigerator from LG is a double door unit that comes with a plethora of features with an asking price of Rs. 24,790.

Design and Build Quality

The LG GL-I292RPZL is a double door refrigerator with dimensions 585 x 1475 x 703 mm being the width, height and depth measures respectively.

It comes with a capacity of 260 litres which is enough for a family of 3-5 members.

The handlebar is coated with a textured finish which feels nice to hold and it does provide a tactile gripped feel.

Compressor and Power Usage

Being a 3-star BEE 2020 energy rated unit, this fridge consumes less power when compared with

the traditional energy-hungry models that existed in the past, which is safe to say more of a myth these days.

The type of compressor employed in this model from LG is a smart inverter type compressor which is very energy efficient than a rotary or reciprocal type compressor.

Since there are no noticeable moving parts inside this compressor, the operation is very silent.

The smart inverter compressor determines the load inside the refrigerator automatically and adjusts the power required thereby making a huge margin in power savings.


LG has provided multiple vents throughout the refrigerator to have a uniform cooling all around the storage case with balanced temperature levels.

crisper which is used to store fresh vegetables come with a lattice-type cover which balances the moisture content inside and keeps the vegetables fresh for a longer duration.

The Smart Connect feature on this refrigerator will connect the unit to run off from an inverter (if connected) automatically in case the power goes down.

Also, Solar smart technology enables this fridge to drain from a solar grid directly.

The fluctuating DC from the solar grid is converted to fixed DC voltage by the builtin inverter on this fridge.

The Smart diagnosis lets you scan the refrigerator for malfunctions automatically. If any defect is detected, it will transfer the data to your phone and you can then call the customer care and pinpoint the problem.


With the 3-star BEE 2020 energy efficiency rating, this refrigerator from LG won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

The smart inverter type compressor is silent in its operation.

With a few moving parts inside, there is very little maintenance for the motor which is the single most important component of the refrigerator.


Capacity 260 Litre
Defrosting Type Frost free
Star Rating 3 star BEE 2020
Buil- in Stabilizer Yes
Compressor Type Smart Inverter
Warranty 1 year + 10 year on compressor



Samsung is the South Korean beast while considering the ferocious home appliances segment.

Hundreds of product launches happen daily, but Samsung manages to be on top or at least one of the top picks in every category.

The Samsung RT28M is a 2-star 2020 BEE rated double door refrigerator which comes with a shelf capacity of 244L.

This fridge comes equipped with so many innovative features that make it to the top of our list quite comfortably.

2-star BEE 2020 rating

The main USP of this refrigerator is its 2-star energy efficiency rating.

This rating ensures that this fridge saves up to 40% on your energy consumption bill when compared with conventional models.

Adding the cherry on cream is the silent and durable digital inverter compressor that runs actively in the background and adjusts the speed according to the load and the optimal temperature required to keep the contents inside fresh.

Hardware Features

The recessed handle adds a premium feel to this refrigerator.

The cool pack inside the cabinet keeps the perishable goods in the refrigerator fresh up to 12-hours in the case of a power outage.

The slide shelves aides in easy access to every corner of the refrigerator.

This double door refrigerator comes with a power cool/freeze mode that chills and cools the contents of the cabinet up to 31% faster at the touch of a button.

One of the nifty useful features of this fridge is its door alarm. If the refrigerator door is left open or not closed properly, the alarm alerts the user.

This eliminates the accidental energy wastage and keeps the content inside odourless.


This double door 2-star rated refrigerator from Samsung comes at an asking price of Rs. 27,499 including the 1-year total cover warranty and the additional 10-year warranty on its digital inverter compressor.


The Samsung RT28M is an affordable 2-star refrigerator on our list which performs on par when compared with its competitors.

With the industry-leading inverter compressor, this refrigerator is one of the best performing appliances in its class.

The power cool/freeze mode does allow you to quickly make ice cubes when in need and considering the Indian conditions having frequent power cuts, having a coolpad that will keep the perishables inside fresh for a long time.


Capacity 244 Litre
Defrosting Type Frost free
Star Rating 2 star BEE 2020
Buil- in Stabilizer Yes
Compressor Type Digital Inverter
Warranty 1 year + 10 year on compressor



Haier is a Chinese white goods manufacturing giant with years of experience in the field.

The HRB-340 is a bottom-mounted refrigerator (BMR) from Haier that comes in a two-door configuration.

The ample 320 litres capacity makes this fridge suitable for large families consisting of 6-8 members.

Bottom mounted freezer

Unlike other models on this list, the Haier HRB-340 comes with an unconventional bottom-mounted freezer.

The company claims this will reduce the need to bend about 90%.

Most of the daily household activity around the refrigerator deals with the vegetables and keeping them in the lower compartment is a no-brainer – says the company.

Powerful twin inverter compressor

This refrigerator has a twin inverter compressor running the show. Compared with a normal compressor, this compressor is highly power-efficient and has low maintenance.

The one-hour icing technology from Haier promises to bring down the temperature inside the freezer to -5 degrees in around 60 minutes.

Hardware features

The vegetable storing crisper in this fridge is double the size of the conventional crispers found in other models and can store more vegetables.

There is a cooling pad in this refrigerator that lets the contents inside to keep the same temperature even if the power goes out.

This temperature can be maintained up to 10 hours after the power cut.


The LED light is placed on the top side of this fridge to increase the overall visibility. The freezer compartment at the bottom is transparent to better aid the visibility further.

The door is reversible and can be opened from any of the sides. Being a frost-free refrigerator, there is no need for manual defrosting with this refrigerating unit.


The Haier HRB-340 is one of a kind bottom-mounted double door refrigerator available in the Indian market.

If you have elder people in the house, then having a BMR will benefit.

Since the vegetables and other perishables are placed on the top section, they don’t need to bend over to pick them which is a great thing to have.


Capacity 320 Litre
Defrosting Type Frost free
Star Rating 2 star BEE 2019
Buil- in Stabilizer Yes
Compressor Type Twin inverter
Warranty 1 year + 10 year on compressor



Haier is in the news for setting up their manufacturing plant in India under the Make in India initiative.

Currently, the company sources products for the Indian market from China.

That said, the HEF 25TGS is Haier’s premium budget segment double door refrigerator offering to the Indian market.

The Haier HEF 25TGS comes with a capacity of 258L, suitable for a family of three to four members.

Linear inverter compressor

The minimal design and the steel/silver finish give the fridge a sleek and stylish look that will match the aesthetics of kitchens quite easily.

The one thing that makes this double door refrigerator stand out from the rest is the convertible feature.

The freezer, if in need of extra storage can be converted to the fridge mode or vice versa in under 50 minutes. This feature lets you have the convenience of two machines at once.

Hardware Features

Haier’s turbo icing technology lets you have the cubes you wanted in just under 50 minutes.

The moveable ice tray lets you place it anywhere in the refrigerator making extra room for keeping other items such as bottles or fresh juices.

This refrigerator features a door lock that can be activated to keep your child from opening and closing the door unnecessarily and eating junk food on the way.


Spacious interiors and movable trays make this refrigerator easy to clean. Every nook and corners of this fridge are easily accessible.

The rubber gasket around the cabin can be unmounted easily and cleaned for preventing anti-microbial growth as well.

Haier India provides a 1-year overall warranty on this product as well as an extra 10-year on the compressor in case of any unforeseen mishaps.


The Haier HEF 25TGS is a convertible double door refrigerator that gives you the convenience of switching the freezer position according to your requirements.

If you have a lot of beverages to store, switching the freezer to the bottom would give it a lot of storage space and if-else the vice versa.


Capacity 258 Litre
Star Rating 2 star BEE 2020
Buil- in Stabilizer Yes
Compressor Type Twin inverter
Warranty 1 year + 10 years on compressor



Whirlpool, American electronic conglomerate is one of the most respected brands in the home appliances industry.

In the refrigerator category, they do have some of the best contenders in the market right now in India, the Whirlpool CNV 278 being one.

Design and Build Quality

This 265L capacity double door refrigerator is suited for a mid-sized family of about 3-4 members.

The quality of construction is average but certainly justifiable from an economic standpoint.

The door handles are thick and easy to hold on to, and made from hard plastic. Apart from the handles and the branding, there is nothing much in front of this refrigerator.

The backside is nicely covered to hide the coils and other related hardware. The quality of internal trays and plastic is good with no serious dip in quality to be seen anywhere in particular.

Performance and Energy Efficiency

With the patented 6th sense technology, this refrigerator comes equipped with sensors that monitor the load, temperature as well as humidity levels and adjust accordingly to keep the contents inside fresh and odourless.

The strategically placed air vents along the air tower provide uniform cooling to each nook and corner of the refrigerators, keeping the contents inside fresh for a long time.

Due to the economic constraints on this budget double door refrigerator, there isn’t a full-sized cool pad but instead, the company has provided a cooling gel which will keep the contents inside fresh during a sudden power outage scenario.

With the built-in stabilizer, you are not required to invest in extra cash for purchasing a stabilizer with this home appliance.

This refrigerator comes with a 2-star 2020 BEE rating and the performance metrics will keep the electricity bill under control.


The vegetable crisper in this double door refrigerator is coated with a special anti-microbial layer to prevent bacterial growth inside the refrigerator.

Inside the freezer, there is a dedicated ice twister and collector, making the process of getting ice from the tray much easier than ever before.

The effective 11-year warranty that comes with the unit provides absolute peace of mind to keep you relaxed in case any unforeseen mishaps do happen.


Whirlpool CNV 278 offers a lot for the price tag that it comes with. The design is elegant and will suit any type of home decor you might have.

With the sensor-based operation, this budget refrigerator cools the contents inside quickly and evenly, offering you a pleasant ownership experience.


Capacity 265 Litre
Defrosting Type Frost free
Star Rating 3 star BEE 2020
Buil- in Stabilizer Yes
Compressor Type Digital inverter
Warranty 1 year + 10 year on compressor



Godrej has been a popular brand in the Indian white goods market since time immemorial.

With the years of legacy behind, Godrej does have some great products in the market and the Godrej EON 255B is one among them.

The Godrej EON 255B is a 255L double door refrigerator which offers an exciting blend of energy-efficient 2-star 2020 BEE rated operation as well as an aesthetically pleasing design.

Automatic Temperature Control

This refrigerator packs an intelligent sensor-based operation that monitors the temperature, frost accumulation, the frequency of door opening etc and automatically performs frost removal which improves the overall cooling efficiency of the fridge.

Easy Ice Disposal

The ice trays on this double door refrigerator facilitate the twisted mode operation for easy disposal of ice cubes.

It only takes a twist of a knob to transfer these cubes into the glass thereby eliminating the need for tray removal.

Hardware Features

The spacious 2.5L bottle shelf on this double door fridge lets you keep all your bottles inside the cabinet leaving none outside.

The strong metal retainer keeps the bottles in place without tipping over even if the door is slammed hard.

Antibacterial Properties

Godrej’s antibacterial technology ensures that there’s no microbial growth inside the fridge.

The silver ions in the air duct and the microbe-resistant coated gasket keeps the food and vegetables inside fresh and clean.

There are a few polythene bag holders inside the cabinet compartment to suspend the bags that you buy directly inside the fridge. This saves a lot of time in arranging the stuff kept inside.


Godrej provides a 1-year overall warranty on this product plus an additional 10-year on the compressor.


Considering the capacity, energy efficiency and the features, the Godrej EON 255B is one of the best double door refrigerators available in the market.

The body is well built and durable that will last for years in operation without any worries. Rust free coating leaves no worries about the corrosion attack as well.


Capacity 255 Litre
Defrosting Type Frost free
Star Rating 2 star BEE 2020
Buil- in Stabilizer Yes
Compressor Type Inverter
Warranty 1 year + 10 year on compressor



That sums up our list of the six best double door refrigerators in India.

Keeping the budget in mind and at the same time considering the feature set, we hope this list will prove helpful to you guys.

We welcome your suggestions and comments for improvement on our part. So don’t hesitate to voice your opinion.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

How To Choose A Refrigerator: Buying Guide For Double Door Refrigerators

Double door refrigerators are definitely an upgrade over single door refrigerators.

As the price of these units is almost a couple of thousands more than the single door counterparts, you can expect to have some nifty little features as well as increased overall capacity.

Let’s discuss how you can buy the perfect double door fridge of your dreams!

1) Price

Double door refrigerators are available anywhere from Rs.12,000 and upwards.

Remember that prices are just one index of what you’re going to get with the product.

Never rely on the budget alone.

The entry-level 145L Mitashi MiRFDDS145V15 double door refrigerator comes at a price of Rs. 12,499 in India.

As the price increases, the features, as well as the capacity, will increase.

You must be diligent enough to find the perfect product that meets your expectations and priced within the budget in mind.

On the higher end spectrum of double door refrigerators, you have the choice of owning Samsung RT30M3425S8/HL, a 275L double door refrigerator that costs about Rs. 37,500 in the Indian market.

The choices are abundant. The chance of picking a wrong product is pretty high.

Don’t worry. Continue reading this article to reduce that chance significantly.

2) Capacity

Double door refrigerators come in various capacities ranging from 145L to a staggering 700L.

Be careful when deciding on the capacity of a double door refrigerator.

The available floor space is a matter of concern in the average Indian houses facing a space crunch.

So make sure you have the right spot and space to keep the refrigerator.

Most of the fridges with double doors are usually suited for families with three or more member and even joint families.

Also, make sure you do have a rough estimate of what kind of food would you normally consume a lot.

If you are a fan of deep-frozen foods, it’s better to buy a refrigerator with spacious freezer.

The 260L LG GL-I292RPZL double door refrigerator, for example, comes with a double layered freezer to satiate such needs at a price of Rs. 24,999.

If you live in a tiny apartment with limited floor space, but still your mind yearns to have a double door refrigerator?

There is the Mitashi MiRFDDS145V15, a 145L compact refrigerator priced at just Rs. 12,499.

Now let’s dive into some of the features that these double door refrigerators might offer you.

As a thumb rule, never expect every single feature to be present on a product, no matter how premium the price tag is.

3) Frost free refrigeration

You can pretty much expect every double door refrigerator to come with frost free technology as a standard.

Not that there aren’t any direct cool type double door refrigerators out there. most of the ones are the frost free type.

The advantage of having a refrigerator with frost free technology is that the freezer compartment will be free of ice build-up all the time.

You won’t have to manually defrost the compartment.

The 265L Whirlpool DF278 PRM 3S is a 3-star rated double door refrigerator priced at Rs. 21,999 that comes with frost free technology.

4) Compressor

There are double door refrigerators with the rotary as well as reciprocatory compressors in the market.

While rotary compressors are silent but power consuming, reciprocatory compressors are efficient but noisy.

Both have their own merits and demerits.

The 261L Godrej RT EON 261 is a 3-star rated double door refrigerator priced at Rs. 23,499 that has a rotary compressor.

If you prefer a refrigerator with the reciprocatory compressor, there is the 3-star rated 265L Whirlpool DF278 PRM 3S priced at Rs. 21,999.

Do note that inverter compressor refrigerators are available for prices as low as Rs. 24,000.

The 4-star BEE rated 260L LG GL-I292RPZL is an inverter compressor refrigerator with a price tag of Rs. 24,999.

5) Built-in stabilizer

Even with the hefty price tags ( compared to the average Indian user ), we are not sure why companies tend to omit the built-in stabilizer feature from these devices.

A standalone stabilizer may cost somewhere close to Rs.2,000 which is an additional burden on the customer.

Make sure the model you’ve selected does come with a built-in stabilizer to protect the refrigerator from electrical surges and voltage fluctuations.

The Samsung RT28M3424S8 is a 253L 4-star frost free double door refrigerator priced at Rs. 27,990 that comes with a built-in stabilizer.

6) Energy efficiency rating

Bureau of Energy Efficiency has mandated star ratings to indicate the power efficiency of an appliance.

As 5-star being the maximum, it is desirable to have one such refrigerator but at the cost of high initials.

What’s necessary is always ask for the star rating of a product you intend to purchase.

If it has at least 3-stars and fits your budget, better the deal.

There are a lot of double door refrigerators with a 5-star rating.

The Samsung RT30M3425S8 is a 275L double door refrigerator that comes with a 5-star BEE rating at a premium price tag of Rs. 37,150.

There are other models such as the 260L LG GL-I292RPZL that comes with 4-star rating priced at 24,999.

Going further down the price spectrum, you have the option to purchase a 265L Whirlpool DF278 PRM 3S double door 3-star refrigerator priced at Rs. 21,999.

If you wanna read more about star ratings in home appliances, check out our article on BEE star ratings.

7) Smart features

Certain brands have smart connectivity features incorporated with their refrigerators.

For eg., LG has its own set of smart features such as Smart connect, Smart diagnosis etc for enhanced usability of their devices.

The LG GL-I292RPZL double door smart fridge is priced at Rs. 24,999 in India.

8) Warranty

Most of the double door refrigerators come into the market with a comprehensive 1-year all-round warranty along with separate warranty for the compressor.

The Haier HEF-25TGS is a convertible double door refrigerator priced at Rs. 19,990 that has an effective 11-year warranty in total.

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