Best Cycles under ₹8000

Buying a bicycle is challenging as there are numerous brands, and they arrive at multiple charge prices. Everyone additionally has specific geographical functions in nearly every state. Buying a bicycle isn’t always easy. Many elements want to consider how to shop for a motorcycle for adults or beginners. Despite several reviews and recommendations from people, you’re probably making a mistake.

Even if you get suggestions from biking friends groups and shopkeepers, errors happen. As a result, we’ve composed best cycles under 8000 in India, and we’re going to overview them one by one. We will attempt to maintain our evaluations to the factor and the point so that you don’t need to spend extra time seeking out excellent bicycles.

Top 10 Cycles under ₹8000 - At a Glance

1. Hero Men's Manhattan 26T Check Price
2. VECTOR 91 TopGun 24T Check Price
3. Geekay Sturdy Road Bike Check Price
4. Hero Sprint Men's Frame Check Price
5. Hero Kyoto 26T Check Price
6. Hercules Dynor Pro RF 26T Check Price
7. Hero Kids Unisex Blast 20T Check Price
8. Hercules Dynor RF 26T Check Price
9. Beetle Storm 20T Check Price
10. Leader Xtreme MTB Check Price

10 Best Cycles under 8000 in India - Review

The Hero Sprint Manhattan 700C is constructed on an utterly inflexible Alloy body. The alloy body makes the bicycle experience mild and clean to accelerate. The Power of the Alloy tubes makes the bicycle face up to many hard-hitting over any hard city road.

The hard metallic fork is skinny and may take withinside the vibrations and speed breakers. It comes with a Single-Speed drivetrain, and 18 teeth freewheel alongside a 40 teeth crankset that has been ideal in length to pedal speedy and with a minimum attempt on city roads. Riding on slopes and flyover require more shots off the saddle; however, this drivetrain is enough for effortless pedaling.

The Power branded V-Brakes deal with the braking at the Manhattan 700C. These brakes effectively carry the Bicycle to an unexpected halt and feel balanced throughout the check experience on hard and moist city roads.



Whether you’re an excellent rider or a beginner, the TopGun is a quality blend of layout specifications that gives you a feel for a bike. Like a fighter jet, it is all designed for the life-lengthy sturdiness of a TIG-welded metallic body, the protection of energy in V-brakes, the comfort of top-class seats with flex height comes along with the beauty of beautiful colors.

It is the innovation that is a non-stop journey; they focus on crafting higher cycles for the pleasant using experiences. It is an Indian Bicycle brand, and its variety consists of Electric, MTB, Hybrid, and bikes for all age groups. This pretty new to the Indian Bicycle marketplace has popped out with an intensive variety of several designs and colors.

This Bicycle comes with a comfort-based body frame which makes it smooth to ride. It is suitable for brief commutes and amusement rides around the town. A Single-Speed Bicycle is simple to maintain, and the massive Crank made it simpler to pedal. Although, one could require more significant pressure in pedaling while using in expanded regions within the city.



The Sturdy Hardtail mountain bicycle is likewise the maximum capable and cushy racing system created. They have crafted each inch of Geekay Sturdy’s Bicycle for the safe, fast, and maximum forgiving race system due to the fact you deserve the satisfaction. 

It’s single-speed, and its length is in simplest 26 inches. It’s ideal if you’re new to the path and desire an excessive MTB bicycle that can trip on any terrain and town.

It is a lightweight bicycle with a wide variety of gearing so that you in no way want to pedal too harsh or smooth on terrain that differs in elevation, v brakes that sense smoother, and a rigid fork that keeps it mild and sturdy. Built with the aid of using the fine products within the enterprise, it is extra than able to take up any path adventures and stands to be the suitable Bicycle.



Hero Sprint is a unisex cycle; that is stylish with a white-colored frame that stands precise and robust. It has V brakes which are probably quite dependable on roads and super for sudden braking mechanisms. It moreover permits the Cycle to be lightweight and decrease maintenance.

The fact that a single-speed tools tool is used for the Cycle makes it long-lasting too. Its tire measure is 26 inches, and the frame is 18 inches making it a comfortable journey for a person about 5 ft to 5.8ft. Though the Cycle is packed in a semi-assembled condition, it equips an efficient bundle for assembling them correctly.

It is a fantastic bicycle available to get an exceptional rate for the mountain experience. India’s advanced bicycle brand hero manufactures it, and the trustable V brakes provide a smooth and easy on-street with low maintenance.



The little suspension mountain bicycle works in single-speed power transmission and a robust structure. This fun and simple-to-experience bi-cycle permit the rider to discover a couple of terrains. It additionally makes everyday commutes easier.

The bicycle body is planned with high-density steel material. It gives robust aid to the additives and maintains them intact. The sturdy production permits the rider to cycle on both off roads and concrete roads with no hassle.

This mountain bicycle is ergonomically designed for both age groups of children and adults. It is an excellent everyday commuter that functions a couple of mild reflectors to make a specific middle of the night safe. The adjustable PU saddle gives a comfortable using position.

It is a Single Speed Adult Cycle with a Steel Frame that incorporates Rim Brakes. It additionally comes with a Suspension Fork and with 26-inch tires. It is an excellent bicycle for town commuting and also benefits fitness. It is a single-speed bicycle, properly desirable to grown-up riders of all ages.



The Geekay Hashtag is advertised as a mountain bike, with tire sizes going from 26 to 29 inches. It has a sleek and stylish design with a friendly color style to make it very easy on the eye. It has double-walled alloy rims to give extra protection to the tube. The dual disc brakes ensure a powerful and stable quick brake. 

The seat height is easily adjustable to suit your size. The grips are specially made to be comfortable and graspable for hours without any discomfort. The wide tires give a cushioned and stable ride to the user and leave little room for any complaint.

The cycle doesn’t have any gears, as most geared bicycles are much more expensive than the price segment we are looking at. The cycle comes 85 percent assembled, and the rest has to be assembled by the user using a toolkit. Cycle assembling should be done by the user if he/she has prior experience. If not, then a mechanic can always be used to do the same.

If you are taller than 5’5, then you will need a tire size of higher than 26 inches and should choose the 27-inch model. Even though this bike is advertised as a mountain bike, it can also be seen as a hybrid as the width of the tire is medium. The sitting position is quite aggressive, and the overall look of the cycle is very sporty.

These kinds of cycles that are good for off roading are perfect for most Indian roads, which are not the best quality, as they can easily handle any small potholes or deviations.



The Hero Blast 20 T single-speed children cycle comes at the side of the brand assures of Hero. This Bicycle is state-of-the-art for its layout; this is pretty fantastic and serves as one of the first-rate motorcycles for mountain cycling trips. This product is available in a semi-assembled circumstance wherein the producer gives the Allen Key & Spanner installation.

It is ideal for children from 7 to 9 years old because the minimum rider height is 3 ft 10 inch, and the maximum is 4ft 6inch. The tire period is 20 inches, and the frame length is 12 inches. The gadget cycle works on a single-speed device with suspension and caliper brakes.

They are recognized for their brand of bicycle for its layout; this is fantastic and serves the best mountain cycling trips.



If you are seeking out a road racing cycle, this one is a great choice. Hercules Dynor RF with 26T Single Speed is appropriate for 13+ age kids and springs in an attractive yellow shade. Its rim consists of double alloy, which makes it easy to modify the height of your seat in line with your leg length. Moreover, the front and rear reflectors let you revel in although there may be dark, and not something is visible at a distance.

The Cycle has a frame product of high-grade steel, which includes rust-proof nature, a robust formation that gives long-lasting overall performance. It also has a tiring of 26-inch and 18-inch frame length, making it great for adult use and offering a minimum biker height of 5.4feet and a maximum of 5.10 feet.

The Bicycle has each front and rare ‘V’ brakes, allowing you to control it better on-road with minimum maintenance. The fantastic Bicycle comes with single-speed gear; it has a stiff suspension with accessories like spoke reflectors, back and front mirrors.

As the price is relatively low-priced, if you ever buy a bike for using that for difficult mountain trail, this Bicycle needs to be considered a higher choice in your mind.



If you are looking for a high-quality Kids Cycle, however, you may have a take observe the Beetle Storm Kids Cycle on a constrained budget. You will love it when you have a look approximately over Kids Cycle. If you need the Beetle Storm Kids Cycle for daily use, it works as a notable companion, and also it seems suitable at any place.

It is an excellent product that doesn’t require your more remarkable attempt to think over buying. You don’t need to look for a hero cycle for kids, as these serve as an awesome and well-matched one. The remarkable plus aspect of this product is its favorable rate and its elegant design.

The producer of this Cycle is a trustable source and one of the older ones. You can believe them because of their experience within the area of children’s Cycle online. The browsing and looking strain to your thoughts get a release with this product, and you may get the Best Cycle for kids from them.



The Leader Xtreme 26T IBC Rear Suspension is one of the unique cycles from the Leader’s house. They are known for their high constructed fine quality and excellent reliability. In addition, the bicycle comes with a rigid body and excessive grip tires to offer remarkable traction and lasting mobility to experience it with ease.

It indeed will allow you to revel in the amusement and thrill of using a bicycle. The Leader Xtreme 26T IBC Rear Suspension has Welded Suspension/Fork that provides an entirely comfortable bicycle journey. With 26 x 2.125 Wide Tyres wheel of the bicycle is prepared with Power Brakes. The Steel Frame with an ergonomic layout to make sure a comfortable journey for the rider.

All the frames have been structured with the usage of the Leader’s -house layout studio. The handlebar is designed to give a firm hold of a comfortable driving positing with smooth Rubber Grips for lengthy cushy rides. It also has a height-adjustable PU Saddle with a strengthened plastic shell. Thus, you may adjust the saddle to attain a comfortable sitting for all kinds of heights.

The Braking system is constructed for ease of use and protection and extraordinary braking power. They are specially designed to offer the correct braking manipulate on all terrains. Additionally, the chainguard ensures safety, and it covers the moving elements to lessen the chance of any entanglement.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which material is preferable?

The Cycle is to be had in distinctive materials. You determine the selection of material entirely. But while you choose the quality Cycle, make sure you pick any other person who will use them. Also, make sure it isn’t fragile and moves smoothly.

2. What can be the price range?

When you search for Cycle or any product, we first determine the price range for them. First, decide on its approximate budget, after which to your price range, look for Best Cycle for that fits best. If the price increases with the aid of using 8000 or so, it will be a perfect limit.

3. Will they arrive with a guarantee?

Most of the Cycles are supplied with approximately a year or two years guarantee at the purchase. You can examine the listing of merchandise and get the quality concept for the Cycles.

4. Are the features critical to be looked at?

With time, Best Cycle gives a whole set of functions. If you don’t need to apply it for everyday or professional purposes, you could go for an easy Cycle with the essential simple capabilities. However, earlier than creating a deal, one needs to test the features without a miss.

Final Word

If you need to fall in love with cycling, ease into cycling and begin riding long distances with the best cycles. It is after which you would love it and regularly grow space and duration. After each ride, discover ways to recognize what your frame demands. Ensure to get a desirable cycle of your preference with the suggestion we have listed above for the perfect riding experience. If your budget is slightly low than check our these best cycles under 6000.

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