Best Cycles under ₹6000

To stay healthy and flexible, all you need is some physical activity. Regular physical exercise can shield you from heart problems, obesity, mental illness, cancer, and whatnot. Cycling can be the best way to reduce the risk of health problems linked with such a lifestyle.

Cycling is a light aerobic exercise with many benefits. In addition, its strength varies, which makes it suitable for all levels. You can use cycles as a means of transportation, daily activities, or intense competitions too. Good exercise can keep you active and help you build a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.

It can cheer people of all ages, from young children to the elderly. It is also fun, cheap, and environmentally friendly. You can quickly buy a better quality bicycle at a lower price where some of the best cycles below 6000 are listed down.

Top 10 Cycles under ₹6,000 - At a Glance

1. Hero Sprint Men's Frame Check Price
2. Hero Kids Unisex Blast 20T Check Price
3. Hero Kyoto 26T Check Price
4. Hercules Dynor RF 26T Check Price
5. Hercules Dynor Pro RF 26T Check Price
6. Leader Scout MTB 26T Check Price
7. Hero Sprint Fazer 24T Check Price
8. Viva RYDE On 26T Check Price
9. VAMOS 20T Check Price
10. Leader Xtreme MTB 26T Check Price

10 Best Cycles under 6000 in India - Review

Hero Sprint is a unisex cycle; this is elegant and stylish with a white-colored body that stands unique and robust. It has V brakes which might be pretty reliable on roads and incredible for unexpected braking mechanisms. It additionally allows the cycle to be lightweight and reduce maintenance.

The truth that a single-speed gear device is used for the cycle makes it long-lasting too. Its tire length is 26 inches, and the body is eighteen inches making it snug travel for humans from 5ft to 5.8ft. Though the cycle gets delivered in a semi-assembled condition, it equips an efficient package for fitting them properly.

It is a high-quality bicycle to get the best mountain experience. India’s superior bicycle brand hero manufactures it. The trustable V brakes offer an easy and smooth on-road with low maintenance.



The Hero Blast 20T single-speed youngsters cycle comes along with the brand guarantee of Hero. They are known for their brand, and this bicycle is trendy for its design that is quite impressive and also serves as one of the best bikes for mountain biking trips. This product also comes in a semi-assembled condition where the manufacturer provides the Allen Key & Spanner for installation.

It is a perfect choice for kids from 7 to 9 years old because the minimum rider top is 3 ft 10 inches, and the most are 4ft 6inch. The tire length is 20 inches, and the body length is 12 inches. The equipment cycle works on single-speed equipment and firm suspension with caliper brakes.

They are known for their brand, and this bicycle is trendy for its design that is quite impressive and also serves as one of the best bikes for mountain biking trips.



If you’re searching out the exceptional cycle on price range Hero, Kyoto bicycle is the first-class choice to be had for you. It affords a whole lot of capabilities and convenience. It has a comfy saddle which makes your lengthy rides handy and full of comfort. Firstly, the brake kind is Cantilever, and the body is made of fine steel material.

Overall, this bicycle is designed with a 26-inch wheel length with a total weight of 25 kg. It is a single-speed bicycle with a body length of 18 inches, making it extra comforting to ride. The Hero, Kyoto 26T Single speed tools cycle is not fully assembled at the time of delivery, but there is an Allen key and spanner within side the package that will help you with the setup process.

Most kids above 12 years can go without problems on this bicycle. The bicycle is appropriate for humans with a minimal peak of 5ft 4inches and a maximum of 5ft 10inches. It is made of sturdy steel where most people can ride and easy for installation.



If you’re searching out a street racing cycle, this one is a perfect choice. Hercules Dynor RF with 26T Single Speed is suitable for 13+ age children and is derived in an appealing yellow shade. Its rim includes double alloy, which makes it smooth to regulate the peak of your seat in step with your leg length. Moreover, the front and rear reflectors can help you experience even if it’s dark, and not anything is seen on the street.

The cycle has a body fabricated from premium-grade steel, which incorporates rust-evidence nature, a sturdy formation that provides long-lasting performance. In addition, it has a tire length of 26-inch and 18-inch body length, making it best for grownup use and giving a minimal biker height of 5.4feet and a maximum of 5.10 feet.

The bicycle has each front and rare ‘V’ brakes, permitting you to manipulate it higher on-avenue with minimal maintenance. Additionally, because the splendid bike comes with single-speed gear, it has a stiff suspension with add-ons like spoke reflectors, front and back reflectors.

As the rate is pretty low-priced, if you ever purchase a motorcycle for driving that challenging mountain trail, this bicycle must be considered a better option in your mind.



Hercules is a brand recognized for low-cost and sturdy bicycles designed to seize interest while on the road. This emblem from T.I. Cycles of India has several cutting-edge bicycles; this is focused on attracting youngsters’ preferences. One such bicycle from its variety is the Hercules Pro 26T.

The Hercules Pro 26T is made for the usage of a graceful Steel structure. Though traditionally, steel is related to being heavy, those bicycles are planned to be highly light. Additionally, a Steel frame manner gives sturdiness and strength. This bicycle is to be had in a single, fashionable frame size. It has Power V-Brakes on the front and rear.

They roll on a couple of 26″ x 2.35″ tires that are vast and nicely treaded, consequently ensuring they are introduced to balance, advanced grip, and improved safety. Other outstanding functions are the expansive nicely-cushioned Saddle, Mudguards, wide pedals, and cushy grips. This bicycle has various color options which are attractive and best for a ride.



If you don’t want to compromise for your overall performance simultaneously by using the mountain trails, Leader Scout MTB 26T is the choice for you. It comes with a solid handlebar-fashioned T for a higher grip. Additionally, it’s explicitly designed to preserve the rider’s comfort level through all their lengthy adventure with gentle rubber grips.

The leader bicycle has back and front caliper brakes if you want to govern the bike with minimal maintenance smoothly. It additionally has the very best braking power, so that you don’t need to think twice about braking.

It has a P.U. saddle whose top you could effortlessly alter together with a bolstered plastic shell. Thus, relying on your height, you could adjust the harness and attain the comfortable sitting function imparting you higher control.

It is specifically decided on the layout for higher traction on rough and wet days and all terrains. It has an 18-inch hi-tensile strong metal body together with an ergonomic structure to present you consolation even as you ride. Also, it comes with a stand and chain cowl for retaining its safety, making the best choice of a cycle.



If you’re searching out the quality cycle, Hero cycles could constantly be there on the list. It is made from tough and one of the pleasant substances of metal. Also, the body kind is an alloy that is a hardtail.

The cycle is crafted from fine metal and alloy material, and it’s far an excellent cycle for adults. It is appropriate for all streets and the peak length, which says the suitable top of a cyclist with 4-5’7 feet. The front fork is made from top-rate fine metal. The front and rear brakes are made from a mechanical disc that is of length 160mm.

The pedals are made from half alloy with reflectors tube in which a single wall alloy is used within the American valve body. This unique cycle has been reviewed because it fits the excellent global standards as fats bicycles with a top-notch body.



It is one lower-priced but top-acting bicycle that helps you to discover mountain trails. This great bicycle is all that you want or even more. It incorporates V brakes for added protection and a single-speed tools device to don’t ought to make it difficult to keep it.

A terrific element about this version is that even as you paddle your way, it’ll appear to be an easy process for you due to its 44T crankset. The performance incorporates a body length of 19-inch. Thus, when you have a height of 5.4 to 6.4 feet, this bicycle could be best for you.

Most importantly, the seat is pretty smooth and cushioned so that you don’t revel in any ache, even when visiting lengthy distances. Also, the handles are straight, supplying you with higher control over the road.

Furthermore, the aesthetic black appearance beats all people within the race concerning the version’s design. It approximately has the measurement of the product; it’s far from being 135x 84.9x 24.9 cm and a weight of 20.9 kgs. So, you could effortlessly manage it in regions in which it’s hard to ride.



It is any other inexpensive but top-acting bicycle that allows you to discover mountain places. It consists of V brakes for additional protection and a single-speed tools system so that you don’t need to push more of your efforts.

An extraordinary element in this version is that even as you ride your way, it’s going to appear like a convenient process for you. The version carries a body weight of 12kg. Thus, when you have a height of 4.4 to 5.4 feet, this bicycle could be an ideal one.

Most importantly, the seat is extraordinarily smooth so that you don’t feel pain and enjoy even visiting lengthy distances. Also, the handles are straight, supplying you with higher control over the road. Plus, the metal hubs guide the better alignment for the wheels.

Furthermore, the refined orange appearance beats anyone withinside the race regarding the version’s design, making you the middle of attraction. Another significant issue is the performance is that it makes your braking feature safer. The measurement of the product is 116.8 x 19.1 x 55. 9 cm and in particular designed for youngsters, who manage in regions wherein it’s tough to ride.



The Leader Xtreme MTB mountain bicycle falls best withinside the mountain Category. The Shock-Free Mig Welded Steel Frame is an Inbuilt Carrier frame that holds the whole cycle up and collectively and permits you to take a seat down.

The Base compiles of Power Brakes that come up with the self-assurance that your bike is safe, and each time you sense you’re going too speedy or are dropping control, you may follow brakes, and the cycle will stop. Another significant component of the bike is its metal handlebars alongside improvements to present you with a snug driving posture.

With the shape of the bicycle, you may effortlessly regulate its saddle with a quick launch and higher grips. Further, the vast tires permit the rider to roll and triumph over a solid and cushioned ride. Besides, it’s far more ideal for people having a height of 5 to 5.7feet, who are as tall as an adult. As it comes from a famous brand, you don’t need to fear its quality, which might be the right option.



Final Word

1. Which form of break should I choose?

That entirely relies upon your riding. If searching ahead for rough, slippery, and rugged terrain, choose disc brakes. If the trip is smooth and doesn’t need unexpected braking, choose V or caliper brakes.

2. Which cycle will assist me with high-depth exercising?

Mountain bikes and road motorcycles are similarly first-rates for a high-depth exercising session. Where road motorcycles assist in constructing endurance, mountain bikes give a boost to the body.

3. What form of equipment cycle must I use for mountain surfing?

The mountain bike is appropriate if you are a professional; however, if you are nonetheless taking your child steps, opt for the hybrid equipment cycle to offer sufficient revel in and later graduate to the mountain bicycle.

4. Do cycles come with warranties?

Most cycles include a substitute assurance for a particular period. It can be ten years for a few at the same time as a life long for others.

Final Word

We have blanketed a considerable variety of cycles to locate the proper fit according to your want. The above process is labeled into sections like electric cycles, girls cycles, kids cycles, mountain cycles, and lots more. There can not be one ideal cycle as each human is particular and features unique necessities and choices.

These have been the satisfactory alternatives appropriate beneath the price range of 6000. All of the selections have been concluded in step with the weather conditions, the situation of the roads, and a few different critical factors. It is all of this data that you might want to shop for a super cycle for yourself. Therefore now all you need to do is go surfing and get yourself a great bike.

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