Best Cycles under ₹5000

Buying a bicycle is difficult as there are various brands, and they come at a couple of high rates. A strong cycle will provide you with sufficient assist from the bike as you balance and corner, permitting it to be predictable and maneuverable at gradual speeds. In addition, a cycle with desirable stability should have an extended wheelbase, wider handlebars, and let standover peak so that you can more effortlessly position your foot right down to steady yourself.

Even if you get guidelines from cycling friends, companies, and shopkeepers, mistakes happen. Hence, we have listed some excellent bicycles, and we will evaluate each one of them. We will try to hold our opinions to the issue and the factor, so you do not want to spend more time searching out best cycles under 5000.

Top 10 Cycles under ₹5000 - At a Glance

1. Hero Kyoto 26T Check Price
2. Hero Sprint Check Price
3. Geekay Sturdy Check Price
4. Leader Scout MTB Check Price
5. Geekay Hashtag Check Price
6. Leader Xtreme Check Price
7. Hercules Dynor RF Check Price
8. Hero Blast Check Price
9. Vamos V100 Check Price
10. Speed bird Check Price

10 Best Cycles under 5000 in India - Review

Your choice to Cycle will depend on your tastes and the kind of distance and surface location you may ride. There are many unique biking styles, and a wide variety of cycles are there to allow you to acquire your goals.

Whether you want to ride down the town, a quick road racer, a route center hero, downhiller, explorer, or whatever else, there may be the ideal Cycle constantly to be had for you.

The little suspension mountain bicycle works in single-pace strength transmission and a sturdy structure. This amusing and simple-to-enjoy bi-cycle allows the rider to explore more than one terrain. It moreover makes regular commutes easier.

The bicycle frame is deliberate with a high-density metallic material. It offers a sturdy, helpful resource to the components and keeps them intact. The strong manufacturing lets the rider cycle on both off roads and urban roads without a hassle.

This mountain bicycle is ergonomically designed for all age groups of kids and adults. It is a high-quality normal-use commuter that features more than one moderate reflector to make even midnight times safe. In addition, the adjustable P.U. saddle offers a snug use of position.

It is a Single Speed Adult Cycle with a Steel Frame that contains Rim Brakes. It moreover comes with a Suspension Fork and with 26-inch tires. It is a high-quality bicycle for city commuting and additionally advantages fitness. Furthermore, it is a single-pace bicycle, well suitable for grown-up riders of all ages. No doubt, it is one of the best cycles under 5000.



Hero Sprint is a unisex cycle, and it is elegant with a white-colored body that stands unique and robust. It has V brakes that are possibly pretty reliable on roads and splendid for unexpected braking mechanisms. It furthermore allows the Cycle to be lightweight and reduce the maintenance parts.

The feature of the single-speed gear tool used for the Cycle makes it long-lasting too. Its tire degree is 26 inches, and the body is eighteen inches making it a relaxing adventure for someone approximately 5 ft to 5.8ft. Though the Cycle is packed in a semi-assembled condition, it equips an efficient package for assembling them correctly.

It is a great bicycle that is also available at a special price for the mountain experience. India’s superior bicycle brand hero manufactures it, and the trustable V brakes offer an easy and clean on-road with low maintenance.



The Sturdy Hardtail mountain bicycle is also the most successful and soft racing cycle created. They have designed every inch of Geekay Sturdy’s Bicycle for the safe riding, fast-moving, and race system because you deserve the best riding cycle.

It’s single-speed, and its length is 26 inches. It’s best if you are new to the direction and goals of an excessive MTB bicycle that you could experience on any terrain and town.

It is a lightweight bicycle with an extensive form of gearing. Hence, you in no way need to pedal too harshly or easily on terrain that differs in elevation, v brakes that experience smoother, and a rigid fork maintains it moderate and sturdy. Built with the resource of using the first-rated products withinside the enterprise, it’s miles greater than capable of absorbing any direction adventures and stands to be the ideal Bicycle.



If you do not need to compromise your standard overall performance concurrently using the mountain trails, Leader Scout MTB 26T is the one for you. It comes with a solid handlebar-fashioned T for a better grip. Additionally, its far are explicitly designed to maintain the rider’s comfort level via all their prolonged journey with gentle rubber grips.

The leader bicycle has front and back caliper brakes if you need to smoothly manipulate the Cycle with minimum maintenance. It moreover has perfect braking power, so you do not want to consider times in advance of the spot brakes.

It has a P.U. saddle whose top you can easily modify collectively with a reinforced plastic shell. Thus, counting on your height, you can alter the harness and acquire the cushy sitting feature providing you better control.

It has an 18-inch hi-tensile sturdy metallic frame collectively with an ergonomic shape to offer you comfort while you ride. Also, it comes with a stand and chain cover for preserving its safety, making the excellent preference of a cycle.



The Geekay Hashtag is an MTB bicycle that places amusement in functionality. Available in numerous wheel sizes and a foot-ahead body layout, upright driving offers ultimate speed, comfort, and control. This present-day classic is constructed to ride, and it’s lightweight. It’s durable and comfortable and designed to deal with the demanding situations of the streets.

It might be first-class if you need a smooth-driving, low-maintenance city MTB cycle able to take over the most challenging city streets with you. But, whether that trip is to work, the grocery store, or happy hour, this Cycle needs to get you there competently and in fashion.

It is a lightweight bicycle, optionally available with a 21 equipment system. A wide variety of gearing is available so that you by no means want to pedal too harshly or smoothly on terrain that varies in elevation, mechanical disc brakes that sense smoother and more secure than V brakes. An innovative body layout allows an upright driving role that offers ultimate speed, comfort, and control.

The Hashtag is a lightweight town bicycle that’s Big on fun, low on maintenance. This motorcycle is made for the town and everything that incorporates it. Sleek, light, and sure to show heads, you’ll constantly arrive in fashion on a Geekay Hashtag.



The Leader Xtreme MTB mountain bicycle is an excellent one withinside the mountain Category. The Shock-Free Mig Welded Steel Frame is an Inbuilt Carrier body that holds the complete Cycle up and together and allows you to sit down.

The Base compiles of Power Brakes provide you with the self-guarantee that your Cycle is secure, and on every occasion you experience you are going too rapid or are losing control, you could observe brakes, and the process will stop. Another substantial issue of the Cycle is its steel handlebars, along with upgrades to offer you a comfortable riding posture.

With the form of the Bicycle, you could easily alter its saddle with a quick release and better grips. Further, the enormous tires allow the rider to roll and overcome a strong and cushioned experience. Besides, it is best for people of a peak of 5 to 5.7feet, who is as tall as an adult. As it comes from a well-known brand, you don’t need to worry about its quality, which is probably the right option.



Hercules is a brand recognized for low-rate and robust bicycles designed to seize interests even on the road. This brand from T.I. Cycles of India has several present-day bicycles, which are focused on attracting youngsters’ preferences. One such ideal Bicycle in an inexpensive variety is the Hercules Pro 26T.

The Hercules Pro 26T is fabricated from a swish metallic structure. Though traditionally, a metallic frame makes it heavy, the bicycles are deliberately to be highly light. The Steel frame gives sturdiness and strength, and it’s far to be had in single, fashionable frame sizes. It has Power V-Brakes on the front and rear.

They roll on a 26″ x 2.35″ tire that is massive and properly treated, ensuring they are delivered to stability, advanced grip, and superior safety. Other top-notch functions are the vast, properly cushioned Saddle, Mudguards, oversized pedals, and snug grips. In addition, this Bicycle has numerous color options, which are probably attractive and exquisite for a ride.



The Hero Blast 20 T single-speed kids cycle comes in conjunction with the brand assured Hero. They are regarded for their brand. This Bicycle is ultra-modern for its pretty excellent layout and serves as one of the high-quality motorcycles for mountain cycling trips. This product is also available in a semi-assembled situation wherein the producer offers the Allen Key & Spanner installation.

It is an excellent preference for children from 7 to 9 years old because the minimum rider top is 3ft 10 inch, and the maximum is 4ft 6inch. The tire length is 20 inches, and the frame duration is 12 inches. The equipment cycle works on single-speed devices and firm suspension with caliper brakes.

They are regarded for their brand. This Bicycle has a present-day model layout; this is magnificent and serves as one of the high-quality motorcycles for mountain biking trips.



It is another less expensive, but top-performing Bicycle that permits you to find mountain places. It is likewise an incredible bicycle that is all that you need or maybe extra. It includes V brakes for extra safety and a single-speed gear system, so you do not want to push extra of your efforts.

Incredible detail on this model is that at the same time, as you trip your way, it will look like a handy technique for you. In addition, the model incorporates a bodyweight of 12kg. Thus, if you have a top of 4.4 to 5.4 feet, this Bicycle can be a perfect one.

Most importantly, the seat is distinctly smooth, so you do not experience aches and revel in even journeying for prolonged distances. Also, the handles are straight, providing you with better management over the road.

Furthermore, the subtle orange look beats all of us within the race concerning the model’s design, making you the center of attraction. Another extensive problem is the overall performance is that it makes your braking characteristic safer. The size of the product is 116.8 x 19.1 x 55. 9 cm and specially designed for youngsters, with control in areas where it is difficult to trip.



Speed bird cycle is one of the identified producers and suppliers of children and child cycles. It manufactures cycles for both the elegance of gender. Speed Bird cycles is a brand that creates a unique bond among children and a cycle that can by no means be broken. It manufactures tremendous cycles consistent with the distinct necessities of a specific kid.

Riding a Speed Bird cycle is a ceremony of passage to different components of the residence lane past the front lawn. It features a speed bird children’s Cycle and manufactures the Cycle for both (boys and girls). It is to be had for children of three to six years of age. Prices of the Cycle are affordable and rely upon the distinctive fashions of the Cycle.

A massive variety of motorbike seats, trailers, and kid’s bicycles are available. Baby or children cycles are also manufactured in unique colors. It has the advantage of building up health at an early age. In addition, it boosts up the high-quality mental attitude of the toddlers and introduces a healthy interest for your kids at the same time as they’re young.




1. Which shape of the break must I pick out?

That ultimately is based upon your driving. If looking in advance for rough, slippery, and rugged terrain, pick out disc brakes. If the experience is clean and does not need surprising braking, pick out V or caliper brakes.

2. Do cycles include warranties?

Most cycles consist of a replacement guarantee for a selected period. It may be ten years for some at the same time as a life long for others.

3. Which fabric is preferable?

The Cycle is available in unique materials. You decide the choice of fabric thoroughly. But at the same time, as you pick out the first-class Cycle, make sure you select out or some other person who will use them. Also, make sure it isn’t always fragile movements smoothly.

4. Are the functions essential to be regarded?

With time, Best Cycle offers an entire set of functions. If you do not want to use it for every day or expert purposes, you may cross for an easy Cycle with the essential simple capabilities. However, in advance of developing a deal, one wishes to check the capabilities without a miss.

Final Word

If you want to have the best biking experience, ease into cycling start driving long distances with exceptional cycles. It is after that you would like it and frequently develop space and duration for cycling. After every ride, learn how to understand what your body demands. Then, ensure to get the best cycle under 5000 of your desire with the concept we’ve got indexed above on the excellent riding experience. If you have a slightly higher budget, you can check out these best cycles under 10000.

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