Best Cycles under ₹30,000

In this article, we will be looking at the best cycles under 30000 in the Indian market. We will be reviewing the best bikes and mentioning all the necessary specifications and features of each product. In addition, the pros and cons of each product will also be noted, so the user knows what the good and bad things about the product are.

In this price segment, there are many bicycles as the budget is sufficient enough to add many new features and good specifications. The main types of cycles that we will be relieving are made up of the following; mountain bikes (MTBs), Fat Bikes, Semi-Fat Bikes, Electric Powered Bikes and Hybrid bicycles.

Top 8 Cycles under ₹30,000 - At a Glance

1. Hero Lectro Clix 26T Check Price
2. Vaux 26T Check Price
3. Road Bike Speed Adventure Check Price
4. Vaux X Mount 27.5T Check Price
5. FF Unisex S-1 Check Price
6. FF All New S-8 Check Price
7. FF Unisex S-2 Check Price
8. FF All New S-5 Check Price

8 Best Cycles under 30000 in India - Review

This electric bicycle has many attractive features and is good at a lot of things. It is shaped attractively and has an aerodynamic and ergonomic design for the comfort of the user of the cycle. It comes in a dark grey and black variant and a turquoise and black variant.

I personally prefer the turquoise and black variant as the light, but bold tones of the turquoise frame make the black wordings pop off and look very stylish and trendy. The overall design is also a bit different in the two variants if you compare them side to side, but it has absolutely no effect on the performance of the bikes.

It has an adequate frame size of and 16 inches and a wheel size of 26 inches, with a rigid suspension in place. The front fork is aerodynamically built, and the blade, which is made of steel, is threadless and with a disc. The tires are black nylon high-quality ones with a size of 26×1.90″.

The frame is lightweight and made of aluminum, the electric motor is powered by a 36-volt lithium battery, and it has seven speeds.



This bike by Vaux features a red and black color scheme that is further accentuated by the stylish finishing done. The branding and name are painted on the frame in a very elegant manner, and the color style provides a nice contrast.

Even though the red paint is smooth and goes well, the real star of the appearance of this cycle is the fat wheels. The wheels look absolutely stunning and provide a real depth to the appearance of the bike.

Additionally, it also comes in four variants so that you can choose your favorite color style from the options given easily. These styles are Blue, Green, Grey, and Red.

This mountain bike has a speed rating of 21 and a frame size of 17 inches which is complemented by the 26-inch wheels. The frame is built from an aluminum-based alloy to provide durability and decrease the overall weight of the bike.

It has good front suspension and a disc braking system which is swift and powerful enough to increase the safety of the user. The cycle comes semi-assembled at 85 percent; the pedals and handles have to be attached by the buyer themselves.



This mountain bike is built for adventurers who want to ride on various terrains and uneven roads and ground. The Vaux X Mount bike is made of high quality and can provide the rider with a comfortable experience even when riding through big bumps and uneven terrain.

This cycle’s frame is made of 18 inches of quality aluminum alloy; it also has a double-wall alloy rim to protect the tube and an Mtb handlebar which provides superior grip control and comfort on the bike when maneuvering bad situations.

This bike, with a wheel size of 7.5 inches, has a lockout suspension fork and superior braking system with front and rear dual disk brakes, Shimano Tz 500 F/D & R/D, EF500 Shifters by Shimano and many other special features.

It has a PU saddle which is ideal for road cycling, mountain biking, off-roading, and more. The bike is able to be assembled quickly and already comes semi-assembled, the assembling only takes 20 minutes, and all the tools are already included, including the instruction manual.



The best part of this bike is the exceptional 27.5 inch wide tires which are great for tall riders. The larger tire and 2.5-inch width helps in high-speed performances and make the journey more comfortable for the rider. It has a frame size of 19 inches, complementing the wide tires.

The crank is cotterless and lightweight, making it easy to maintain. Cotterless cranks give closer dimensional tolerance and help in more strong spindle and crank joints. The rims are double-walled, which gives much more protection to the tubes, especially when you hit a pothole or a rock. 

The double rims may make the bike heavy, so they have used alloys to make the wheel, making the cycle still as light as possible while providing more protection. The bicycle has a fixed gear, so the speed of the cycle is only dependent on the rate of pedaling. This is a good option for children and school-going kids, as a single gear suits their needs much better.

The Harris 200 hits a lot of highs like the great brakes, strong MTB tires with double protection, and a wide 27.5-inch tire with a good frame size to complement it. It is specifically more suitable for tall users, as they will find the bicycle perfectly built for their needs. But, that is not to say that it wouldn’t satisfy the needs of anyone below 6 feet, which it will exceptionally.

Overall, the cycle is an excellent option and also comes added with the brand value associated with TATA products.



Ride your way through with this FF unisex cycle. It has an electric folding technology that uses aluminum which makes it robust and lightweight at the same time. It comes with double shock absorption and is resistant to corrosion and rust.

It has a mechanical front and a rear disc brake design at the back, which is rated 21 in terms of its speed professionally. The cycle comes with a perfect climbing ability which makes it suitable and ideal for being taken on mountain rides. It has ultra-strong wheels made up of 26-inch magnesium alloy, which enable a smooth ride.

It is also incorporated with an slip resistant thick tire which allows you to take this cycle to places that are uneven and rough. Places like streets, back roads, global City all can be covered with this cycle.

It is equipped with an electrical system that operates with a 48-volt lithium-ion battery and 350-watt motor, which makes it robust, durable and long-lasting. Go for the cycle if you’re looking for a 30 to 40 km per hour speed and daily adventure.



This is the best cycle ever introduced for people who have a love and passion for mountain biking and riding. Grab your hands on this fun and ride your way through different mountains and terrains.

It is a folding electric mountain bike that uses an alloy of aluminum to give it a strong structure and makes it lightweight at the same time. It comes with double shock absorption. It combines excellent climbing ability with a mechanical front and rear disc bike, which works at a speed of 21 and gives you a professional transmission system.

A notable feature of the cycle is its ultra-strong wheels. The wheels are designed to travel even in harsh and rough conditions like heavy rainfall, high traffic jam, and rough terrain. Wholly coated with alloy, the wheels are non-corrosive and do not get rusted.

The size of the frame is 18 inches and makes it easy to handle, carry and maintain. This is the best bike in town so go for it if you want to have a good riding experience.



This electric bike from a generic brand comes with a dual suspension and is built in a large size. This can be used by people from all age groups; however, it would suit the needs of athletes more.

This bike adopts aluminum to give it a solid and lightweight structure. It has a mechanical front and double shock absorption along with a rear disc brake design which works at a speed of 21 and has a professional transmission system.

The perfect climbing ability makes it suitable to be taken on mountains as well. A notable feature about the cycle is that it has excellent train adaptability, which means you can travel on this cycle with places ranging from mountains to valleys and even roads.

It is equipped with an electric system that uses a 48-volt lithium-ion battery and operates on the water of 350 W to provide a superior wedding experience no matter where the place. This mountain bike is suitable for a day’s adventure and most trips that require to and fro movement.



This is a stunning mountain bike by the generic brand imported for all people with dual suspension. It has 21 as the number of rotations per minute, and its size is large.

It incorporates a 26-inch fat tire that is fitted with an anti-slip wear-resistant wheel that ensures high-quality riding. The wheels and tires make it suitable to take the bicycle even on rough terrains like mountains and rocky roads.

The front and rear disc brakes offer excellent stopping power and progressive breaking even in different road conditions. It comes with a professional transmission system that works at a speed of 21, maintaining a comfortable pedaling speed throughout, regardless of the gradient of the terrain.

Not many bicycles have this feature. Its size is 18 inches which makes it easy to carry and handle and non-cumbersome at the same time. Go for the cycle if you’re looking for a 30 to 40 km per hour speed and daily adventure.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do I have to pedal an electric bike?

It depends on the bicycle; some electric bikes allow you to turn the throttle without even pedaling. But most bicycles require that you pedal. Even for electric bicycles with a throttle, you’ll need to pedal when going uphill. But you won’t have to pedal hard.

Q2. Can I use an electric bike as a standard bicycle when I want to?

Yes, you can easily do that as it is pretty easy to switch back and forth between the two. You might only need the electric motor’s help while going uphill.

Q3. How fast do regular electric bikes go?

If you are pedaling, you will be able to go as fast as you can pedal the cycle. But, most bikes stop any electric assistance when pedaling at 30km and higher.

Final Word

We have discussed the various features and essential specifications of the best cycles under 30000 available in the Indian market right now. In addition to that, the various highs and lows of all the products have also been listed in the form of pros and cons after every product’s review.

This gives the buyer more information about the product and enables the consumer to make an informed and intelligent decision. We hope that this article answered any questions you had about these types of bikes – mostly electric bikes in nature.

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