Best Cycles under ₹25,000

Cycling has been one of the most proposed and supported forms of vehicular travel by governments of countries everywhere. Every country wants to save its non-renewable resources like petroleum and also doesn’t want the tons of air and noise pollution that is characteristic of petroleum based vehicles.

So, we thought it was very necessary to write an article on the best bicycles under 25000 that a prospective cyclist can buy in the Indian market. As cycle buyers are not limited to just climate conscious users and they form just a small part of the demographic. 

Below are the reviews for the best cycles under 25000 in the Indian market and also some frequently asked questions. In addition, we have also highlighted the various ups and downs of each product in the form of pros and cons.

Top 10 Cycles under ₹25,000 - At a Glance

1. Hero Lectro Kinza 27.5 Check Price
2. Hero Lectro Clix 26T Check Price
3. Avon Cycles Spirit 26T Check Price
4. PLUTUS Alloy Bicycle 27.5 Check Price
5. Vaux Battle 518 26T Check Price
6. Viva Puma 29 SX Check Price
7. Geekay Spartan Alloy Check Price
8. Firefox Bikes TORRETO 27.5D Check Price
9. Roadster Bike Check Price
10. Viva Falcon-3.0 27.5T Check Price

10 Best Cycles under ₹25,000 in India - Review

A good mid-range bicycle by hero, the Lectro Kinza SS is an excellent choice due to the many features and great specifications that it offers to the user. This electric bike is perfect for climate-conscious people and general people who need something with a bit more power than the normal cycle.

This bicycle has a full alloy frame and while most electric bikes are generally very heavy due to a battery and motor, Hero Lectro makes use of the lightweight frame material to keep the weight in check.

The Kinza comes in two colour variants, both of which have an aerodynamic design and a great quality matte finish paint job. The variants are grey-white and black and blue and black, both of which have great contrast between the black finish of the wheels and the popping frame color.

The Kinza has no gears and instead of a gear system, the Kinza sports a single-speed drivetrain; a lack of gears also decreases the weight.

Due to a good quality motor being powered by a 36-volt battery, the cycle is able to reach a maximum speed of 25km/hr using battery power. The cycle has two modes, mainly pedal-assist mode and throttle mode. The average distance given on full charge depends on how intensively the bike is used, with throttle mode giving higher speeds at lower mileage.

So with a 1-hour charge, the cycle is capable of going 30km in the pedal assist mode and about 22-25 km in throttle mode. The battery takes four hours to charge and the bike has to be near a charging point because of the undetachable nature of the battery.

The bike has powerful disc brakes that are capable of stopping this E-Bike quickly and safely even at speeds of 20-25km/hr.



Hero electric cycles are easily the most popular electric cycles in India, so it makes sense to have two of the best cycles they have delivered on this list. This single-speed bicycle has a 16-inch frame which greatly reduces the weight, giving it a superior-top speed of 30-35 km depending on the slope and driver’s weight.

The high-quality disc and alloy wheel braking system have to clearly be of top-notch quality in order to break swiftly and safely at speed of 30km+. They are indeed just so, with brakes that you can depend on and that guarantee your safety at high speeds.

The 26-inch tires are of superior quality and can carry the rider over uneven bumps and poor road conditions very easily, as they offer a superior grip on the road. The high-quality transmission is done by Hero itself so you can depend on them to give you a smooth ride.

The completely waterproof motor is IP67 rated and has a great range, with an efficient battery backup. The main flaw here in the bike is also that the battery isn’t detachable and the bike has to be kept near the charging outlet. In addition, the battery takes four hours to fully charge.

There is a one-year warranty on all the tools provided.



Avon is back in the cycling game with another entrant into this space, in the form of the Avon Spirit 26T. Let’s just say what comes immediately to mind when you look at the black variant of this cycle, the stylish wording on the frame catches your eye immediately. The black-on-grey design is immaculately well done and the matte black wheels go very well with the stylish frame.

Indeed it is easily one of the most stylish bikes on the Indian market at this price point.

It has very high-quality tires that help you get a good grip on the terrain, these ralson MTB tires have been given the tag name explorer marco. They have been designed by Ralson for high end Mountain Bikes and they have spared no expense nor cut any corners with these superior quality tires.

This geared bicycle has high-quality 24 speed Shimano gears and is built on a durable Alloy frame that is of an aerodynamic and ergonomic design. The D-type rim wall provides superior protection to the tubes. In addition, the disc braking system works flawlessly and offers a seamless experience to the rider.

Overall, this is a winner by Avon and is certainly a product to ponder over and consider.



Before we go into the specifics, let me explain just what the cycle company Plutus is about. So Plutus is not just another premium bicycle brand, it is a brand that was explicitly built to suit the uneven and bumpy Indian terrain. All the various models and bikes of this company are always built with the highest quality of materials and parts available in mind. So this company prides itself on making world-class bicycles, so it’s suitable that it has an entry into this article.

The bike comes with a good wheel size of 27.5 inches which is apt for most situations and terrain. This bicycle has good quality 27.5 x 2.10 tires from CST which are made for all terrains as the branding on the wheels says. The bicycle has smooth and good quality welding which complements the carbon fiber frame material.

The cycle is not single gear but has a high-quality 21-speed gear system for ease of use of the rider. The gears are made by microshift and are good quality but still not Shimano quality gears. Overall Plutus has done a good job with this cycle by using products of big companies which manufacture durable products and so are well trusted.



Vaux is one of the new and up-and-coming cycle chains in India, and the Vaux battle 518 is one of its flagship entries into the market. The company itself offers many impressive features and services to the buyer such as free shipping, twenty-four hours dispatch, and quick delivery, and excellent customer support with a swift response time.

In addition, Vaux bikes are designed in India putting extra emphasis on the comfort and control of the rider. All Vaux bikes have a lifetime warranty on the frame of the bicycle, which just makes the proposition of buying one of these even more attractive than before.

The bike really does look like it’s ready for battle against the terrain, with an ergonomic design built for the comfort of the rider and extended wide handlebars for a superior grip and control on the mountain bike. The comfortable and soft high-quality rubber seat is angled at a certain position to help the rider have a good posture while riding.

The bicycle has 21-speed shift gears with 7×3 Speed Shimano Tz500 F/D, which are the highest quality speed gears in the Indian market. In addition, it has a wheel size of 26 inches with a 17-inch full alloy frame that serves both durability and weight purposes as it is durable and lightweight simultaneously. The bike has good quality mechanical disc brakes and double-wall alloy rims.

Overall it is a good option and also comes 99 percent assembled.



This is another company that doesn’t have as much reach or popularity as other major chains in this segment but is quickly picking up pace and trying to catch up to the big companies. The Puma 29 SX is another entrant into the mid-tier segment and looks to impress with its specifications.

The Puma 29 SX is marketed as a cruiser bike with a large frame size of 19 inches which coupled with the 29-inch wheel size is great for people of large stature and height who don’t always have specifications that fit their frame easily.

The frame material is an aluminum alloy which is very durable and lightweight simultaneously, cutting down on any extra weight due to the large size of the cycle. It has a 21-speed gear (7×3) from Shimano.

The handle is high quality and is threadless and wide in nature for a superior grip experience. It has a dual rear and front disc braking system. The fork has good quality shockers which absorb any bumps, it can also be locked.

The rim that protects the tube is a double-wall aluminum rim that is coated and has a bearing system to increase durability.

Overall the cycle is a very good option as even though it is large in appearance, all its features and materials used in making the cycle make it very lightweight so it can give a great experience to the user.



With a model name like Spartan, you can tell that this SPARTAN is built with an aim to conquer any road or any uneven off-road terrain with ease. It has an aerodynamically and ergonomically designed frame that reduces air friction and drag while also providing comfort to the user. It has high-quality all-terrain knobby tires which service your every need with great grip on the terrain.

The design is not just for a good feel, as it looks exceptional as well. Its red and black variant is very smooth and looks beautiful with amazing contrasting color styles. The red wordings and logos on top of the black frame complement the matte black finish of the wheel greatly.

This bike has a great set of bearing BB which provide a low level of friction on all the various rotating contact points for a great performance on the road. In addition, the superior disc braking system on both the rear and front of the cycle makes sure that the rider has a stable and easy braking experience.

The saddle has a quick release through which you can adjust the height of the seat easily, which makes the rider’s use of the product easier. The bike is 85 percent assembled and the front wheel, pedals, handles all have to be assembled by the buyer themselves after following instructions.

Overall Geekay has delivered another product keeping up to the usual standard they deliver.



The Firefox Torreto 27.5D is a good new addition to the already big range of Firefox’s Mountain Bikes. This frame of the bike is built with a high quality Alloy and also comes with tube that is slanting which increases the standover height. This makes the bike easy to ride on bumpy and uneven surfaces. Torreto is a hardtail and so comes with a suspension fork and is ideal for tackling rough and uneven roads and trails.

The Torreto has a Mezzo M21L 7-Speed Back Derailleur and a Shimano 3-Speed Derailleur on the front. The superior gear shifting performance is very smooth and there was little to no lag experienced by the rider. The Shimano shifters are responsive and also very easy to operate as they are at a very ergonomic position and accessible.

The stopping power on this Hardtail MTB is powered by two JAK Mechanical Disc brakes. These brakes are of good quality and are powerful in stopping in traffic and on any other uneven surfaces.

This Toretto sports a pair of Wanda 27.5” x 2.10” MTB tires. These tires are specifically built to have a uniform tread pattern and bulky treads which provide very good traction. The seat from Firefox is actually not quite ergonomic in design but is still a well-cushioned seat for a soreness-free ride.



This roadster cycle comes in a vibrant and colorful orange-blue and black color style which is very attractive for young users like children who like colorful cycles. The cycle is delivered in an 85 percent semi-assembled condition and the buyer will need to assemble it before using the same.

The tire size of this roadster bike is 26×4 inches and has a frame made of steel which has a size of 18 inches. This is a geared cycle and the speed rating of the cycle is 21 speed, which helps in mountain biking. The brake utilizes disc braking systems to give a superior disc braking experience.

The components included are the side stand, rear and front reflectors, the mudguards, trainer wheel, carrier, and bell are not included and have to be purchased separately. Double-wall alloy rims protect the tube from any unwarranted damage.

Overall this geared mountain bike is ideal for 15+ but appeals to people of all ages.



The Viva Falcon is a great option with its biggest strength being its value for money approach to the buyers, as it is just two-thirds of the budget and so very good for the types of specifications it gives at such low prices.

It has a frame of 18.5 inches and it is made of a lightweight and durable alloy that guarantees the longevity of the vehicle. The tires are 27.5 x 2.10 and are manufactured by Kenda, the cycle also has a front suspension. The dual front and rear disc braking system is well done and works effectively.

The handlebar is high quality and made of steel and it is 660mm, the stem of the cycle is made of ruian alloy and is 31.8mm. It has a high-quality front and rear derailleur and shifter. The side stand, reflector, seat, and pedals have to be added later by the user and are given with the product.



Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of rims are good?

Rims are a vital part of bicycles and provide protection to the tubes of the wheel. Generally, the rims should be at least double-walled to provide a good level of protection and triple-walled wheels offer the greatest protection possible.

Why do electric bikes/E-bikes have no gear system?

Electric bikes usually don’t have a need for a gear system and are single speed because the motor tends to overpower the gears of the cycle, rendering the gears virtually useless to the rider.

Final Word

In this article we have covered the mid tier segment of the bicycles, and reviewed some of the best cycles in the Indian market at this price segment. In addition we have also included some frequently asked questions for more clarity to the consumer. The pros and cons of each product have also been given so the buyer can make an informed decision as to what to purchase and knows what to expect from the product before buying and receiving it.

if you have a slightly lower budget, you can also see best cycles under 20000.

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