Best Cycles under ₹20,000

The 20,000 budget segment of cycles introduce new kinds of vehicles with more features. It also showcases new types of tires like semi-flat and flat. These machines are explicitly built for a specific type of cycling and not broad-based use. The durability and quality of materials used to construct the cycles are also upscaled, and this thus also increases the longevity and durability of the same.

So as we begin to spend more and more, the consumer should also expect not just a product with more bells and whistles (no pun intended) to show, but also a machine with a superior make and quality in comparison to the budget bicycles.

A bicycle can come in many forms, as it is used by many types of people, both rich and poor. Basic bicycles come under 5000 and very luxurious bicycles can also cost the rider upwards of 1 lakh rupees. So there is lots of variety in this segment.

But, as this is still an article on the best cycles under 20,000, value for money plays a significant role, and some bikes that have been reviewed here are even half of the maximum budget because the amount of value for money that they provide is so good that it can’t be ignored at all.

So for the ease of the prospective bicycle rider, we have compiled the ten best cycles under 20,000 in the Indian market right now, which are all great in their own way. They all have their highs and lows, and thus we have also mentioned their pros and cons after the review to give the user a better and more detailed look.

Top 10 Cycles under ₹20,000 - At a Glance

1. AXAN Fat Bicycle Check Price
2. CAYA Bikes for Adults Check Price
3. Make Road Bike 700 C Check Price
4. Hero Sprint Monk 26T Check Price
5. Hero Next Pro 26T Check Price
6. CRADIAC Unisex 700C Check Price
7. Hero Sprint Growler 27.5T Check Price
8. Omobikes Bikes Hampi 700 Check Price
9. CAYA Adults BMX Bike Check Price
10. Geoman 24T Check Price

10 Best Cycles under 20000 in India - Review

It has high-quality dual disc brakes that will undeniably give you an excellent assurance of solid brakes. They will keep you safe from accidents by working very well.
It also features a quick-release seat allowing the rider to easily change or adjust the height of the saddle according to their own convenience and remove it when necessary.

The pedals are made of high-quality aluminium while making them very durable. They also have anti-skid properties that make it difficult to slip.

The AXAN bicycle has a frame that is made of carbon steel, which is widely regarded as being very durable while also light for an optimum experience and easy storage.

The front suspension fork helps to mitigate the effect of any shocks caused by uneven terrain, making the rider have an easy and comfortable experience always.

The one big downside of this cycle is that although it brings a host of good features, it is not that valuable for money.

There are many free accessories that you get with your purchase of this bike, including free mudguards, bottle cage and tool kit.

It has a softly padded seat that allows you to sit comfortably while driving. The high-performance suspension also minimizes bumps for added comfort.

While this is a chunky bike, the size isn’t too big, so it can be easily stowed away when not in use. The build quality could be improved on.



The CAYA Warrior bicycle for adults is a semi-fat bicycle with a wheel size of 26 inches.
It also features dual disc brakes and has a frame that is made of pure iron but has the look of an alloy based variant. It has an army colour/ camouflage colour option also.

The quality of the frame is good, and the bike also comes with front shock absorbers that have a lifetime warranty and anti-slip pedals. In addition, the seat is very comfortable and is made with high-quality rubber and has a reflector under it.

The cycle is single gear and has non-tear fat tire wheels that are manufactured by hartex and are a perfect addition to this semi-fat cycle.

Undoubtedly the most significant plus point of this cycle is the triple-walled alloy wheels which provide a much more superior protection to the tubes and increase the longevity of the bike by a lot. Getting triple-walled alloys is unheard of at this price segment.

It also has space to attach additional accessories like mobile holders, front torches and horns. A
Bell is already attached free of cost. It is very comfortable to ride as the adjustable seat caters to people of many different types of heights and frames.

This cycle has many highs, but a massive flaw that pulls it down is the below par and almost non-existent customer service provided to the consumer after purchase of the product. I found numerous reviews online, all claiming that they had received a defective product and the customer service didn’t help them at all.

Overall this cycle is a perfect choice in this price segment and couples both value for money and durability in one stylish product. This bicycle costs almost half of the maximum budget of the article.



This bike by Amardeep cycles features a stylish black matte finished design and body that gives it a very premium and high-end look. It also comes in various other colour styles and variants, such as blue, grey, and white. All of which look just as good and appealing as the modern black variant.

This cycle is also delivered in a semi-assembled condition (85 per cent), the user has to assemble it, and an Allen key and spanner is given for help. It is ideal for anyone above 11 years of age and with a minimum height of 5’2 and the maximum height of 6’2.

Additionally, it has a rigid suspension and a 14 speed ( 7 by 2 ) gear system, which is powered by the industry-leading Shimano gears. It has a powerful disc braking system with the standard rear and dual front disc powered braking system in motion to provide extra power.

Even though it has a sound gear system, one of the downsides of this machine is that most other cycles in this price segment have 21-speed gear systems and not the basic 14-speed ones.

Complementary accessories like mudguards stand, bottle cage and toolkit are also given alongside the product. The 18-inch frame size and 27-inch wheel size should be easily sufficient for any tall rider as well and can handle about 120 kg easily.

The aerodynamic and ergonomic design enables both a comfortable experience for the driver and makes sure that the rider can enjoy the thrills of fast speeds. In respect of fast speeds, the sturdy and durable but still lightweight body frame also contributes a lot.



Yet another entry by Hero, the Hero Spirit Monk boasts perfect front and rear disc brakes, which are very effective and have superior stopping tower. It is ideal for people above the age of 13 years.

The 21-speed gear system is powered by Shimano technology and can be customized according to the needs of the rider. The seat of the cycle is coated by PU, which makes it very comfortable. It also has a lever system that allows the rider to adjust the seat according to their height.

Hero monk comes with a flat tire of 2.35-3.00 inches and makes the cycle look very stylish with a sporty look that is easy on the eyes. The tire size is 26 inches, and the frame of the bike is 17 inches. It is available in two variants; green and orange.

The double-walled alloy rim is built to last and of high quality. The stem is alloy four pin. The handlebar is very comfortable and comes with a matte finish. An 80 mm front suspension also gives superior service working with the sporty-looking hardtail body of the cycle.

The 21-speed gears are perfect for people who are daily cyclists and want to get the best out of their cycling machine. The one bad thing about this cycle is that the pedalling is a bit weird and uncomfortable and may take some getting used to as it is angled at a bizarre angle.



The Hero Next Pro 26T 21 Speed ​​comes with a full suspension steel frame. Although it is heavier than an aluminium frame, the steel gives this frame strength and makes it able to handle complex surfaces and falls.

While the resilience of the steel is positive, this frame weighs 18.7 kg and is heavy and feels like vibrations even when driving on slopes so that the rider has a smooth ride.

The colour-coordinated rear suspension made of light metal is little more than a decorative feature; It works well on rough city streets and sits easily in the saddle. The bike comes in a red base colour with black and white graphics.

The matte finish is of the highest quality. The saddle, rims and handlebars improved the overall aesthetics of the bike. The rear triangle has a sporty design with black coil springs.

The Next 26T 21 Speed ​​uses Shimano Tourney rear derailleurs as the front derailleur and rear derailleur. These 21-speed rear derailleurs, although the simplest version of the shift, performs well during the Smooth shift test ride with Shimano EF41 shifters.

The ‘Sypo’ brand mechanical disc brakes were an excellent addition to a 26T Urban MTB designed for young and adult riders. The steel handlebars were comfortable and extended to provide an open riding position.

Ralson 26 “x 2.10” MTB rims paired with double-walled aluminium rims result in a robust wheelset for this urban MTB. Thanks to the bulky and evenly spaced treads, it coped well with rough asphalt. The one lousy aspect was that the PU saddle is not comfortable at all due to it being a bit unergonomic.



One of the newer brands, Cradiac, has established a small but sturdy following of its own, and with the specifications that they offer, it is no surprise as to why. The 700C Hybrid bicycle by cardiac has 700C hybrid tires and an exceptional design and appearance in all of its models.

They have mechanical disc brakes front and rear that work very well for people who live with the hustle and bustle of urban life. It comes with 21 gears for customer convenience. The marches are made by both Shimano and Skillful. This is different for most bicycles.

In general, all bikes are based on Shimano gears, but it’s not uncommon to see other gears on some of the Cradiac bikes. The design is such that the 18-inch steel frame is very light, and the bike is very light overall. This allows you to reach higher speeds and fly through the air very quickly.

The majority of this bike is not made in China but is made in Taiwan by Taiwanese brands. One of the negative aspects was the quality of the rim, which despite the specifications, did not meet the standards.

It is terrific, and compared to other brands, this bike is very good value for money and a low price; however, being a newer brand, it doesn’t have the reach that other brands may have and so suffers a bit in this aspect.



Ride fast and match the speed of lightning with this cycle from Hero. Incredibly stylish and new in design, it fulfils a million dreams and offers what every cyclist wants. The black and green colour of the body match very well in contrast and look stunning when you ride it in the mountains.

It comes with a hardtail frame which makes it very easy to ride even in uneven terrain. The front suspension technology allows you to hang it freely and smoothly, even in situations with an adrenaline rush. It also has a light reflector which alarms other vehicles and you in case there’s a low distance between, thus reducing the chances of accidents.

The material of the cycle is made of steel, which gives it strength and structure. Be careful about cleaning it because such devices can easily get rusted and corrode if not taken care of properly.

It is rated 21 in terms of its speed and can easily match the best cycles in the world if taken on a race. The wheel size is 27.5 inches which makes you cover a lot of distance in just one rotation.

One alarming aspect of this bicycle is that the gear changing isn’t that smooth and a bit clunky.



This cycle from Hampi is the best design the company has offered. It offers a blend of the best design, superior material quality and gives the best cycle any healthy male or female would want to ride.

It is specially designed for Indian terrain, roads and valleys. The perfect geometry and placing of parts make it an ideal option to be driven here. It is lightweight, sturdy, and durable. Factors like heavy traffic or rough roads don’t cause any threat to the quality or performance offered by this product.

It has been built with extraordinary features and design. The saddle is highly comfortable, its brakes are built of alloy, and the frame is lightweight. This cycle is ideal for tall riders between the height of 170-220 cm. It can be used by athletic kids as well.

The cycle offers a quill type handlebar with comfortable PU grips, thereby easing every ride you have. The pedals are built of steel which gives them a long service life.

Its tyres are strong and treaded, which allow you to cover long distances effortlessly. The dual disc brakes come in handy in challenging situations and protect you from any mishappening.

This cycle is effortless to use and function. The packaging is great and can be driven as soon as you purchase it. No installation is required.



Literally, as fast as a cheetah, this cycle from CAYA would allow you to match the speed of the fastest runners and animals from the world.

It is popular and successful because of its head-turning styles and great technology. The colours orange and brown make it stand out among other cycles and look brilliant on mountains.

It is rated with a single speed on the speed index and operates with a freestyle mode of driving. It is front suspended and allows you to ride in an easy and efficient manner.

The handle type consists of BMS bars which give you a strong grip and hold of your own cycle. The frame material is steel, and the size is 26 inches.

The cycle weighs 26 kgs which makes it portable and easy to carry/ transport for different kinds of vacations. It operates smoothly even on uneven terrain and does not pose any problem even in situations involving traffic jams.

Its rims are made up of magnesium alloy that enables quick acceleration, faster stopping, lesser strain and higher strength.

This device is 85% assembled. The box contains a link to a YouTube video that explains the process of completing the entire cycle. The Allen key and spanner are provided in the box for installation.



This cycle is specially designed for children. It can be used by kids between the age of 9-16.

It is non geared and works at a single speed throughout, ensuring the safety and stability of children.

It comes with two brakes- front brake and rear brake, both of which are made up of wire. This cycle is entirely steel-based, which makes it durable, sturdy and robust.

Cleaning and maintenance of this cycle are extremely important, or else it would get corroded.

The tire size is 24 inches, and the frame size is 15 inches. This product offers only front suspension.

It is already assembled and comes with a ready-to-use facility when purchased. Go for this cycle and ensure the best health of your children by making them ride it daily.



Final Word

In this article we have reviewed and given the specification and important features of all the best bicycles the Indian market has to offer. We have taken the price point of under 20,000 as it is a pretty common budget for a good cycle.

In addition to the review of each cycle, the pros and cons have also been provided so that the reader can know exactly what they are buying and how low or high to keep their expectations with respect to the product they purchase.

I hope that after reading this article you, the reader can make an informed and intelligent purchase that suits all your needs and wants and is in accordance with your budget.

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