Best Cycle under ₹15,000

In this article, we will be reviewing some of the best cycles the Indian market has to offer under the price of 15,000. As the use of bikes has increased due to various reasons such as the continued depletion of non-renewable resources and the increasing air pollution, we found that it was a crucial topic to write on.

Especially in a developing country like India, where there is a very high amount of noise and air pollution, both of which could be mitigated by the mass use of cycles for transportation purposes.
Now, before we go to review the best cycles, there are some important things with respect to the price range that the user must know.

Budget vs Mid-Range

There is a stark difference between the budget segments of cycles. One of them is that the features get better and more technical. As we have already looked at best cycles under the 10,000 price segment in the previous article, we will be going upward to the 10,000-15,000 segment.

This segment unlocks new features, mainly the inclusion of the gear system in cycles.

Almost all cycles under 10,000 don’t have any gear system and are only a single-speed, and the speed of the cycle is dependent on how fast the user pedals the cycle. Now, besides the apparent gear system, there are other differences also, like the usage of a much superior quality of material to increase the longevity of the product.

There is also a much wider variety in the sizes of the wheels of the cycle and that of the frame of the bike, with most lower budget cycles just having small structures and wheel sizes that were not apt for people of more considerable stature.

Top 10 Cycles under ₹15,000 - At a Glance

1. 700C Hybrid Bicycle 21 Gear Shimano Check Price
2. ADDMAX Seahawk Check Price
3. Triad X2 Check Price
4. Firefox Bikes Voya Hybrid City Cycle Check Price
5. Kross Bolt 28T Check Price
6. Hero Sprint Growler 27.5T Check Price
7. Mountain Bicycle CRADIAC Check Price
8. Geoman 29T Mountain Bike Check Price
9. ELEVEN NEXXUS Hardtail Check Price
10. Firefox Bikes Grunge-D Check Price

10 Best Cycles under 15000 in India - Review

Cradiac is one of the newer brands that has come into the Indian cycle market. It sports 700C hybrid tires and an exceptional design and looks in all their models. 

They have mechanical front and rear disc brakes that work very well. The cycle is indeed the perfect urban hybrid bicycle for the people living with the hustle and bustle of urban life. It comes with 21 gears for ease of comfort of the customer. The gears are manufactured by both Shimanu as well as by Skillful.

This is different from most cycles as usually all cycles rely on the Shimanu gears, but in some of the cradiac cycles, it is not uncommon to see the Skillful gear. 

The design is such that the 18-inch steel frame is built very featherweight, and overall the cycle is indeed very light. This enables it to get to faster speeds very quickly and zip through the air.

Most of this bicycle is indeed not Chinese-made but, in fact, made in Taiwan by Taiwanese brands. One of the bad aspects was the quality of the rim, which was not up to par as per the standards even though according to the specifications it is supposed to be very good.

Compared to other brands, this bicycle has a very value for money approach and boasts a meagre price tag. But as this is a newer brand, it doesn’t have the traction and approach of other brands, so the cycles of these companies may be out of stock or difficult to obtain.



The ADDMAX Seahawk is a unisex adventure sports mountain bike that is undoubtedly a great option in this budget segment. It has a strong, lightweight carbon steel frame that will never rust. The colour style and palette are effortlessly beautiful.

It has a light blue painted body with the seahawk branding on it in smooth black. The matte black finish of the wheels, seat and handle significantly complements the blue body.

This mountain bike frame is strong yet light, the perfect companion by far for outdoor rides. Sea Hawk has made a powerful and stylish 26 × 2 inch bike with 21 gears for ease of use of the cyclist. 

It has a very comfortable seat that is easily adjustable according to the needs of the user- according to their height. But the one discomfort here would be that the seat isn’t that soft, and the rubber is a bit stiff.

The optimal height it is made for is 5-6’2 ft. It has front and rear disc brakes – a 160mm disc that makes the user experience a smoother ride that absorbs shocks with ease.

The wheels are explicitly optimized for turning in tight bends or on slippery terrain for optimal driving efficiency, and this makes them very reliable and trustable. The optimal height it is made for is 5-6’2 ft. 



Triad has an aim of creating the best cycles available out there and simply giving the best experience possible that it can provide to the user. The Triad X2 is a hybrid bike built on a sturdy rigid steel frame. This stiff frame is well thought out, sturdy, and definitely light. The geometry and ergonomic shape of the X2 provide the ideal example of the comfort companies should strive to give their users.

The gears change smoothly and precisely. A simple push and pull are required to switch between gears. These gears are efficient when shifting, and the 7-speed range is more than adequate for city traffic, fitness and leisure driving. There are standard V-brakes on the X2.

Lots of entry-level bikes are on the move right up to mechanical disc brakes; there are only a handful of bikes left that still use high-quality VBrakes like those used in the Triad X2. They are definitely as good and sometimes even better than most entry-level brakes but may lag behind high-quality dual disc-based systems. 

The Triad X2 is a simple and elegant-looking hybrid bike. The frame design is smooth with smooth welded tube profiles, together with a high-quality high-gloss finish. The Triad X2 is a 7-speed bike that has a Shimano Tourney 7-speed rear derailleur and is controlled by a 7-speed trigger switch. 

The Triad X2 came with a wide riser handlebar that gave the rider an open riding position. This stem is adjustable and allows you to increase the height of the handlebars vertically by up to 5 cm. This makes the driving position even more comfortable.

The X2 makes sure that you find yourself with an open chest and a straight back to ensure that you are in an ideal position for a ride and stress-free driving. The frame has a tubular profile in the frame sections, which optimizes the strength at the essential connections and minimizes the weight in areas where it is not needed.

The Triad X2 sports a pair of 700x35C tires. Tread and tire size are ideal for city traffic and long journeys. The rolling resistance is fast, and the tread pattern provides sufficient traction even on wet roads. The original X2 saddle has the ideal cushioning and width for easy riding.



Firefox is one of the leading bike brands in India, with bike models for all types of riders and surfaces. They have a firm hold on the city/hybrid segment and have some outstanding options there, like the Firefox Voya Hybrid City Cycle.

It has a color-coded design on the saddle that was a nice aesthetic touch. The Voya has a single-speed transmission. The 40T crankset offers solid single-speed pedaling on city streets. Pedaling is a smooth experience on both flat roads and slopes. This bike is not only easy to ride but also easy to maintain. 

The Firefox Voya is built on a lightweight aluminum frame that is strong and has a comfort-oriented geometry. But sometimes, the surface vibration may hamper the experience of the user.

The rigid steel fork is slim in shape but strong enough to withstand hard knocks on the road. The bike has a two-tone grey matte finish, light and dark, the base color of the frame sports yellow graphics. The matte paint is clean, and the smooth welded edges make the frame look elegant. 

The braking force of the Firefox Voya is provided by two electric V-brakes. These brakes are the conventional braking system with relatively long brake pads that give the bike a safe and balanced hold. These brakes help to stop quickly and maneuver through traffic. The steel handlebar is wide and offers the driver an open riding position.

It has a pair of 700x35C Wanda tires. These tires are smooth and fast, which is perfect for city driving. The seated cushion has a standard shape with an ideal length and width. Additionally, the saddle had a lot of cushioning and made the ride very easy.



Kross Bikes offers a wide range of bicycles for children and adults with aerodynamic design, fascinating graphics and high-tech features. 

The Kross Bolt is made with a traditional steel frame. The soft weld seam on the frame makes the bike durable and robust. Standard steel frames lose their grounding compared to aluminum and carbon frames, but nothing can compare with the simplicity and lightness of a steel frame. 

The handlebars of this bike are relatively wide, which allows an upright riding position with an open chest. The handlebar grips are on the thinner side and may require additional cushioning, and are pretty disappointing as they may cause pain after gripping continuously for long periods. 

This bike is equipped with 28-inch tires that are more than apt for most conditions. The profile of the wheels enables problem-free driving on roads with little traffic. The city saddle used on this bike is made of foam and is comfortable on the road.

Especially when it comes to handling and maintenance, the steel frame can pay dividends to the user. This bike is delivered with attached mudguards. The frame geometry enables a relaxed, upright riding position. 

The Kross Bolt was developed with the growing demand in mind and not only for performance but also for good looks. The bike is available in two colours: black with light green and white decals and plain black with white decals. Both have a matte finish that adds to the overall aesthetic of this bike. 



Hero Cycles is one of the largest and most successful bicycle brands in India. Hero has been around for over 60 years and has several categories of bikes with a few sub-brands among them.

The Hero Sprint Growler 27.5T is built on a robust and rigid steel frame. It has greater ground clearance to comfortably roll over obstacles on the road. This is sufficient for driving on city streets and slightly uneven surfaces. 

It comes in a black frame with yellow as the secondary color with neat and stylish graphics. The sleek design of the tube makes the bike look stylish. The gloss finish was of good quality. The colorful brake cables contrasted well and improved the aesthetics of this bike. 

It has a frame size of 17 inches, a good front suspension, a cotterless bottom bracket, and 21-speed shimanu shifter transmission gears. But, even though the gears are the standard right now, these specific cycle model has had many complaints of gear issues.

The brakes were strong enough to suddenly stop the bike, and feet balanced even during the rides on bumpy city roads where even arise from the center made it comfortable. It provides superior traction on slippery, uneven city streets. It had a sporty design with a slim profile to give comfort to the driver without pain.



Yet another entry by the underdog cradiac, this bike comes partly assembled and has to be assembled by the consumer themself which is easy and fun. The fork is built of high-quality material, making it solid and stable. 

The saddle is very comfortable and made of high-quality rubber and with a design explicitly built to make the user comfortable on long journeys. As mentioned earlier, Cradiac is a new company that puts great emphasis on the value for money aspect of their products, as this is quite a common theme for new companies to gain traction. 

This brand also has excellent customer service, which is sometimes overlooked in more prominent brands and is a massive dilemma with them. The light body of this cycle enables the user to go to high speeds, and the front suspension and disc brake system are excellent. 

The product is recommended for people with a height between 5’5 -6 ft, with an 18-inch frame and 27.5-inch wheel size.

Even though the specifications of the cycle are excellent and impressive such as a Cotterless ChainWheel set with 44 teeth Crank and an MTB wide Handlebar, the main strength of this cycle is valid with the ultimate customer service this company provides and the overall experience of the consumer, which is much better than any other big and established company.

This is the only product on this list for which I could not find any significant complaints online and saw only satisfied customers praising the product.



The Geoman Mountain bike is the essential MTB for all your offroad needs and adventures with 19-inch frame size. It features big 29 inch wheels wide rims that have a significant benefit while climbing upwards. It has the basic 21-speed gear system for the ease of the user.

The cycle is delivered in a partly assembled (85 per cent) manner, and the rest of the assembling has to be done by the buyer.

It has good quality side handlebar ends for the safety of the rider and for the protection of the cycle when it falls. The pedals are high quality and quite comprehensive. Additionally, they are also anti-skid to provide a better and firm grip on the shoes.

The foam saddle with high-quality springs brings extra comfort and superior cushioning to the rider to enable a smooth experience of riding. The cycle handles fast everyday commutes and faster weekend adventure rides with a robust and sturdy high-quality steel frame.

The frame is not high quality, so it is not as prone to damage and relatively easy to take care of in the long run. The cycle also possesses anti-skid tires that have unique in-built grooves for riding in slippery conditions.



One of the few cycles that are wholly manufactured in India, the Eleven Nexxus is made by Prince. Prince has been a leader in the Indian cycle market for many years and has garnered a good following and audience. The Nexxus hardtail comes with a 17-inch frame size with quick release; the 17-inch size makes it an apt option for people with a height of 5-5’7 ft.

The fork is a high-quality MTB suspension, and the cycle boasts a wheel size of 26 inches. It comes with free accessories such as fenders, a water sipper and a side stand. The frame is made of high-quality and lightweight steel.

The break works well and is supported by rear and front discs that do their job very well. The rim is double-walled to protect the tube of the cycle from any unnecessary damage and increase the longevity of the bike.

Speaking of longevity, Prince is known for making products that are very durable and can serve the needs of the user for years to come. It is much more of an investment than just a leisure purchase.



Firefox has made such a name for itself that the mere mention of the company forms a pre-made image of a premium bike in our minds. Firefox unveiled its GRUNGE series, which is relatively inexpensive and a perfect option with a budget of 15,000.

The tire size is 27.5 inches wide and is perfect for almost all types of height, from anyone over 5 feet to those who are 6 feet tall. The rim has a very high-quality finish and also copes well in rough terrain, and it works very well off-road because it is advertised as a mountain bike. The tire is from Relson, and the rims are matt black with silver knots that connect the suspension cables to the wheel. It comes with pre-made reflectors.
The disc brake has a silver blade with a very nice color. There is also the option of simply removing the tire without tools. The disc mechanism is also very well made and has high-quality cables.

The bike does not come with free mudguards and must be installed separately. In addition to the long and branded Firefox orange-gold color, the black and silver color scheme gives it a very high-quality finish that is characteristic of a Firefox product.

It has an extended handle with an easy-to-handle break, no plastic is used in its manufacture, and it is made entirely of metal. The handle is very comfortable and not difficult to hold, with a matte black finish. It has basic reflectors on the pedals and rims to keep it glowing in the dark. The seat is made of high-quality rubber with an exceptional finish.

It has the basic adjustment knob to adjust the height to ride a bike for hours without feeling uncomfortable. Overall, this is definitely a reliable option. The brand name guarantees that you get an outstanding feel and quality with a very long-lasting product.



Final Word

I have reviewed the best cycles that the Indian market has to offer under 15000 and given the required specifications, additional features they provide, and all the highs and lows of the products so that you, the reader, can make an informed choice.

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