Best Cycle under ₹10,000

There are many reasons why cycling is a much better option for you and the earth in general. In places like the Netherlands, where there is such a well-made cycling infrastructure, there are very few accidents while cycling. Cycling, in general, is much less dangerous due to the lower speeds of the cycles, which make most cycle-cycle collisions not that harmful.

Perhaps the biggest reason cycling is so popular these days is that the resources required to keep petrol-based engines running are bound to deplete in the near future. And the other most significant and apparent reason countries are promoting the use of cycles is the two primary types of pollution caused by cars and bikes. This includes air pollution and noise pollution.

So it is clear why cycling is not just a thing of the past but increasingly becoming the need of the present. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to review the best cycle under 10000 in India to provide prospective cyclists with all the necessary information to make the correct purchase.

Top 10 Cycles under ₹10,000 - At a Glance

1. Avon Bicycles GEN Now Check Price
2. Avon Buke Scion Check Price
3. Omobikes 1.0 Check Price
4. Cyclo India Stryder Harris 200 Check Price
5. Firefox Bikes Grunge-D Check Price
6. Geekay Hashtag Mountain Bicycle Check Price
7. Hero Kyoto 26T Check Price
8. Hero Sprint Next 24T Check Price
9. Leader Raptor MTB 26T Check Price
10. Hero Cycles Sprint Thorn 26T Check Price

10 Best Cycles under 10000 in India - Review

Avon is one of the largest cycle manufacturers in India. It has over 200 different models for all age groups. It is known for making good quality, economical and durable bicycles, and the GEN Now is no exception.

GEN NOW has a threadless fork and stem, which is quite challenging to find in this budget segment. The quality of the stem is excellent, and it has a polished matte finish which very nicely compliments the smooth fork. 

It has a 680 mm wide handlebar, which is made of alloy and is very difficult to find in this price segment. The grip looks very well-made, with an Avon branding making it look even easier on the eyes. It has a specially contoured grip, so your hand doesn’t slip during rain.

The tires are of the dimensions 26 x 2.35 and come with double-wall alloy rims. Overall, they are wide enough for a smooth experience.

There is a dual disk brake, both at the rear and front, with calipers manufactured by Sarandon, which are very powerful. The disc is 160 mm wide and features square brake pads. The seat is very comfortable and soft, justifying its high-quality build. It can absorb a lot of shock with ease and features a quick-release feature for better ease of use.

The crankset is not coated and is cotterless with a disc, and in a square shape, the mudguards are also made by Avon. There is an additional feature to install a disc brake or power brake, which is unheard of in this price segment. There is also a bottle holder with a complimentary bottle coming in it made by Avon.

Overall the cycle is an excellent option as it has great brakes, a superb quality seat for the user’s comfort, and comes in two different sizes, which the user can choose from keeping their preferences in mind.



The Avon Buke Scion doubles as both a mountain bike and a commuting bike. The wheel size is 26 inches which is not good enough for taller people with a height of above 5’10, and they may consider getting a 27-inch alternative cycle. The cycle comes in a semi-assembled state of about 85 percent and needs to be assembled before use. It comes with a toolkit with the necessary parts, a spanner and instructions to complete it.

The frame size of the bicycle is 17.7 inches, and due to a more petite frame and wheel size, the bike is built for a minimum rider height of 5’4 inches and a maximum height of 5’10. It has a disc brake on both the rear and the front end of the cycle. The bike is single-speed, and the frame material is made of good quality steel.

You also get a complimentary mudguard and back and front reflectors. Other accessories like carrier, chain cover, horn/bell and locks don’t come free with the bike and have to be bought separately.

Overall it is another good option from Avon and comes with a one year warranty and ten days back free return guarantee.



The Omobike 1.0 is a perfect option in this budget segment. The cycle arrives in a partially assembled manner, and a toolkit is given to assemble it with the required instructions. It takes only 30 mins to 1 hr to assemble the cycle. All tools like mudguard, stand, lock, and bell are given to assemble the cycle.

If you are not comfortable assembling it yourself, you can go to a nearby cycle shop to have it assembled for you professionally. The significant advantage this cycle has is its very lightweight that is just 12-13 kg which is very light for a full-size bicycle. It comes in two color styles – green and orange. The alloy rims are color coated, which prevents them from rusting.

The rims glow during the dark so as to avoid any collision and accident by being easily spottable. These rims also make it look very stylish. The handlebar is striped, which makes it very comfortable for the rider to grip and easy to ride. It has powerful brakes and is suited for people with a height of 5’4 – 6ft.

Coming to the seat, it has an adjustable feature so that you can shift it according to your height level and comfort. The V type disc brakes are more potent than normal brakes and are easy to adjust. The tires are of good quality and provide a superior road grip and good shock absorption. 

It has a hard and rigid frame of good quality, which makes it very durable and long-lasting. The customer service of the company is also outstanding, as they reply instantly and are very quick to help the customer. The only con of this product is that the quality of the pedal is not that good, and the coating comes off after use.



The best part of this bike is the exceptional 27.5 inch wide tires which are great for tall riders. The larger tire and 2.5-inch width helps in high-speed performances and make the journey more comfortable for the rider. It has a frame size of 19 inches, complementing the wide tires.

The crank is cotterless and lightweight, making it easy to maintain. Cotterless cranks give closer dimensional tolerance and help in more strong spindle and crank joints. The rims are double-walled, which gives much more protection to the tubes, especially when you hit a pothole or a rock. 

The double rims may make the bike heavy, so they have used alloys to make the wheel, making the cycle still as light as possible while providing more protection. The bicycle has a fixed gear, so the speed of the cycle is only dependent on the rate of pedaling. This is a good option for children and school-going kids, as a single gear suits their needs much better.

The Harris 200 hits a lot of highs like the great brakes, strong MTB tires with double protection, and a wide 27.5-inch tire with a good frame size to complement it. It is specifically more suitable for tall users, as they will find the bicycle perfectly built for their needs. But, that is not to say that it wouldn’t satisfy the needs of anyone below 6 feet, which it will exceptionally.

Overall, the cycle is an excellent option and also comes added with the brand value associated with TATA products.



Firefox has built such a name for itself that the very mention of the company already forms a premade image of a premium bicycle in our minds. Firefox has introduced its GRUNGE series, which is reasonably economical and a very good choice under the 10,000 budget.

The tire size is 27.5 inches wide, which we already discussed is perfect for almost all types of heights, from anything above 5ft to even tall people of 6ft. The tire is of very high quality and can handle rough terrain quite easily, and works very well offroad as it is advertised as a mountain cycle. The tire is of Relson, and the rims are in a matte black finish with silver nodes connecting the supporting wires to the wheel.

It comes with pre-added reflectors. The disc brake has a silver blade with a very nice colour combination. There is also an option to detach the tire without the use of any tools easily. The disc mechanism is also very well made and has high-quality wires. The cycle doesn’t come with complimentary mudguards, and they have to be installed separately. 

The black and silver colour scheme, in addition to the golden-orange firefox logo and branding, gives it a very premium finish characteristic of a firefox product. It has a very broad handle with a readily usable break, there is no plastic used in its making, and it is all metal. 

The handgrip is very comfortable and is not hard to hold at all, with a matte black finish. It has basic reflectors on the pedals and rims so that it glows in the dark.

The seat is soft made of high-quality rubber with exceptional finishing. It has the basic adjustable knob to adjust for the user’s height. The high build quality ensures that you can ride the bike for hours on end without feeling any discomfort at all.

Overall, this is definitely a reliable choice. The brand name ensures that you will get a premium feeling and quality with a very durable product.



The Geekay Hashtag is advertised as a mountain bike, with tire sizes going from 26 to 29 inches. It has a sleek and stylish design with a friendly color style to make it very easy on the eye. It has double-walled alloy rims to give extra protection to the tube. The dual disc brakes ensure a powerful and stable quick brake. 

The seat height is easily adjustable to suit your size. The grips are specially made to be comfortable and graspable for hours without any discomfort. The wide tires give a cushioned and stable ride to the user and leave little room for any complaint.

The cycle doesn’t have any gears, as most geared bicycles are much more expensive than the price segment we are looking at. The cycle comes 85 percent assembled, and the rest has to be assembled by the user using a toolkit. Cycle assembling should be done by the user if he/she has prior experience. If not, then a mechanic can always be used to do the same.

If you are taller than 5’5, then you will need a tire size of higher than 26 inches and should choose the 27-inch model. Even though this bike is advertised as a mountain bike, it can also be seen as a hybrid as the width of the tire is medium. The sitting position is quite aggressive, and the overall look of the cycle is very sporty.

These kinds of cycles that are good for offroading are perfect for most Indian roads, which are not the best quality, as they can easily handle any small potholes or deviations.



This hugely economical cycle is purely money for value at its astoundingly cheap price tag. It only comes in one color style of black-orange. The wheels are 26 inches, and the body frame of the bicycle is 18 inches. At this price range, you will get V brakes and a solid steel frame. The pedals have been advertised as completely anti-skid, so the amount of traction is very good.

The cycle has to be further assembled and doesn’t come fully assembled when purchased online. The company will already install accessories like reflectors, but the buyer itself will have to be fitted with the pedals and wheels. The installation is quite simple, and a spanner is also given to ease the process of assembling. It will take about 30 mins to an hour to assemble the single gear cycle fully.

The handle is made of solid metal with rubber-coated grips, which are quite comfortable. There is a black matte finish on the wheels and also on the paddles. The seat is made of good quality rubber and has a mechanism by which The user can easily remove it. A bottle holder is also added to the cycle for the user’s convenience. Further accessories like mudguards have to be added after being purchased separately.

Being the cheapest cycle on this list, it is a good option for those people who aren’t willing to spend a lot and want a basic, reliable bicycle to get them from point A to B.



Second, of the third Hero cycles on the list, the hero sprint next is a single speed cycle with a frame of 17 inches. It comes semi-assembled with a given spanner and other components such as handles, seat, front and rear reflectors and pedals which have to be attached manually.

It has a wheel size of 24 inches and a dual suspension. The handlebars are made of black finished matte steel, with a rubber grip for a comfortable and sturdy experience.

The wheel size is only 24 inches, so it may not be adequate for people who have a height of more than 5’6 as they may prefer at least a 26-inch wheel. The build material of the body is metal and not aluminum, but due to its small build size, the weight of the bicycle is not really an issue.

The brake type in this cycle is the V brake, included at both the front and the rear. The tires are of good quality and are manufactured by Rexton. It also has a double-walled metal rim that protects the tube from unwanted damage. The pedals are of PVC and have a reflector on them that glows in the dark for safety.

Another bad aspect, in addition to the small tire size, is that the seat is not that comfortable and may require change. This cycle is built for offroading and can easily handle rough terrain without too much discomfort or tear. Overall this cycle is a good option according to its price but does have some room to improve in.



This mountain bike by leader features an attractive color combination and a sleek and stylish look that is easy on the eyes. It is a single-speed bicycle and does not feature multiple gears as it isn’t at a higher price segment. The frame size is 18 inches, and the built material of the frame is stainless steel.

It has a good quality front suspension and features a disc braking system with disc brakes at both the rear and front of the cycle. As with all other cycles in this list, the raptor also comes semi-assembled and has to be fully assembled by the user. An Allen key, spanner and instruction manual is given in addition to the other parts to be assembled for ease of use.

This 26-inch wheeled cycle comes with a complimentary bottle and is advertised as ideal for any height between 5-6ft. An important thing to notice is that the rim of the wheel is single-walled and not doubled. The major plus point of this cycle would be its low and economical cost and the beautiful sea green color scheme.

This bike still has some cons, which are mainly a single-walled rim and a poor quality pedal and seat. Overall it is a viable option for people who are okay with a decent quality product for its price, which looks very nice.



This sports-based cycle by Hero delivers a smooth and quality ride experience for its price. The tire quality by Hartex is very high, with sufficiently big 26 inch tires helping the rider have a superior experience while giving high levels of durability. In addition, it has a front shocker, which does its job well and absorbs all the shocks from any bumps or deviations from the road.

Dual disc brakes at both the rear and front end of the cycle do their job very well and are sufficiently robust. It has a steel frame that isn’t too heavy, making the cycle weight around 14 Kgs. The color style comes in two variants – green and orange.

The seat provided by the hero is soft enough to not leave any room for discomfort while cycling for hours on end. Going to the cons, both the rear and front mudguard provided by hero is of poor quality and touch the wheel many times while cycling. Although this doesn’t hamper the speed or cause any damage, it is mildly annoying to keep hearing the constant scraping noise.



Final Word

I hope all the readers have been provided with enough viable information to make a well informed and good purchase according to their needs and wants. The best bicycles under 10000 reviewed in this list all have their highs and lows and should be taken into consideration.

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